The Day After Impeachment?

It should be obvious to anyone who’s not an idiot that there was never an investigation about “Russian collusion”. If there was such an investigation – and if “collusion” was actually illegal – the Clintons, Mainstream Media, virtually the entire congress, Barack Obama and his entire staff, the FBI, and the rest of the intelligence community would be behind bars. In truth, we would have to just wall off Washington, D.C. like it was “Escape From New York”. In fact, the only evidence of nefarious activities between people in our government and the Kremlin is the inaction, indifference, and downright pandering towards Russia by the Obama administration and the Clintons.

The investigation taking place for 11 months under the corrupt, black eye of Robert Mueller has always been an impeachment investigation. Why? Because the unthinkable happened. The simple timeline is as follows:  The Establishment chose Clinton as successor to Obama. Astroturf opposition to her presidency was put forth in the guise of Jeb!, Lil’ Marco Rubio, and Lyin’ Ted Cruise……in fact, all of the contenders – with the exception of Rand Paul – were Bush Dynasty constructs. Clinton was supposed to win, and the crushing wave of ignorant 3rd worlders and mindless philosophy of Progressivism was supposed to continue. The plan was to spend trillions more in entitlement debt, gain more control over every aspect of your life, oversee the deconstruction of The United States in favor of foreign interests, and to subvert the economy in the name of “saving the planet”. The unexpected and unplanned election of Donald Trump put a hold on all of that……..and according to our new Royal class – the D.C. inbred – that could not be tolerated. Why?

Have you looked around lately? Do you have a 401K? Do you invest or have money in market-based plans? If so, then you know how amazing the Trump presidency has been so far. The day that Donald Trump was elected, the Stock Market closed at 18,322. As of this very minute it is 24, 311. That is over 4.5 trillion dollars in added value to the American stock market……and it’s historic. Obama couldn’t manage GDP growth at even 2 percent in his 8 years in office…..and he spent more in those 8 years than in the previous 200. Trump has already increased this number to 3.2 percent, with experts predicting United States’ GDP may reach over 4.5 percent by the end of the year. Unemployment, even using Obama’s fake adjusted formula, has decreased “bigly”. Illegal border crossings are down as much as 70 percent. Americans have more optimism about the economy and their future than they have had in over 20 years. Corporations all over the world have been moving back to the U.S………and manufacturing, long considered a dead industry in the States, is being resurrected like Lazarus from his death bed.

When it comes to foreign affairs and diplomacy, much of the deterrence lost by Obama has been partially restored after a year of “uncouth” Trump and his policies. The apologies and self-loathing that Obama engaged in, the murderous entanglements that Hillary created in places like Libya and Syria, the false “red lines”, and lead-from-behind dithering that they both enjoyed created a world in utter chaos. However, nations that were bending us over are now bending over for us……..just take a look at Saudi Arabia. Even the actions of North Korea are a symptom of the new-found, healthy fear and respect of the United States that Trump has brought about.

What’s all this mean, you say? I’ll tell you. Friday, Brian Ross and ABC news aired a fake report claiming that Trump had directed poor Michael Flynn to contact the evil Russians. Joy Behar – a disgusting partisan hag – proceeded to orgasm ( barf coming up in the back of my mouth ) on “The View” upon reading the Brian Ross/ABC report. Well, guess what? The stock market tanked over 300 points that afternoon. Progressives and Libtards rejoiced!  Uh……oops. ABC had to “adjust” that story because it was bullsqueeze……but that doesn’t replace the REAL money lost because of their deranged, deluded, and unhinged politics. Do you understand yet? The stakes are REAL. The narrative of the Media, Hollywood, and Democrats is FAKE.

With that said……..if the Brian Ross report – just ONE fake story – caused that much financial chaos, what do you think the impeachment of Trump – based on a FAKE, Clinton-paid-for dossier – would do? Here’s some predictions.

The stock market will crash in a manner not seen since The Great Depression. People will lose their savings and retirement accounts. All of the orders and initiatives undertaken by Trump’s administration – that have reinvigorated the economy –  will be rendered void.  The same lying pieces of garbage that infest and inhabit Washington, D.C. will go on television to assure you that they know best when they don’t – because Trump has exposed how empty, ignorant, and foolish they are. People will take to the streets…..and not the basement-dwelling, internet-porn addicted millennials that are in “Antifa”, but Trump voters and members of The Silent Majority who are armed, patriotic, and angry. There won’t be people in “p*ssy hats” marching to “Nasty Woman” poems read by has-beens nor Hollywood bozos mouthing off at Awards shows, there will be bloody rebellion.   There will be one or more hostile nations that take this opportunity to move against The United States and/or her allies. There will be martial law, militarized police checkpoints, and the end of liberty. Your money, savings, and possessions will be worthless, and widespread anarchy, looting, and race riots will be the new normal.

I’m asking all of you demo-fascists……….is it going to be worth it? Your petty partisan politics, your fake news, your failed political party and their rigged and corrupt activities, your 57 genders, anti-white racism and Islamo-pandering, your fear-mongering and dog-whistling…….in a hard world with hard players and with lives at stake……..are they REAL?  Is the pride of a bunch of twisted pedos and reprobates in government – who have grown obscenely rich and opulent off of the work of others – worth your life, the lives of your family, their futures, and the very future of the country you live in? Are so many so separated from reality that they fail to understand the ramifications of what is being perpetrated? If the scum that populates the halls of government and media are successful in their endeavours, the spoiled and pampered existence of much of the American population will come to a violent, chaotic end. If you haven’t thought about what happens the day after their fever-dream of impeachment is realized…….you need to start.


” It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, and more desolation..” – William Tecumseh Sherman




The Ties That Bind?

