We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us

Let me be clear on this: The healthcare bill that Paul Ryan and the Republicans proposed to replace Obamacare wasn’t great and I didn’t like it much……..but I wanted it to pass. It was a test for the Republican party in my opinion, and they failed it miserably.  Many of my more conservative Republican readers will disagree with me here, but that’s ok…….as long as they hear me out. While I wanted the healthcare bill to pass, because almost anything is an improvement on O-care, I also wanted the Republicans to expose their true agenda when it comes to the Trump presidency. Well……..they did, and it’s exactly the same as the progressive Democrats.

Do you really think that the supposed “freedom caucus” is so principled that they just couldn’t back this crappy bill? If you do, I’ve got some bad news for you. Republicans are actors playing their part in the Establishment’s game, and that part is The Noble Losers. You see, the fix was in for Hillary to be president, and the script for the Republicans was already written and rehearsed before November 8th and they’re following it.  It’s the same one they followed during the scandal-ridden Obama administration…….namely: Piss away their mandate on purpose, talk big, feign “principles”, and then lose big time to a party with the most unpopular agenda in American History. The fact that the open-borders Koch brothers promised millions in campaign cash to Republicans in exchange for tanking the bill had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

All the proof you need that Trump is fighting the Uniparty Establishment was laid out last week. It turns out that Trump’s tweet about being surveilled by Obama was true (Duh!) and The Media (aka The Fifth Column), Democrats, and Republicans were outraged. Not that Obama has made Nixon’s Watergate look silly, mind you……..no, they are outraged that Rep. Nunes dared break ranks and spill the beans. The biggest story of open corruption I have ever witnessed…. and Fox, CNN, and the rest of the Presstitutes have decided to cover it up instead of cover the story, with John McCain “concerned” about………wait for it……….not the surveillance, but that it was revealed outside of their committee. Can someone please tell me why a guy who was brainwashed in a communist prison camp for 7+ years is a patriotic American to be trusted without question, yet Trump is supposedly under “foreign influence”? Right. Anyway…..that story, and the healthcare fiasco, is just the beginning.

If you’re a “conservative” that doesn’t see that this may be the last, best opportunity for changing the course of our Nation for years to come, then I don’t want to hear from you. Perfection is the enemy of the good, and pretending that your pure “principles” are more important than doing something to reverse our course is folly. I’m sick and tired, more than sick and tired really, of watching mealy-mouthed Republicans DO NOTHING and then explain to the rest of us Rubes that they are just soooo conservative and sooooo principled that they just couldn’t bring themselves to DO THEIR DAMNED JOB. They said, “give us the House or we’re powerless”, and then, “give us the Senate, too – or we’re powerless”………and then finally, “give us the White House or we’re powerless!”……well, we did that, and they have proven to be nothing but liars and con-artists growing fat and rich on our stupidity and patience. Meanwhile, when Democrats had control they passed their dream agenda without one single roadblock from Republicans…….and even worse, since the election of Trump we have learned that the “opposition party” seems to have more power than the one in control of 2 of our 3 branches of government.  How many Republicans have you seen stand up and defend Trump, or any part of his pro-growth, American-centric agenda? Zero.

Here’s the rub: Obamacare should have been stopped by Republicans in the first place, and the “conservatives” then told us how “principled” they were……and they did nothing. They had 8 years to come up with something, anything, and yet they get their chance and blow it………on purpose. Know this…….the Republicans don’t care about you, and neither do the Democrats. They are playing the political version of a Harlem Globetrotters game……it’s all scripted so the Globetrotters, after humiliating their doofus opponents,  always win. When it’s time for tax reform, and then immigration reform, and then EPA reform, et cetera and et cetera……you’ll see the “principled” amongst the Uniparty stand again to ensure that nothing gets done.  Are you going to vote for them again afterwards? Not me, I’m done playing their rigged game. Trump must truly feel like the entire Globalist cabal and all of it’s might is levied against him……….because it is, and sadly it includes the flaccid, impotent Republicans.

The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not. – Hillary Clinton



In The Mouth Of Madness

By any measure, we are truly living in a mad world. The rapidity of the spiral into madness has been shocking when you take a step back and view it from a distance.  The nineteen-eighties that I grew up in might as well be the Stone Age considering the plethora of insanity we are daily assaulted with. Most of us stay buried in our busy lives, preferring to ignore and shrug instead of confront the lunacy afoot. One problem with this quite natural response is that while we have slept, the mentally ill amongst us have turned the world into their own private nuthouse. Another problem is that it is much more difficult to restore one’s sanity than it is to lose it in the first place.

The Progressive Media, in this nation and abroad, have decided that instead of giving you all of “the news”, they are deciding what facts and accounts to NOT tell you. We are to have respect and unquestioning adherence to the biased Media…..simply because they have deemed it so, and their academic counterparts have issued degrees to certify it. Take “man-made climate change” for instance. Politicians, celebrities, and whatever Bill Nye claims to be – have all quoted researcher John Cook’s 2013 study that claims that among climate scientists there is “97 percent consensus” in favor of man-made climate change…….so let’s actually look at what the numbers are : John Cook analyzed the abstracts of 11,944 peer-reviewed papers on global warming published between 1991 and 2011 to see what position they took on man-made climate change – and of those papers, just over 66 percent, or 7,930, took no position on man-made climate change. Only 32.6 percent, or 3,896, of peer-reviewed papers, endorsed the “consensus” that humans contribute to climate change. What that means is that roughly 97 percent of the scientists who “took a position” on the subject agree that climate change is man-made. Does that sound like a “97 percent consensus among climate scientists”? So…….because I can read, I am a “climate denier”. Never mind that I do think the Earth is warming due to things like its magnetic field strength, pole positions, and the intensity of the sun…….evidently I’m an idiot because I know that the same people who can’t run the Postal Service can’t “fix” the climate either. Besides, what have the billions and billions of dollars spent actually accomplished? Nada, that’s what.

  The same geniuses that assured us of the existence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction now swear that the sitting President of The United States is a Russian agent. The same faceless, unelected jerks who are logging every keystroke, text, call, and website you undertake……in order to build a destructive dossier on you…….are now to be trusted and revered – even if they are hollowing out the “We the People…” part of our Republic. Like the masked goons of “Antifas”, they hide in the shadows, yet we are told of their courage. Right. The Media tells us all about the leaks they have obtained to destroy Trump, yet the thousands of documents released by WikiLeaks about the criminality of our bureaucratic deep state, the Clinton’s, and the Democratic Party’s rigged election are harder to find than a virginal goat in The Caliphate.

  Words that were never combined in our vocabulary before, like “transgender-bathrooms”, “trillions in debt”, and “hate speech”, are now tossed about daily like little people in a dwarf-tossing contest. We see stories about parents convincing their 5 year old boys that they are girls, or vice-versa, and instead of jailing the parent for child abuse…….we act like it’s no big deal, and then applaud them. While we’re at it let’s pretend that there are no differences mentally and physically between male and female. There are now over 100 ( you read that right ) different “gender identities” acknowledged by Universities and their students.  What goes on at school these days, anyway? If you are spending, saving, or borrowing thousands of dollars to attend college, I would seriously rethink it. You’ll get more of a lesson in critical thinking from reading the classics in literature and learning to play a musical instrument than you will at the modern University.

   In a sense, Donald Trump – whether you like him or not – has stood up and taken the hits that the rest of us are terrified of……….and he won. I want you to think about that and fully understand what it means. Someone pointed out the obvious truths that many of us know, yet refuse to articulate out of fear…….that a nation cannot survive without borders and a unified culture, that the rights of the citizen should be elevated, that the accrual of debt is disaster, that apologizing for our strengths and embracing weakness is folly, that different people want different things……..and that cowing to nations and cultures that do not respect or value our own is national suicide. It is not yet too late to push back against the forces of Global Progressivism……a bolt of lightning will not strike you down, and if you arm yourself with facts and common sense, you will win the argument – but if we don’t engage, the same people who made the insane normalized will trample you, and your Individual Liberty, under their ever-marching feet.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla


Trump Kicks Dog And Slaps Baby!

