All content is written and created by W.Whitten,  musician, artist, and writer dedicated to being opinionated. Be a rebel, stop conforming to fake non-conformity, and think like I do…….or even better, think for yourself.

Empire of Truth is a tribute to the vast, unspoken number of people who grew up in a great nation – and are seeing it disappear. I am surprised, and a bit concerned, that my humble opinion is now considered radical……as I am no social conservative, and ultimately I want a realistic return to the “live and let live” philosophy of our founding.

We live in the realization of Orwell’s fictional musings, and only through Knowledge can we gain Truth. Though our Empire may be in decline, the Empire of Truth is rising.


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  1. I just found your website and read a few of your recent posts and I must say – I LOVE YOU! You have put into words what I have been thinking and feeling for years. So, thank you and keep going…I’ll be tagging along!

    • Thank you…….your comment is a nice change from the sort I usually get. I truly appreciate the praise – keep checking back and feel free to comment, tell your friends to join the Empire……


  2. I got this in a email, thought it was clever

    Bob B
    Several weeks ago, I sent Senator Elizabeth Warren a gift to celebrate her 68th birthday. I am deeply saddened that Senator Warren refused my thoughtful GIFT-WRAPPED present: a 23&Me DNA Test Kit. Below is the return receipt from Amazon.

    I tweeted out news of her RETURNING my gift a few days ago. Millions of Americans are now commiserating with me. And FOX News picked up on this story.

    It is time for the REAL INDIAN to unseat the FAKE INDIAN. I earned 4 degrees from MIT including my Ph.D. (without lying on my application). I created 7 successful companies in Massachusetts that provided many, many jobs.

    My life has been about solving BIG problems. I invented the first email system so secretaries didn’t have to waste time using paper memos. I went on to solve many other problems in technology, communication, health and medicine. In fact, my latest company, based on my invention CytoSolve, allows us to mathematically model the human cell on the computer so we can discover and develop new drugs and medicines (including nutritional supplements), that actually work, faster and cheaper.

    The biggest problem which we have as a country, which President Donald J. Trump is fighting heroically, is the collusion between academia, media and government who create FAKE SCIENCE, FAKE NEWS and FAKE CHANGE. My campaign is about WINNING THE FUTURE FOR YOU by solving problems to deliver Clean Air, Clean Food, Clean Government, AND Real Jobs, Real Health and Real Education.

    e the American Revolution began and now it is time for a New American Revolution. Join us!

    Victory to America,

    Shiva 4 Senate, 701 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  3. According to the current “progressive”/leftist thinking (I call it “regressive”/leftist), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., if alive today, would be considered a fascist. (“when a man or woman is judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin”). That is not allowed under regressive/leftist thinking, philosophy or practice.
    Keep up the great work, brother, voices like yours MUST be heard if we are to save the USA from slavery-for-all leftists.

  4. I had saved this sit a while ago and just rediscovered it recently. I have now recommended it to all my friends and eagerly await the next installment. You give voice to my thoughts. I wish it were possible to have a conversation with a liberal about…ANYTHING!!! But I know that that is not possible (even in my own family) so it’s wonderful to read your blog and discover there are more of us out there than I thought possible.that

    • M-
      There are indeed many more people that share these thoughts yet are afraid to express them. Feel free to post my column or homepage address to social media, or in comments to other sites. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment – W

  5. I recently rediscovered your blog and like everyone else who reads it (I’m assuming here) recommends it to our friends and can hardly wait between entries. There is so much to hope for in this country right now but with it comes so much danger. because of the seeming stranglehold the MSM has on the news in this country a large part of our population is given only half (and sometimes not even that) of the story. I have to admit though that there is also a large number of people who either have an agenda (they think that when the left takes over that they will be one of the takers and not one of the givers) or just have no sense of history and are willing to be led by the nose. Thank you for your patriotism and common sense.

    • Honestly, I don’t deserve the praise, but thank you. I will agree with you about the danger we are in, as from a historical perspective we are headed for disaster. The problem I have discerned over the past few years writing this column is the following: Nobody cares. Or more precisely, not enough people care enough to stop what’s going to happen. Whomever you are, I applaud your courage in speaking out. The amount of cowardice and apathy among good people, even at this late and dire hour, will sadly be the causes of our destruction. “Civilizations die by suicide, not by murder”.

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