When Both Our Cars Collide

That which cannot go on, will not go on. But when does that allegedly inevitable tipping point occur?

When both of our cars collide.

There is much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments on the Professional Right. Trump, with all of his baggage and flaws on one side,and the republican party’s Trump-lite…Ron DeSantis, with all of his unknown baggage and flaws on the other.  The former wanting, needing, revenge. The latter representing a desperate desire to return to a normalcy and a status quo that no longer exists.

The Left? United like The Borg. Much talk about Biden/Harris running again, and whether Michelle Obama will insert herself at the last minute after forgoing debates. Will Biden croak, step aside, or be removed?  Does it matter? With mail in balloting and state-legislature approved fraud in place? With leftist voters willing to vote for the literal dead and mentally deficient, as long as there is a “D” next to their name?


The truth is that the very battle that the sleeping masses now care about has already been waged, and lost. Culture, Media, Entertainment, and most importantly, the very foundations and pillars of all bureaucracy and government, have been overtaken.  A deep and aggressive rot permeates all. What is the cure for an organism so overtaken? Is there one? The think tanks and their white papers have failed. Now they loot the treasury of a rotting republic, one that they hurried along.

I would like to think, I hope and pray actually, that there is a way out in a conventional sense. That sanity overcomes those whom have led us to this place, that grace and wisdom are suddenly gifted to them. But those are empty wishes, and words that fall on deaf ears. Face it, you can feel it. A deep wrongness has quickly seeped into everything like an evil fog, and its coming for you whether you attempt to shelter from it or not. Be honest,  hasn’t it touched you already?

A collision is coming. Like cars running in opposite directions, two opposite ideologies are careening helplessly out of control at full speed, right at each other. One seeking in fanatical fashion to destroy, and the other desperately attempting to avert that destruction.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a hell of a crash.

“We’ll meet again, when both our cars collide.” – My Chemical Romance





Living With Ghosts: Part One

I see dead people. 



I live with the ghosts of the better men and women that made the only, and brief, experiment in human freedom possible. What they built is collapsing, and their sad spirits roam the ruins of what was the Shining City. 

 While we’re obsessing about the souless youth and their mass hysteria over the rejection of God and Nature, the world teeters on the precipice of oblivion. Sexual deviants, child sexualization, and the forced approval of and inclusion in other’s fetishes is just a symptom of our dying civilization…it’s not the cause. It’s like a terminal cancer patient complaining about bed sores. 

Not that it doesn’t matter. When you are made to believe absurdities, you can be made to commit atrocities. Oh, and absurdity abounds. Here’s what we’re doing to our young girls. https://www.bitchute.com/video/NVODkCZz5hqM/

How quickly we have descended. How regressive we have become. Gird your loins though, reader…it’s going to get much worse. The “dollar” as you know it is about to get a comeuppance, and not for our benefit. The Uniparty has printed much currency without backing, except for that’s what the rest of the world trades in. Oops! Not anymore. Now it’s going to be the Yaun. You know, the currency of the guys that make all the stuff in your house, and all the stuff at the hospital. Suddenly, the pictures in school that I saw of Germans in the 30s rolling wheelbarrows full of cash to get bread don’t seem so crazy anymore.

Hey, did you see how Bud endorses and promotes a freak? It sure takes my mind off of how the bought-and-paid-for Biden regime let a Chinese target-mapping device cross the entire North American continent. It’s also funny how we leave out the freak that targeted and killed Christian kids and their teachers. “Look at the silly one!”, they say. I say don’t bet on seeing the Nashville tranifesto until the FBI gets done rewriting it. 

Anyway, have you seen the Ukraine war? I have, and I see the ghosts of hundreds of thousands of dead so the Uniparty elites can loot the American treasury. So, have you seen it? Well that’s weird. Leaks just showed we’ve got boots on the ground along with the UK and France. Think about it, where is your glorious war footage? Where are the images of the success that the 100 billion dollars and depletion of our war stockpile has purchased? I’ve seen stuff on sites like Bitchute where you can get a glimpse, but it’s definitely not what you’re being sold. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11963921/Top-secret-Pentagon-documents-leaked-meme-group-run-British-university-student.html

I see Eisenhower’s ghost warning of the Military Industrial Complex. My,  how that warning was ignored. Whom is it exactly that is running things? Do you know? Are you “represented” in government? Does your voice matter?


