We are Doomed…..probably.

We are doomed. People that know me have been hearing me say that for years.  The only thing I’ve been wrong about (take note ’cause that never happens) is how long it’s taking.   I absolutely hated showing up at the polling place in 2008, tumbleweeds blowing through the parking lot, and holding my nose while I pulled the lever for the “McShame” aka: John McCain.  And then once again I guarded my olfactory against the smell of failure in 2012 and punched the chit for the “Milquetoast Mormon” also known as Mitt Romney. I didn’t like either one of these buffoons, but compared to the unknown nightmare that was Obama in 2008, then the known nightmare that was Obama in 2012, I felt I had to at least try to elect the “lesser of two evils”.  What I have now decided is……no, Obama voters, I don’t accept your apology for voting in the biggest threat to America not once, but twice. And if you’re one of those that isn’t apologizing, and proudly drives around with your “Hope and Change – Obama/Biden” sticker still on your Prius, you are an ignorant menace or a racialist, and I don’t care about you. In fact, I’ve already decided you can’t be helped, only defeated. The real problem is for the first time I actually think there are way more of you than there are normal people.

Part of my current thinking is due to the Republican debates and the handling of them by two supposedly different cable “news” outlets. Maybe I’ll get to that later, or not……..my writing style is more stream-of-conscience than pre-planned, and I’ve beat my head against the wall enough ( for now ) regarding the state of affairs within the GOP. Because for all the hand wringing and deviousness of Karl Rove/Bill Krystal/Charles Krauthammer, I’ve noticed one thing that is absolutely lacking……and when pointed out it is also absolutely inexcusable. Where is the criticism of Barack Obama’s horrible abuses of power as President? Or all the awful, illegal, and blatantly tribalist executive orders out of the White House? Where is the criticism of the ridiculous Bernie Sanders or the obviously corrupt Hillary Clinton? Why are a bazillion republican candidates trying to take out Trump/Cruz/Carson? And no, I don’t include Carly Fiorina in that sentence because no matter what you think she is a tool of the Establishment masquerading as an outsider. Do you really think Fox News would champion the cause of an outsider? No…….according to the GOP and it’s media minions the only thing that would make her an even better candidate would be a latina last name. Carly Fiorina-Fernandez maybe.

Back to the point. Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the most devious, corrupt, politician currently running for high office. In fact, her defenders excuse her behavior in every way imaginable. From blaming good ole’ Bill to pinning it on the “it’s so hard to be a woman in politics” card, Hillary supporters think, in her case, the ends justify the means. The next question they should be asking themselves is, “what are the ends?”. The final straw should have been releasing a video “about the need for women to stand up to  their sexual  assaulters” while at the same time ignoring that “Bill Clinton became iconic of just the sort of multifaceted sexual assaults – and of male denials and conspiratorial female efforts to demonize the victim – about which Ms. Clinton now shakes her finger.” (1)

So, if  we’re honest, left and right can agree that Hillary Clinton is at  best a serial liar, and at worst an evil, Machiavellian, figure who plots the downfall of the world.  Enter Bernie Sanders. He’s the typical White Old Fart From The Sixties that should inspire laughter  from even the youthful  progressives, yet because people are so enamored with his promises of yet even more free stuff they rally and support his cause. I read somewhere that his promises would total 18 trillion more in debt ( I can’t remember where I saw it to quote it, but this is all my opinion so it’s your job to prove me wrong ) that we cannot afford. In my humble opinion I think if you advocate Sander’s as Chief Executive then you are not only completely ignorant…. you are also a moron.  And yeah, you’d  have to prove me wrong on that one too.

The issue is not the recent “resignation” of John Boehner, which is bullsqueeze considering that he will  still be working  hard to implement Obama’s agenda for the next 30 days. If you resign then leave……..only in our government are you fired and then get to stay on wreaking havoc for another month. Besides, this is all  a shell game to appease the base. Now  Mitch McConnell can talk about how much  the republicans have responded to their voters. Never mind that  Boehner will now make millions lobbying the very people he used to work with.

Bottom line: If this ridiculous “process” that is the dozen or so republican debates continues, I will most likely be sitting it out in the next election. I’m done propping up the failed 2 party sham that has been perpetrated on the public. I’ll also turn the news back on when they decide to ask Shrillary Clinton about the multiple criminal enterprises she has been the head of…….or decide to ask Bernie Sanders how another 60’s hippie idiot will change the very system they represent, while giving away tax dollars like Obama gives away ground to ISIS.

(1) Victor Davis Hanson


Ahmed Mohamed and His Magical Money Making Muslim Mystery Hoax

I don’t know what’s worse, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg rending an immediate knee-jerk reaction to what now has been exposed as an obvious premeditated hoax, or the legions of liberal pundits and PC Warriors that continue to defend Ahmed Mohamed. In researching my column I came across many idiotic stories claiming to be “news” from all the typical main stream media/fecal material providers. The worst part is how as the days march on – like the Ayatollah’s Army – the usual suspects are actually doubling down on the ridiculous notion that there is somehow a tidal wave of anti-muslim racism on display all across the nation. It’s bad enough that every single fictional show, ie: Law and Order ( every incarnation ), CSI, ad nauseam, seems to find a never-ending supply of evil white neo-nazis perpetrating hate crimes upon defenseless muslims. I guess in addition to being irrelevant, our media has also now become complete fiction.

Let me recap the events in Irving, TX. Three days after the anniversary of 9/11 a teenage muslim boy named Ahmed Mohamed brought a disassembled 1980’s era digital clock to school, re-packaged in a metal case, then packaged in a briefcase. The very same bureaucracy that throws kids out of school for wearing American flag shirts on cinco de mayo, making their hands into gun shapes, and chewing pop tarts into deadly weapons  (after young Ahmed showed the device to every teacher in every period trying to illicit a response) called The Fuzz to intervene. Our Young Muslim Victim then decided not to cooperate with authorities and was questioned by police.

Enter our quick-to-interfere-and-interject-in-tribal-issues president to save the day! A statement issued about what a “cool clock” it was, and how we need more “kids like you”. Now add a host of typical outlets pretty much saying, ” Yeah! You get ’em, Prez! What a display of Typical American Racism! “. Well…….oops.  From the Gateway Pundit – “Two investigators who have studied…..Mohamed’s device provided by Irving, TX police have concluded that Mohamed did  not make the clock. Both concluded that Mohamed disassembled a manufactured clock and installed it in a large pencil box without its casing. Both say it was done to provoke suspicion or to resemble a bomb.” Now, I actually looked at multiple images of this thing and…… it looks like something you would see in the last few minutes of an episode of 24 .

Add to all of this the facts regarding lil’ Ahmed’s dad, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed. He owns several businesses in the United States (good thing muslims don’t have to pay interest on loans – don’t believe me? Look it up)  as well as a solar energy company in Sudan. He also ran for President of Sudan twice from his Texas home. Throw in there that he is a known muslim activist, advocating the acceptance of sharia law, involved in a dispute with the city and mayor of Irving. If this isn’t sounding like an obvious set up to you at this point then I have some beachfront property in Iraq to sell you.

In my humble opinion, Ahmed Mohamed and his father Mohamed Mohamed ( running theme? just sayin’ ), planned a hoax event in order to advance an agenda, correctly judging the stupidity and silliness of the American Left to promote themselves and their cause. They truly must think themselves genius at this point……with the President of The United States inviting them and their hoax device to the White House. Toss in thousands of dollars from internet funding, thousands more in free Microsoft stuff, and the fawning adulation of The Idiot Masses, and  now the Mohamed family are enormous benefactors of their great “injustice”.

If we can’t even see through silly, juvenile, obvious ploys like this one we must truly be doomed. Imagine how easy the Japanese would have had it in World War 2 if America then had been ruled by this politically correct madness. Have we lost our minds this completely? Maybe so. And if you’re someone who disagrees with my opinion? Ask yourself this: Would you be allowed to take “Mohamed’s clock” on an airplane? Would you sit next to someone on a plane with this device? If your child, or yourself, took this same device to school or work would you get an invitation to the White House and the defense of the press? Try it and find out….. if you would  like to be familiarized with a cavity search and a jail cell.

Enough is enough. This is nothing more than what some Native Americans used to call “Counting Coup”, where the objective was ” to get close enough to touch or strike him with the hand, a weapon, or a “coupstick.”- Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, with the intent to show the amount of dominance they had over their enemy, while at the same time humiliating them. So let’s all line up to get smacked in the face……and then apologize for it.