Yes, it’s true. According to anonymous sources, Donald Trump saw a baby choking on a half-eaten hot dog while being attacked by a pit bull, and in one swift move, delivered a Karate Kid crane kick to the dog’s noggin’ and slapped the back of the baby – causing the semi-devoured weenie to fly across the street with the concussed canine in hot pursuit.

Ok….I made that up, but that does seems to be the genuine narrative of every broadcast and legacy news story I see each day.  A headline is given, such as “Trump’s Revealing and Disastrous Tax Returns Leaked!”, but then if you actually read the article you discover that the only thing revealed was that he made money and paid taxes. In fact, he paid an effective tax rate higher than that of say……Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, or the owner of NBC – Comcast Media.  After that guy Rachel Maddow went on TV last night and spent two hours teasing the Big Reveal it turned out to be…………(yawn)….nothing! Evidently he wasn’t broke, and the cash he made wasn’t attached to a W-2 or 1099 from Evil Russia. Crazy, right?

The other main offender is Saturday Night Live………..and evidently they have decided to trade comedy, ala Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey doing Bill Clinton and Papa Bush, for deeply insulting and twisted implications of racism, cowardice, incest, and dangerous stupidity. Hey Alec Baldwin……Trump doesn’t think black folks are aliens, and neither do his supporters.  Snoop Doggy Fraud, whom has convinced an entire generation of youth to commit crimes and go to prison based on his “art”….. an entertainment-selling con job packaged for idiots that buy the lie that he has been a “gangsta” at some point – is literally taking aim at Trump in his latest video. Whoops……it turns out that Trump has already designated more federal aid for inner cities since being inaugurated than Obama did in eight years. Do Progressive Libs read anything but The New Yorker, Buzzfeed, and The New York Times? No, they don’t.

I’ll tell you the real danger at play here when it comes to the press and the entertainment industries. It’s that they have been crying wolf repeatedly, and in increasingly shrill tones, about “muzzling” and “foreign interference”, while none exists. That creates an environment where if the press were indeed “muzzled”, after non-stop fake news, many would cheer their comeuppance……..and what would be the state of the press after that? What if we started looking at “foreign interference” in news and entertainment? What about how an international cult known as “The Moonies” (The Unification Church), founded News World Communications and The Washington Times? What about China’s Alibaba Group? They are an arm of the Chinese State, yet they are now the number one securer of funds for Hollywood studio and film projects…….does that money come with conditions?  I smell hypocrisy, and it stinks.

It is getting harder and harder for the Progressive Left to continue to smear and malign the Trump Administration when reality says the opposite.  My concern is that I want a truly disinterested press……..one that at least pretends to not be opinion journalism, and that can tell us the truth about world events, instead of emoting and opining juvenile and ignorant Social Justice platitudes. Lying and manipulating headlines aren’t news, and most of us know it.  Maybe if Mainstream Media ate a bit of crow, so many wouldn’t be screaming at them to eat sh*t.

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” – George Orwell

“Maybe he (Trump) doesn’t want you to know he doesn’t pay any federal income tax…..” – Hillary Clinton

A Trump Mistake?

I have said repeatedly over the last eighteen months that when I see something going wrong with the Trump administration, I will say so. Well, today is that day. It’s all over the globalist corporate news networks this morning…….and what’s missing are the details. What am I referring to? As of right now, the United States has committed Marines and artillery to Syria. I find this development deeply disturbing, and once again I must break from the “wisdom” of the John McCain wing of the republican party that is obsessed with all things war.

One of the reasons I voted for Trump was the repeated campaign promise to withdraw U.S. troops from places that we should not be…….and I strongly believe that Syria is definitely one of those places. Frankly, I am against any and all new deployments of “boots on the ground”, because we are not in any position to win wars. We are mired in political correctness and muddled rules of engagement, and the military has not been repaired, nor its social engineer hacks removed, in the short time that Trump has been in office. If anything, his picks for cabinet positions are a beach-head in the bureaucracy, and represent being one-level deep in a sea of Obama/Bush kleptocrats.

