Fo the Hate of Money – part 2

Where was I? Ahh, yes…. performing a rhetorical exercise with The Batman.

When it comes to that college thing, now it’s a whole new ball game. Not only is it expected you go, it’s expected that you finish in order to earn more than the poor guy waiting for the 2 minute warning on your french fries. ( and no offense, guy…I’ve been there ) Beep! Your future is cooked!

Let’s not even get into how many people I know, and even respect, that spent 5 years in school to end up with a _____-studies degree. Or an Arts degree, or a Sociology degree. Ask some of the people you know what their degree is in, odds are there is a 50/50 shot it has nothing to do with what they are actually doing. The degree has become a formality. Like an ugly erotic dancer, sure…. they are there, but nobody looks at them.

Add to this the generation after mine, the flip flop generation. They received trophies for tee ball. They all finished first. Heck, they even got rid of A’s and F’s. Imagine the surprise of these kids walking off the graduation stage…. full of vim and vigour, ready to “be the change you’ve been waiting for”. Now if they’re lucky they constructing sandwiches at Subway, saying… “Here’s the change you’ve been waiting for”.

There are now countless young folks out there with worthless degrees… all expecting an awesome job, instant respect, and a huge automatic salary. It’s bad enough there are millions like me…. now there are millions like them, too.

So back to my math problem. There are a vast number of people, regardless of faith, political belief, gender, sexual persuasion and race, all wondering what happened. All the things that were supposed to be done were done. All the blanks checked. But jobs and money, even a plan for the future, are as elusive as the mysterious Sasquatch. But not for the New Elites – same as the Old Elites – working for the same machinery that foreclosed your home, denied you a loan, sued you for your debt, and then threw you out like a Big Gulp at a Bloomberg rally. All while the very ones who used the old system to be successful insist that we change to a new one.

That’s why there are millions looking at the “1%”… because it’s true, many of them don’t work any harder than you do. They are no smarter, no more courageous, than you or I. Increasingly they are the new Aristocrats… born to wealth and entitled to opportunity.
The path to prosperity has been made much more narrow. The only problem is that those progressives in media, politics, and universities, are the very ones who made it so. In the name of fairness and a free lunch we have all been denied our birthright as Americans. To succeed or fail, as many times as we can stand it, in order to make our own path.

The problem is not that we have been duped by the Old System, we have become dupes for the New One.


For the Hate of Money

You know, a lot of things have changed.

Let’s look at a couple of things having to do with money. Or wealth. Or greenbacks, cheddar, benjamins, loot, dough, bills, smackeroos, etc..

I have been pondering the whole 99% thing. Or the whole 1% thing. I can partly explain why there is a 99%, and why they are so pissed off. You see, by all measurable standards, I am definitely in the 99%. And I’m in the 99% of that percent, and then the 99% of that percent. If you can find x in that equation, I’d like to go over the nature of our Universe with you. But that’s another story, uhh….I mean blog post.

I am part of a very unique generation. I was told, my whole young American life, how things worked. I would grow up, find a skill or trade, ply that skill or trade for someone or someone’s company for 25 years or so….. and viola! Retirement! Pension! Gold Watch! Golf Clubs and Grandkids, baby. I hear the weather’s nice in Florida.

At the same time, my quest for a comfortable later (or latter if you prefer) life would be aided by a couple of safe, “you can count on it!” bets. As I reaped the rewards of plying my skill or trade, I would save a little… maybe my employer would even add to it…and put it in the bank. No matter what, after some time, that saved stack o’ cheddar would multiply. On top of that, I would finance a home or property. Without fail that investment would surely gain in value, assuring that I would not only own it free and clear upon retiring, but it would also become a source of income, safety, and security during my Golden Years. A place for grandkids to complain “Smells like Old People”.

As a side note, competition was encouraged, and the neccesity of a college degree was not a foregone conclusion. Sure, you could go to college, graduate, and wear a tie. Or you could learn a skill, develop a talent, and not go to college. You might indeed earn less, but you would be able to construct a respectable life and a career.

There’s only one big problem with that. It turned out to be Bunk, Hokum, Smoke and Mirrors, Clinton Testimony…. you know, grade-A Bullsqueeze. It may have worked that way for my parents generation, and the one before that and before that, but no longer.

Now I know how all those dudes felt ages ago when they were told the stars weren’t just holes poked in the veil of the sky. “Huh? Wha? How could it be?”

You see, I live in a world where your house is NEVER worth more than it cost. Your money doesn’t accrue interest, in fact it is worth less every day. I also found out, through a friend in the Human Resources business, that it is frowned upon to have the same job for the same employer for a long period of time. Evidently not being able to stay in one place, or doing the employment pee-pee dance, is a plus. You also need to be able to view yourself as the be all-end all- most valuable asset in the world. It’s not just me, me, me, on Facebook, it’s at work also. Holy What the Cluck Batman?!

To be Continued……..