“People at the school thought it might be a bomb……… because it looks exactly like a f*cking bomb,”- Bill Maher


Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, the Republican Presidential Debate, and Other Words That Will Make You Read This

Well there it was ladies and germs, the three hour slog that was the CNN presidential debate.  I was right, as usual, that it was going to be the limp-wristed, clammy handed attempt by the GOP Establishment and The Clown Show media to discredit and dishonor anyone running who is not their pay-for-play escort. Speaking of paying to play, it looks like the R.N.C. headed by Reince Priebus ( whose name sounds like an alternate title for Deputy Furher), made a sweet deal with CNN where the network could rake in the dough and simultaneously keep tight-fisted control over the content we are allowed to hear and rebroadcast. What a deal! The 5th Column/modern-day Pravda can become ever richer off of manipulating all of us poor saps like Jeff Dunham manipulates Jose the Jalapeno. And no, Jorge Ramos, I’m not talking about Illegals……but if you could hear me say your name I would indeed add the Latino Pronunciacion with mucho sarcasmo.

I’ll be brief, as I’m sure everyone would like to get back to reading about how just absolutely awesome Carly Fiorina was at the debate last night. How she just stuck it to that mean old Donald Trump……who made fun of her apppeawance (implied waaaahhhhhh). I love it when people tell me how much they are above gender politics, as a woman, then make everything you say for a week relate to how you’re a woman. I’m sure I’ve never heard someone make fun of The Donald’s hairdon’t, or Chris Chrispie-Kreme’s waistline, or Rand ” give him a box to stand on” Paul’s height. Besides, the growing caliphate invading Europe has such a deep and healthy respect for “the ladies” and how upset they get about being mildly insulted.  I’m not saying she crashed and burned or anything…..but it shows the Establishment and their Lobbyist Masters’ desperation to look at Fox News and Redstate and see the hundred or so articles screaming at us rubes that, Carly won! Carly won!  We get it…..you’ve found your new Scott Walker….uhh, I mean John Kasich…..uhh wait….we’re almost out of Jeb Bush replacements, damn it!

I actually think that much of the reason that Fiorina is rising is due to the new narrative that she is somehow a political outsider, when in fact she was a big time adviser for John McCain and his McShameful attempt at being president in 2008, in addition to running a smear-filled campaign for senate in 2010 and losing to Barbara Boxer. Unfortunately her political record is filled with just as much success as her business one ( HP stock went up almost seven percent when she was canned ). That’s not what Charlie Sheen would have once called WINNING!

My main point is this…… I’m not saying we shouldn’t have debates. But I AM SAYING that there doesn’t need to be a clown car’s worth of candidates vying for time and attention. We are at a point where guys (sorry Carly, didn’t mean to offend) like Christie, Jindal, Graham, Paul, and…….. oh screw it – I can’t even remember the rest of the thousand people the GOP has running to throw jabs at Trump – guys like them need to go home. Even Rick Perry decided to turn it in when he realized that once again he would actually have to talk without a piece of paper or a teleprompter in front of his face, full of lines written by other people. I say take a poll, put the top 6 on a stage, pull names out of a phone book from “flyover country” to be moderators, and broadcast without cost and commercial interruption to We The People……since we are the ones who have to live with the consequences. I know Rupert Murdoch wants to give El Jebe’ nine swings of the bat to at least make contact with the ball, but another Bush just ain’t gonna happen…..no matter how many times he rubs the Pope and makes a wish.

The questions need to be serious….like, what’s your plan for say…. the Iran debacle, Illegal Immigration, trillions and trillions of debt, a crumbling infrastructure, impending conflict with China and Russia, racial riots and volatility, bottom ranking schools, corporate cronyism, lobbyist control of government, welfare, and maybe a couple of other things that are threatening to sink us like an the iceberg the size of Australia. But hey, what do I know….I’m only supposed to be watching the commercials and buying stuff.