My questions are many, but I would be happy to get the following answers: Who are we fighting in Syria, and why?  Republicans are on TV telling me that our Marines will be receiving firing orders from ” the fighters we have trained on the ground” in order to “combat ISIS”. What the hell does that mean? It sounds to me like U.S. soldiers getting their marching orders from a bunch of Islamic goat-humpers – who would be just as happy chopping off their heads and strapping bombs to 10 year olds – as they are to be our “allies”. Are we fighting with, or against, Russia and the Syrian government? Are we escalating the disastrous strategy of the bumbling Obama?

The stock market has gained roughly 3 trillion in value since Trump’s election. Illegal border crossings are down a reported 40 percent. Consumer confidence is at a half-century high, and small business prospects are also at their highest since 1984. Obamacare is almost toast, regardless of the establishment bullsqueeze attempting to replace it, and more than half of the public is happy entrusting Trump with the economy. Who’s interest does this serve? China is about to stake claim to the moon ( and make no mistake they will claim ownership of it – let your mind wander on the possibilities ), and of all the previously international waters in Asia…..yet we are once again throwing men, women, and money into the gristmill of the Middle East……with no clear goal or path to victory. So Mr. President………how does this benefit the People of The United States and return power to the taxpayer? The only wars I want the President undertaking are on Twitter.

“Such will be a great lesson of peace – teaching men that what they cannot take by an election, neither can they take by a war – teaching all the folly of being the beginners of a war….” – Abraham Lincoln

Comrade Obama’s Coup

Have you ever found the hidden image in a “magic eye” pattern? You know, one of those abstract art pictures that contains a hidden image? Once you’ve seen the hidden image, you can’t see that picture again without seeing it………and that same principle can currently be applied to what’s happening right now. We are witnessing what can only be called a secret coup against the newly elected Trump administration, and though it has been hidden, once you see the conspiracy, you cannot unsee it.

While much Mainstream Media reporting has focused on perceived, or more likely invented, gaffes of the Trump administration, a very sinister plot has been unfolding. My supposition is that on November 9th, when it became clear that the engineered and fixed attempt to elect Hillary Clinton had failed, the Obama administration began to plant the seeds of a silent coup. Since the swearing in of the new president, a series of pre-planned, seditious landmines were laid for the incoming administration……and ever since….. they have been exploding, just as intended, in the face of Donald Trump.

Ever since the election, claims of Russian interference have been much ballyhooed by the typical actors of The Establishment. In my search for any evidence of this, I actually uncovered the hidden story of how, for example, the state of Georgia did indeed have a breach of its election systems…….but when investigated, it wasn’t the Russians – it was traced back to Obama’s Department of Homeland Security* (*The New York Times). Weird.  Why then, was this not widely reported? Why is it not investigated that Obama has, for the first time in ex-presidential history, decided to move two miles away from the White House and turn his election PAC into Organizing For Action, a force of over 30,000 dedicated to overturning Trump’s election? That explains the black-hooded, Social Justice Warrior, Nazi Stormtroopers currently mobilized in the effort to destroy free speech , like at U.C. Berkeley recently.

You want evidence of foreign interference? Why did Valerie Jarrett just move into the Obama household, after also residing with them in the personal quarters of the White House? Who is Valerie Jarrett? Oh……she’s what has been referred to as “Obama’s Brain”, and Obama himself has said that he “can’t make a decision without her”……..and she was also born in Shiraz, Iran. Again…..weird. We’re making deals with Iran, and an Iranian is the closest advisor of the President, and also been instrumental in his ascent to power? If that’s too “out there” for you, what about the 2012 “hot mic” recording of Obama telling Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, “Tell Vladimir…. after my election I’ll have more flexibility…..”. Or take Hillary Clinton’s extensive dealings with Putin’s Russia, including the transfer of 20 percent of the United State’s weaponized uranium and the agreed reduction of the U.S nuclear stockpile…….without any reduction in Russia’s. Whom do you think Russia would prefer in power? A capitalist Trump, or a Socialist Clinton as the extension of the Marxist Obama?

The hidden image that Trump’s election has exposed……… is the collusion and sedition of those entrusted to protect and defend the American People and the American Constitution.  Whether Republican or Democrat, they are baring their teeth in contempt for those that have placed them in power, and like a cornered animal they are soiling themselves and rabidly attacking. I admit that it would be easier to go back to sleep…….but the will of those that seek to diminish and chain you  depends on your acquiescence. They don’t realize that once you’ve seen the hidden picture, it is impossible to not see.  You may have thought that once we won the election it was over………the reality is that the election was just the beginning.


“The lies of the empire and the treason of the quislings shall be defeated.” – Fidel Castro


Presidential Trump

Watching last night’s address to a joint session of congress, I couldn’t help but cheer. Not because it was full of partisan hackery, but because, perhaps, it was a speech of monumental importance. If the United States wasn’t mired in the Establishment’s war against common interests and sense, last night’s address would have been the most non-partisan, pro-American, and heartfelt platform of an elected president in my lifetime.

  There was much to agree with if you are a republican or libertarian……..and really, much to agree with if you are a democrat, also. Lowering taxes, eliminating burdensome regulations, a non-suicidal immigration policy, making education local, a goal of 4 percent GDP-after 8 years of 1.8 percent GDP* on average (*realclearmarkets.com) from Obama. And yes, that rate places Obama’s economic performance at 4th from the bottom of all presidents – even though we’ve been told how awesome Barry was at everything, right?

  If you identify as a fiscal conservative you may have some trepidation about infrastructure spending, yet you must acknowledge that our roads, bridges, energy systems, and water projects haven’t been upgraded or maintained since our grandfathers built them. California’s Oroville Dam almost failing recently is a prime example of how we have wasted money on welfare for non-citizens and stupid global warming initiatives instead of infrastructure. Call me naive, but with Trump in charge I actually think we will do the things we need to do domestically without filling lobbyists’ pockets with more tax cash, but we’ll see.

  All things considered, it is going to become harder and harder for members of both Establishment parties to demonize president Trump while sitting on their hands. It is already obvious that the republican congress is responsible for slow-walking Trump’s agenda, and that whatever initiative stalls will be directly tied to them. At the same time, no matter what the media tells you, the democrat party is on it’s deathbed…….and if it caters to the 25 percent of the population that echoes CNN and Hollywood’s sentiments, it’s life support will fail. The American public will grow angry, instead of just tired, of the black-hooded, safe-space, social-justice-warrior goons demanding an end to free speech.

  The only real opposition to what the president laid out last night is, and will continue to be, the “NeverTrump” republicans and neocon has-beens.  Do not be fooled…….the same people who fought Trump’s nomination and then his election are still fighting him now…..and we know them well. They are the John McCain republicans, the Bushes and anyone tied to them…..they are the advocates of amnesty, NAFTA and the TPP, and are still as convinced as ever that Globalism and importing the world’s poor are the keys to success. They are bought and paid for by the same interests that have bought and paid for the democrat party, and if Trump’s agenda fails, it will be because of their quiet sedition – not the loud, treasonous braying of the left.

  The more that Trump delivers like he did last night, the more people will start to ask themselves why they have been against his ideas…..and then, hopefully, the next question becomes,  “what are the motives of those that have been trying to convince me to reject policies that benefit us all?”.  Well……I won’t hold my breath on that one, but it never hurts to be optimistic. Smart opponents to Trump became very fearful last night…….as painting him as an insane, self-serving dictator just became that much harder, and that much sillier. In summation, last night was what Americans needed………and what Trump needed as well.

“He became president of the United States in that moment, period………..that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics. Period. He did something extraordinary…….For people who have been hoping that he would become unifying, hoping that he might find some way to become presidential, they should be happy with that moment. For people who have been hoping that maybe he would remain…divisive…. they should begin to become a little bit worried tonight.” – Van Jones