I also feel the non corporeal presence of Martin Luther King, Jr., and all of the other brave souls that fought for equal rights, not equity rights. 

Are racial relations better or worse than 10 years ago? Is there state-sanctioned racism? Are global corporations sponsoring racism? I’d say yes, but not in the way or direction you are told to believe. Just who is “the other” these days? Whom is it acceptable to make racist statements about, and discriminate against? 


To be continued…


(C) WesWhitten 2023



A Teardrop In The Ocean

For me, there will be no amnesty.

You’ve no doubt seen the narrative, and if you haven’t you soon will, of forgiveness for the pushers of the “vaccine”. Of forgiveness for the ones that mandated and forced the shot. Those that forced the firing of people from their jobs, those that belittled and belied, slandered and libeled, excommunicated and ostracized, must now receive a national communion in order to wash away their sins.

No. I deny them forgiveness.

Children kept out of their failing schools in adherence to the fears of those charged with their education?

Working families destroyed or on the ropes due to mandates, policies, and CDC “recommendations”?

Corporations, in fascist fashion, colluding with government to deny basic rights, employment,  and privacy?

Society destroyed by separating and dividing not just on race, gender, and politics…but also vaccination status?

Neighbor turned on neighbor, family against family, over accusations of vaccine status?

The loss of, and destruction of, liberty and rights? Of a free future?

It wasn’t worth it. Every institution, every foundation,  eroded or destroyed. For public interest? No. For “global health”? No.

The toll of what our leaders and their selfish and sycophantic followers have wrought is not yet known, but the evidence is mounting of their crimes.

So now they talk of forgiveness and of amnesty.  My ears are deaf to their cries, because their crocodile tears are but a drop in an ocean of lies. Ask God for forgiveness,  you’ll find none here.

“And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes. And they shall know that I Am The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon them.” – Ezekiel 25:17

All content (c) WesWhitten


The Rise Of The Reich

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if an authoritarian junta took over the United States?

That’s what it looks like.

Have you ever wondered what an authoritarian dictator of the United States would sound like?

That’s what they would sound like.

False flags and FBI-fueled plots await us.

These are dark times.

“It is nonsense to suppose that a people wants to rule itself. The great strength of the totalitarian state is that forces those who fear it to imitate it.” – Hitler



If The Pendulum Swings


What if the pendulum swings?

I’m not talking about the old back-and-forth between political parties in DC that is usually allowed to occur every couple of years, but a real societal and cultural shift in the opposite direction of what we currently experience. What if it was as sudden, total, and violent as the progressive revolution of the last few years has been?

What would that look like?

Well, first we’d need to identify where we are. After years of media-manipulated and oligarch-funded propaganda, spreading adolescent rage over Trump, and a plandemic and rigged election to remove him, millions are deluded.

As if in coordinated fashion, universities dumped hundreds of thousands of newly minted racists, intersectionalists, and communist useful idiots into the corporate world. Schools hired these indoctrinates as educators, and government gave them powerful jobs in the bureaucracy.

Every aspect of life has been infected by the mind-virus of a collapsing civilization.  Degeneracy, nihilism, gender confusion and sexual deviance, open racism and favoritism, illiteracy and idiocy, and pride of ignorance rule the day.  If you don’t support the ruling caste and their lackeys you’ll be censored, ostracized, bankrupted, or prosecuted and jailed. If you don’t promote and endorse those that mutilate and sexualize children, you are the monster.

If you didn’t want an experimental drug for an engineered virus and wanted more data, or if you questioned part or all of it, you were fired, cast out, and sent into poverty.

If you’re not on their side, you are afraid.  A sense of dread permeates your life as you wait for the next assault. Where will it come from? Your job? Your kids? Your bank? Your home? Your church? Your government? The answer is all of the above. You have no power, and those that do are drunk on it, and they’re quite gleeful about wielding it.

There we are. So, let’s say for one reason or another, whether it’s a sudden outcry of “enough”, or an event occurring that jars the persecuted and punished into action, the tide turns.

What if you advocated for childhood gender affirmation and trans identity/57 gender insanity? In a classroom or on social media? What if you marched your kids in a degenerate parade and exposed them to pedos and the sexually damaged? What if you put children in schools in front of drag queens and stuffed them in “transition closets”?

How about if you promoted racist diversity and equity policies at your work or online? And you proudly proclaimed the problem of “whiteness” and race “privilege”?  What if you filled your heart with hatred for the “other” based on skin color? What if you, as an employer, gave special treatment and consideration to those that echo these policies and penalized those who didn’t?

If you cheered on tyranny and lawlessness because it suited your politics?  Maybe you denied crime in your midst because it told an uncomfortable truth about the fact that 7% of the population commits 60% of violent crime? What if you wanted your political enemies dispatched by the State?

What if you mocked God with every action, and persecuted and ridiculed those with faith?

What could be meted out to those that did all of the above, based on the precedent of the last few years? Fired from jobs? Hauled out of schools and federal law enforcement in leg irons? Cities burning ala “the summer of love”? Prosecution, persecution, and destruction of lives? Labeled as traitors and criminal degenerates? Denied healthcare because of too many Pfizer boosters?

Nothing works anymore. These people have broken everything, yet they fear nothing. 

If and when the pendulum swings, the purveyors of fear will be consumed by it, and those who have lived under it will seek vengeance…and then God help us all.

“You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay a price!” – Chuck Schumer D – NY

A Vulgar Display Of Power


In dystopian fiction, and tyrannical reality, armed paramilitary forces carry out the will of their insane Ruler, and the people cower in fear. Armies of loyal indoctrinated bureaucrats aid their stormtrooper comrades by turning the mechanism of government into a grinding gristmill, ensuring those that escape the shackle or the bullet can never escape “the law”. If not one of the privileged, then you are a speck to be commanded, or crushed. There is no God but the Lord Of State, who destroys hope and love and replaces them with fear. 

To most people in the formerly civilized West, that’s the description of a young-adult novel or a cinematic thriller. In truth and in practice, that is the way of human history for thousands and thousands of years.  Regardless of what you’ve been told, there has only been one time and one place where the individual was recognized as the holder of rights, and those rights were not granted by the government, only guaranteed. That extraordinary place was the United States, and that extraordinary time was the last 231 years. 

We recently witnessed a culmination of the last two years and its corruption of liberty, as armored and automatic-weapon wearing jackbooted thugs raided the leading figure – former president and likely returning nominee Donald Trump- that is in opposition toThe State. Another “first” for the US, in a long series of horrid “firsts” that have occurred since the Uniparty coup of 2020. 

So where are we and what does it mean? 

We are in a fundamentally transformed nation, as promised by another previous president.  A place where:

Elections are meaningless, as they are compromised by a corrupt system managed by corrupt ideologues. They now happen in the dark, with no witnesses, electronically and virtually anonymously. Who is voting? 

Healthcare and providers of that care have zero credibility and even less expertise.  Treatment is provided by graduates of woke schooling, based on race and social “justice”, and managed by corrupt ideologues. How many have died because of their politics and Trump derangement? 

Law enforcement either cannot or will not protect the citizenry.  Not wearing a medieval mask? Not jabbed with the mystery juice? Speaking ill of the regime? Questioning the pathetic 2020 “election”? Get ready for leg irons, pepper spray, a beat down, and maybe a bullet. However, if you’re the right hue, with the right cause, you can burn America’s cities, assault its citizens, and intimidate candidates without fear of consequences. Whether it’s local, state, or federal, law enforcement is also run by corrupt ideologues. Who protects us?

From kindergarten to the university, education is a joke. 2 decades of instruction now net a graduate that can’t compose a letter, tell you the 3 branches of US government, or make change for a dollar. Seriously.  However, they will be gender confused, illiterate,  racist, arrogant narcissists with no skills or knowledge of history…or anything really. Straight from childhood to a corporate HR/Diversity position, run by corrupt ideologues.  Who is keeping things running? 

Inflation and stagnation run rampant, as supply chains break down while delivering all of our goods that are manufactured by our enemy, China. Empty shelves and triple-digit price increases await you wherever you are, because the arteries of enterprise are managed by corrupt ideologues.  Who are we completely dependent on?

That’s not a torrential rain pouring down on you, it’s our elites pissing in your face. They know that you know it, and they don’t care. This is not the behavior of a government that fears its people or elections, but instead is the behavior of a government that is completely confident that it will not be challenged or defeated. The raid on Trump, J6 protestors rotting in jail, people censored, arrested,  and destroyed…all while the Biden regime rolls in crack and foreign prostitutes, in open graft and criminality. 

Each unprecedented act, each vulgar display of power, is designed to finally, once and for all, show us who’s boss, and it’s not us.  So, I have to wonder…since that’s where we are, where is there left to go? 

” In turn, they’re making us…f*cking hostile. We stand alone.” – Phil Anselmo/Pantera

That's us!

Dam That River

“If you see this, weep.” – 1616 Hunger Stone found in the bed of the river Elbe in Germany, 2022.

Another day, another sign of the complete and utter incompetence of leftists in government.  Rivers and lakes throughout western European nations, like Germany and Italy, are running dry. In the United States, man-made reservoirs that supply water to multiple states, like Lake Mead, are also at historically low levels.

Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona

In Germany, carved stones detailing the horrors of famine, drought, and plague have been exposed by low water levels. The stones were carved in 1616, the authors lost to history.

Eery warnings indeed. As you can imagine, all fingers are being pointed in a single direction: human induced climate change. Egads! How could this happen? What have we done?

Yawn. Listen, the weather changes. Alot. Many times in the extreme.  That hasn’t changed, but our ability and will to plan for those changes and to mitigate them has.

Lake Mead provides water and power for multiple states and to Mexico ( can you get your own water, since you suck as a neighbor? ). It is extremely important for that reason, and because of the genius of our great-grandparents and the Hoover Dam, we have the ability to manipulate and manage levels for our benefit.

In Europe, rivers connect nations and allow commerce as well as power production and water access.  These same nations also have the ability to manage and manipulate levels to prevent or avert disaster.

Instead, the rivers and lakes get lower and lower, and the climate change hyperbole gets louder and louder. Oddly, water authorities in the US are giddy about Lake Mead’s emptying, and so are European leaders about their rivers. Why would that be? The answer is twofold: Firstly, there are laws in the US and in Europe that give extraordinary emergency powers to the government if water levels fall to dangerous lows. And secondly, dry lakes and rivers are a visual and visceral sight to people, and it makes them panicked and willing to blame the weather instead of the real culprits…their leaders and their governments.

This is not a climate crisis, it is a leadership crisis. The Aristocrats and Uniparty elites of western civilization have grown quite accustomed to there being a never-ending emergency. More power and control for them, and less for you. All for “the planet”.

If they could just answer this: When the “hunger stones” were carved in 1616, how much industrial pollution was there and how many gas-guzzling SUV’s were there on the road?

Look around at the world these masters-of-the-universe have given us.  See how everything’s a mess? They want you to blame yourself and your neighbors. In reality though, it’s not your fault or my fault, and it’s not your car’s fault… it’s their fault and they know it. They are incompetent ideologues, narcissists and nihilists…and we know it.

“Oh you couldn’t dam that river, and maybe I don’t give a damn anyway. So you couldn’t dam that river, and it washed me so far away.” – Layne Staley

Ghost In The Machine

They want you to think they’re clowns.

What you see, sometimes, is not what you see. By 2016 the rules governing the ability of the U.S. government to use military propoganda operations against its own citizens were changed by Barack Obama. Old news? Ok, well how’s it working out so far?  It sure has been an eventful and difficult few years since the rules have changed, hasn’t it?


What does it mean? It means that everything that has happened since, every media byte, every narrative swallowed and regurgitated, every internet trope is a result of this fundamental change, oops, I mean “transformation”.

Here is the US military psyops ad. It’s full of Easter Eggs, if you want to go down the rabbit hole they have constructed for you. Watch it.


Huh, that was weird.

Your government has used – and is using- its military intelligence apparatus against its own people. The results are all around you. The ongoing and never-ending cycle of crisis after crisis? The “existential” and emotional fear over every possible eventuality? The assault on every front? Gender, race, the environment, energy, food, property…all in flux and in a state of confusion. Can you feel it?

Confuse your enemy. Addle them. Give them so many plates to spin that they can focus on nothing else. Think. Take yourself as far out from the symphonic cacophony as you can, and try to hear each instrument individually.  Chaotic noise? Yes. Conducted orchestra nonetheless? Yes.

They have defined an enemy, and they work against them. So, let me ask you, whom do you think their enemy is?

” If your enemy is superior, evade them. If they are angry, irritate them.” – Sun Tzu

“Everyone sees what you appear to be, but few experience what you really are.” – Niccolo Machiavelli