Why Donald Trump is Rambo

  Firstly, I apologize to any of my readers who may have stopped by my site in the last month. My little Scottish Terrier named Fish (it’s a long story), who was an eight year blessing of daily joy and distraction, became unexpectedly and extremely ill. After a few weeks of chasing every possible cause and remedy, she sadly passed away exactly a month ago today as my wife and I were carrying her into another vet appointment. I cannot accurately put into words the profound sadness this event created in both of us, and I was unable to focus on current events with enough vigor to write about them, especially since she was my little writing companion. But alas, this horrid world continues to spiral downward with no deference for my suffering so I must “get back on the horse” as they say……so here goes.

  In my last column I addressed some of the reasons that Donald Trump was rising in the polls and garnering so much of the Republican electorate. It is not my place to endorse, condone, or cheer for any of the umpteen candidates the republican party has chosen for you and I to peruse from, but short of that I DO support Donald Trump. My prediction from last week ( and dammit I knew I should have posted it ) was that Fox News and it’s ilk were strangely quiet about The Donald in the week leading up to Labor Day, and I thought to myself, “self…is Fox and it’s cronies performing the proverbial “calm before the storm” and preparing to unleash it’s MKUltra-esque public-manipulation-hurricane of how we view this candidate?”  Well self…….you were once again correct.

  Let me rehash some stuff so everyone is clear. I, like many people disenfranchised by our two party system, consider myself a National Constitutionalist. I don’t know if that’s a party, but it should be. I’ll explain…… I believe in the Constitution, as written, as intended, as a solution to EVERYONE’S problems. I believe there is a remedy for every person and their position, no matter how crazy,  in our constitution…….and it doesn’t require five idiots in black robes  (ie: Supreme Court) to say “O’tay!”.

  With all that said, we have turned into a mutant monster with two heads that breathes mediocrity instead of fire. Are you a democrat (sob) who is displeased with being told that Hillary “my husband’s not a rapist and I’m not a liar” Clinton is your selected candidate? Are you a republican who is displeased with being told that Jeb “I swear I’m not a candidate for E.D. therapy” Bush/Kasich/Christie is also your selected candidate? Well……join the club.

  I , personally, have decided that any fool that has been actually serving in government in any capacity is disqualified. I think many of you agree. Do you hear us Establishment? We say NO! I would actually understand Bernie “registered socialist” Sanders’ appeal to Dems if he hadn’t served decades in government creating the problems we now face. Okay, he’s a feeb whacko with ridiculous opinions that only appeal to those raised in the last two decades by public schools, but still, I get it. He’s the only moron on the list if you’re a Dem other than Hillary, so  I get it. You can see the desperation in the Democrat party by the urging of pundits and hollywood tools           ( Stephen Colbert ) to see Joe “Dumbest Old Fart in American Politics” Biden run for the presidency. His shaky, blurred fingerprints are all over the destruction of our Nation, but hey his plugs look great and he smiles alot.

  Back to Trump’s rise……the republican party just recently took over the congress by promising to stop Obama and the out-of-control government he is in charge of, and guess what? Mitch McConnell and John Boehner lied their boozy asses off to get elected and then proceeded to give every single person that supported them the finger.  Fox news, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Karl Rove ( Puking sounds ), and Chris Wallace all told us how they would repeal Obamacare, stop illegal immigration, and slow the giant government troll that is ruling our lives…….and yet, they lied. Congress has not stopped or had opposition to a single initiative led by Obama or the democrat press. Not a single one.

  That’s why Trump is leading the polls. I am now watching that same press try to convince me that I am an idiot.  Well, I don’t care that Trump doesn’t know the name of the leader of Iran and ISIS, or the head of the Federal Reserve. Wanna know why? Because all of the chumps that have made a mess of things DO KNOW THIER NAMES and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  Plus, at the risk of making peeps mad, I don’t like Ben Carson’s apparent lack of energy and I also don’t like Carly Fiorina’s haughty schoolmarm face…….and I, like Trump, hit back hard when I’m hit first…..because that’s an American Trait. Just like the attitude that won World War 2………the ” I didn’t start this fight, but I sure as hell am going to finish it” persona that used to dominate our National Identity. I do want to “make America great again”, and barring some incredible controversy, I want that swaggering, American attitude to come back again. The last seven years have taught me that the world will hate America either because we are too strong (Ronald Reagan) or too weak and apologetic (Barry Obama). I choose strength. Even though I don’t agree with all, or even a majority, of Donald’s positions…….they drew first blood.


   “They Drew First Blood, sir……They Drew First Blood.” John J. Rambo