The Plague Was Historic Too

Enough is enough. Seeing the fawning press coverage of the flaming wreck that is the DNC is bad enough. …..but flattering ( if there is such a thing ) pics of Hillary Clinton on Yahoo news is just ridiculous.
The brain damaged wife of Bill is all over the news, yet no reporting on her stutters and gaffes, coughing fits, and mindless glares. We are truly witnessing the greatest whitewashing ever perpetrated. Oh, except for the “historic” election of Bathhouse Barry, that is.
You know what, America? I’ve had enough of “making history”. If Obama is any example, the election of Crooked Hillary will set back women’s rights by a hundred years or so. Hey ladies, is this the best you can do? I didn’t think so.
Let’s all go back to watching the coverage of the most divided, protested convention on record. ….. while the media edits the boos and heckling.
Hey Bernie supporters, do you get it now? He was in on it. There never was any doubt of who was going to be crowned Queen this week…….and all the Hollywood Hypocrites and Moms of “Gentle Giants” can’t erase that fact.

 So Democrats…… your “Historic” candidate calls……….. more corruption,  more racial division,  more illegal aliens,  and especially. …more hypocrisy.  Good job!


Ted Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Over the past several months, I have spent much time and energy trying to talk some sense into those that backed Sen. Ted Cruz. I have endured the sanctimonious musings of people like Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, and Mark Levin ( whom I once had great respect for ). Well, after the display of naked ambition that Cruz put on last night. … more. Cruz and his hyperventilating adherents have become the gangrenous foot withering on the body of this election cycle, and it’s time for amputation.

I’ve been hard on Cruz and his cult, and last night put to rest any reservations I may have held in castigating them. What I witnessed last night was an Obama-esque delivery of focus group formulated phraseology, meaningless twaddle, and empty euphemisms. It’s as if a focus group gave Ted a list to read of slogans designed to puff up his own ego and get his base foaming, as if they weren’t already. Oh wait, that’s exactly what he did.

Ted Cruz has benefited from talk radio advertising for somewhere at least six hours a day, five days a week, since he started his “pre-ordained” power grab…….yet he lost. But like all egomaniacal Harvard Law creations, Cruz chose to ignore the will of the people in favor of the pursuit of power.

This morning,  Ted’s own Texas delegates asked him about keeping his word and saying “this is not about Heidi,  or your Dad, or you……it’s about America”….. that’s when the FrankenBush creation bared his teeth and let the supposed real reason fly for his self servicing speech. Because mean old Trump “attacked my wife and my Dad”. So in other words,  everything he said on the convention floor was bullsqueeze.

Trump at least had the stones to say what he said himself, as opposed to Cruz – who had his surrogates do his dirty work for him – all the while never condemning those doing that work. At the same time, many in the Cruz camp turned a willful blind eye to his fraudulent mailers, sabotage of Carson,  and manipulating state conventions to “win” without hearing the voice of the voters. Frankly I’m pretty tired of the self righteous pap. Nevertrumpers, and their leader, both have begun to sound incredibly melodramatic while patting themselves on the back for being such “principled” martyrs.  The bottom line is this: Ted Cruz was never going to win. Ever. If not for Trump we’d have Jeb! as the nominee……of that I have no doubt.

All those in the nevertrump camp are predicting a Trump loss while pretending to not be actively working towards it. They are exactly the same as the opposition party they are assisting,  and if they expect millions to forget their actions and turn out to vote for one of them in four years,  they are mistaken.

  “Et tu, Brute?” –  Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare