I Don’t Need Your Civil War

Okay, let me get this straight. On another continent, thousands of miles away, there is a country in the midst of an ongoing civil war. And we need to do something about it. Really? Why?

I love history. I am fascinated with the rise and fall of civilization throughout the ages, and also the way our knowledge of the events that have transpired seems to be ever-changing. This amateur hobby greatly affects my interpretation of current happenings. Rome often went to war…. but I can’t recall the instance where it went to war for nothing. It was for gain. Gain of precious metals, land for expansion, influence, captives, or even to increase your resume – sometimes all of these at the same time.

But why does our Republic go to war now? In fact, regardless of the sheepish bleating of the Michael Moores of the world, we haven’t gone to war for any good reason in over 60 years. And if you think our recent escapades in the middle east were for “Big Oil”, check the price of gas. I’m at the point where we should at least have cheap, plentiful fuel in exchange for the lives and limbs of American servicemen and women. At least history would record the reason for our decade-plus conflict as a practical one.

So here we are. Once again an American president is sitting next to a Soviet, oops… I mean Russian, leader, contemplating going to yet another proxy war with the land of the Tzars. If I remember correctly, we haven’t won one of those. I wish Rambo did exist, and with a tank-top and an M-60 machine gun he could single-handedly vanquish our foes without recieving more than a flesh wound, but he doesn’t. Vietnam sucked, and Korea was at best a stand-off. Maybe if we enslaved, oops…there I go again, I mean, conscripted millions to throw themselves against the Communist Hordes we would have had a better outcome.

When I look around me, I don’t see a populace ready to suit up and watch their buddies get turned into strawberry jam by an exploding IED. Not for some vague concept of policing the world or spreading “democracy” to people who wouldn’t recognize it, and if they did would reject it. The only people I do see ready to throw more Americans into the grinder are in D.C.. I’ve been watching McCain trundle in front of the cameras to tell me how important it is to not mind our own business. He’s fighting harder to get us into a third middle eastern conflict than he did to win the White House.

Oh, and I left out an important fact….. we’re freaking broke. America needs to be ordering off the Dollar Menu, not adding billions more to its bar tab. Here’s an idea…. let’s rebuild our own infrastructure before we blow up and rebuild someone else’s. Besides, we evidently are already going to send the “rebels” ( probably Al Qaeda-types ) some really sweet guns to use on us….oops, this is becoming a habit…. I mean on the bad guys. I seem to remember that every time we arm “freedom fighters”, they end up using those weapons to fight our freedom. Besides, maybe Egypt can send in all those brand new state-of-the-art fighter jets we sent them.

Truth is America cannot afford, in money, reputation, or willpower, to engage in another nation’s civil war. And judging by the look on Putin’s face while sitting next to our Fearless Leader, he knows it.


Father’s Day

Father : (fa-th er) noun

1. a male parent
2. a father in law, stepfather, or adoptive father
3. a male who exercises paternal care over other persons;paternal protector or provider
4. any male ancestor – founder of a race, family or line
5. a person who has originated or established something

There’s a group of very important people in this society and culture that’s often overlooked. They are our Dads, and whatever the case may be, they profoundly affect our lives.

Growing up I was part of the stereotypical American family. I realize in looking back on it just how much we can take that for granted. So I would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of the most important people in my life, my father.

I’m sure that over the years I have caused much grief to my Dad, and I know that during most of that time I did so unapologetically. I took for granted that my dad had his own life and worries, hopes and dreams, and wishes for the future of my sister and I. I now know how difficult it must have been to deal with the many challenges I presented him with. Falsified and poorly forged report cards, stubbornness, and the inability to correctly load a dishwasher among them. I always wanted to ask for forgiveness later instead of permission beforehand, and I’m pretty sure that is the exact opposite of what he wanted. How he has any patience left in him for anything defies my explanation.

I have been blessed in that I could always count on my Dad. The example he set, and the things he taught me, made (and continue to make) me the man I am. I hope that I am successful in passing some of those things on. Not the least of which is that whatever you do, do it the best that you can. Because success isn’t measured in the money you make, but the impression you leave on those around you.

So to all that fit into the definition, whatever category, whatever circumstance, here’s to you. And to the best teacher, best friend, and best man at my wedding….. Thanks, Dad.

Orwell’s Grave is Smoking ‘Cause He’s Spinning So Fast in It

Here’s what I’m trying to wrap my brain around…..
In perusing the cable news world of talking-bobbleheads this morning, I have come to a somewhat shocking discovery. I say somewhat for this reason : I’m not surprised. Really I’m not shocked at all. I’m actually a little sad. Wanna know why?

I have seen the Right and the Left all over the news in the last 48 hours, both doing the same thing. You see, they finally found something to agree on. And the winner is……. screwing people like you and me. Whether it’s the IRS, or Benghazi, or to me the most troubling development, the NSA data collection bomb, all of our not-so-honorable, not-so-civic-minded “leaders” are in concurrence. We have no rights. If the need to tax, protect, medicate, or just make any decision affecting your life arises, we are not in charge. Now, I know that I travel in circles where lots of peeps will disagree with what I’m about to say. I don’t care…. because for now I have the right to say almost anything I want ( unless it’s hateful, potentially racist, potentially anti-LGBT, or just non-PC ). If you didn’t notice, I said “almost”, because our freedom has already been diminished.

I would rather the occasional really bad thing to happen if it means I am free. If you, on the other hand, are too stupid to manage your life’s decisions, no matter what they are, I really don’t care. You should not have the right to impede my freedom because you can’t handle yours. Enter our idiotic political class… ready to wipe your little bottom, read your ridiculous emails, prescribe your medication, tell you where to squat and push.

This should scare you. Why would anyone assume that the people we elect should build big bureaucracies filled with people we don’t elect, to spy on our every move? In fact, right now these very keystrokes are being logged and recorded into a massive file with the rest of my info. Our government is now the biggest, creepiest, dirtiest stalker ever. Worthy of a “Who the Bleep did I Marry?” on the Discovery Channel.

Maybe you are a democrat or republican that says, “hey, if we’re not doing anything bad we have nothing to be afraid of, right? I mean, if it makes us safe it’s ok, right?” Well, in fact, it’s not. That kind of thinking denotes the success of the Department of Education over the past 50 years. And with all due respect, that kind of thinking makes you an idiot.

To put it perspective, in the last 24 hours I have seen Barack Obama and Karl Rove say the exact same thing. Something to the effect of, ” Hey we live in a dangerous world and we need to yada, yada, yada.” Well it’s always been a dangerous world. In fact, it’s a much safer world than ever. Your great grandpa faced more danger standing on the south side of a half-ton farm animal tied to a plow. Like every day. Or maybe that cut or toothache would lead to your slow, painful death. Let that sink in for a moment.

If all of this data collecting and snooping on us is so helpful, how come we couldn’t catch the 2 Boston guys, Speedbump and his little bro? They were on Facebook, they wrote emails, they even travelled overseas to visit other bad guys. So if our government is spying on us to keep us safe, why didn’t it? I’ll tell you why. Because our omnipotent government isn’t at war with those freaks. They know the risk from them is relatively small in the scheme of things. They are at war WITH US. With your God-given freedom. With your right to speak freely. With your personal liberty. With your right to own property. With the very idea that “we the people” hold the tail of the tiger. Because the tiger is our government, and it’s tired of being caged by our rights and constitution. The tiger thinks it’s about time to be loose in the streets to devour whatever it wants.

And if you don’t get it, or don’t care, or think it’s ok in the name of safety, watch out. There’s a hungry tiger out there, and we’re whats for dinner.

The New World Order According to Geraldo

I have to take a moment here to comment on the fiasco that is Geraldo Rivera’s world view. This morning, as I flip from one corporate news shill channel to the next, I came across The Geraldo.
I don’t know what was more offensive, his ridiculous mustache, or his opinion. To be honest, I have been a bit stymied over the last few weeks….. what at first I thought was manna from heaven – mainly the neverending scandal and illegality from the executive branch – has turned out to be like ordering 10 pounds of your favorite ice cream. Sure, it tastes good and all, but after a pound or two you never want to see it again.

You see, I have started several posts but been unable to finish them. They start out ok, but like a story from your Grandpa they peter out, branch off, and end up nowhere near where they should. Between the IRS ( just typing those 3 letters fills me with fear similar to that of a child afraid of the boogeyman ), the James Rosen incident, the A.P. scandal, the promotion of Susan Rice, the eavesdropping on millions of americans, and not to mention being Benghazi’d, I haven’t been able to focus in with my normal laser like precision. Perhaps that’s the strategy after all. Like the primates at the zoo, throw so much poop at the lookey-loo’s that they quit looking, or avoid the exhibit all together.

But back to the handlebar-faced champion of the Illegal Immigrant community (Si Si Puede!). I was actually interested to hear the opinion of The Geraldo when asked about the snooping of the NSA (wow, 3 more fear-inducing letters) on millions of us, and trust me, what we know is likely the tip o’ the turd. With a sincere face and truly intellectual expression, The Geraldo proceeded to inform me that, I’m paraphrasing here, ” Hey, a judge signed the order to do all this stuff, so there must have been probable cause somewhere to justify it”. I want you to take that in. The Geraldo couldn’t find the irony in that statement if it had been hidden in Al Capone’s Vault ( look it up if you don’t get the joke ).

The only reason I stopped chugging my joe to listen, was that The Geraldo may be many things, but he’s no dummy. Some things just make sense…. like hiring Michael Douglas to lick all your wedding invitations. There should be some things that we all agree on. One is that our government, regardless of which wing of the Illuminati are in charge of it, should not prosecute and ruin you for your associations. Another is that they shouldn’t be listening to your calls, tracking your dumb facebook comments, and reading your emails.

What struck me the most, was that I have heard about the abuses of evil government from the likes of The Geraldo my whole life. The McCarthy era – the House Un-American Activities inquisitions – Watergate – Iran/Contra – the first Iraq war – the second Irag war – 9/11 – can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Everything that these folks wanted to accuse the last guys in charge of doing in secret, these guys are doing in the open. In your face. You don’t like it? Here’s your audit. We have your name, we have your number. I guess now The Geraldo thinks that there must have been some WMD’s in Iraq after all, right?

We have reached a dangerous tipping point in this once great nation. Everything we have ALL been afraid of… is coming to pass, and the silence is deafening. So, I will hold out hope, against all odds, that the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the Hollywood Elite start to wake from thier Ambien/Prozac stupor and scream against the tyranny of our giant federal government. Unless they all want to ring in the New World Order according to Geraldo.