Sure, it’s a clichéd question….but it’s still applicable: What are the ties that bind us? To be honest, when it come to culture, sometimes I feel like a man-out-of-time. The things I value and the seemingly simple truths that guide my philosophy are now, in my opinion prematurely, out of fashion. Maybe that’s unavoidable since my generation – the much maligned Generation X – is extraordinary for a very special reason……..we are the last  generation of the 20th Century. In many respects it is also the last American Generation…raised on Rock music and Capitalism, taught to ignore race and respect our country for its strengths – while acknowledging its failings.

It was expected that our lives would be more prosperous than our parents and grandparents, and that some personal responsibility was required to achieve that goal. We grew up without computers and cellphones, played outside, and were expected to be home for dinner regardless of the day’s events. I, for one, went to church every Sunday ( until I was a rebellious teenager ) and was a Scout…….and though I hated it at the time, I couldn’t be more thankful now. In turn, my parents were not my “friends”….they were my parents, and there were times when I thought they were trying to ruin my life……but now as an adult I realize they were doing their best to prepare me for the heartless and cruel world that awaited me. For that I am indeed thankful.

With all of that said, I truly feel sorry for the children raised by my selfish generation. We left it to old 60’s liberals to educate our kids…….and the results are evident. We lingered in adolescence ( and still do ) while the idiots that tried to brainwash us into tribal communism discovered that it was far easier to brainwash our offspring. The results of this indoctrination, and the lowered and pathetic standards for public education, are now completely obvious in the brain-dead philosophy of the modern Millennial. The lefties in entertainment and media are now discovering, all too late – that their Frankenstein-monster of political correctness and social justice is immune to party loyalty. They forgot to wink and exempt themselves when they said that “all accusers are to be believed” and that the “white patriarchy is evil”, and that “capitalism must be replaced with communism”………….and as such the monster is out of control and on a mission to kill its deluded creator.

Now I must come back to my original question: What binds us? Unfortunately my answer will depress you. Nothing binds us. After 8 years of a racially divisive, communist, and completely unvetted President Obama – who in his own words vowed to “transform America”……we are hopelessly divided into two groups: One group that values what we once were, warts and all, and wants a revival……..and another that hates what we were – and are – and wants it destroyed, without serious critical thought about what replaces what they tear asunder. We are reaping the rewards for the amount of chaos happening in our failing urban culture, and the true causes of it are never mentioned… fatherless families hooked on public assistance, music and popular figures that glorify stupidity and mindless violence, and a cynical and heinous political class that exploits the ignorance and groupthink of its constituents for their own pursuit of power. In truth, the ties that bind us should be respect of the Individual, respect of morality and history, a shared experience of culture and iconography, national pride, and a shared identity as American citizens whom are beneficiaries of our extraordinary founding.  The only question is whether we will unite in prosperity or after catastrophe………or at all…..and I think I know the answer…….what about you?


  “A house divided…..cannot stand….” – Abraham Lincoln

Luke Eight Seventeen

It’s Friday, and not just a normal Friday, but the one before a Holiday.  So, in the spirit of Friday, I’m going to make some crazy statements about what is happening in the U.S., and the world……..and I leave it to you to decide whether I’m serious or not, or whether what I’m going to say is true – or whether it’s Crazytown here at The Empire. So, with that said…….

Amid all of the drama we see everyday over the election of Donald Trump, and the daily stories about how he drinks water, or tweets, or whatever – some very important events have been unfolding, and a secret war has been taking place in the halls of our Government as well as within the chambers of power in Europe.  We all see the headline news every day, but how many of us really see them? I know, we all have busy lives, and as such, have a tendency to lose the totality of events from an objective perspective. Everything becomes about that day……not necessarily about the sum of our days or all of information we receive over time. This is not accidental. The best way to ensure that you never spend too much time thinking about what you’ve just heard – is to tell you something new and urgent that changes your focus, and then do that so frequently that your ability to process information as a whole becomes disabled.

Have you noticed the change in the past year? Before a year ago, had you ever heard of the phrase, “Deep State”? Had you ever dreamed that powerful people, like Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton, and their cohorts, would begin to be exposed, as not just perverts and self-serving douchebags but traitors? Did you ever think that Congressmen like Rep. Matt Gaetz would take to the floor to declare that a “Coup-de-tat” is taking place in our Government……… right now? Have you taken a moment to look at the reports of human trafficking and pedophile arrests nationwide since Trump’s election? If not, I suggest you do. Or hey, if you really want to be enlightened, just look up the Podesta brother’s art collections……if you can stomach it…..and don’t do it on your work computer either…….icky.

The I.T staff of the Democrat National Committee, under the leadership of Debbie-Wasserman-Shultz was compromised by, and under the direction of, a Pakistani foreign national named Imran Awan……who tried to flee back to his native home before he was caught.  At the same time, news that Clinton and her Podesta hitmen “rigged” the primaries…………weird, huh? Have you heard of Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC until he allegedly leaked documents to WikiLeaks, and then was shot five times in the back during a “robbery” where not even his watch was stolen? Or what about Fusion GPS? The company hired by Hillary Clinton to fabricate and circulate  – for over 9 million dollars – a false intelligence dossier claiming that Trump paid for pee-pee hookers in Russia…..that is now the only reason for a “Special Prosecutor” investigating “Russian collusion”? Should we think about how now we know the name, “Uranium One”? You know, the purchase of 20 percent of our uranium by Russian interests brokered and approved by Clinton’s State Department? Do you think you would have heard about any of these things if Clinton\Jeb\Establishment candidate had been elected? Really?

Another strange thing is what is happening in Saudi Arabia. Maybe you missed it, but since Trump’s visit there, some big changes have been happening. 11 Princes, 10 Ministers, and a score of other former officials have been arrested…….including the brother of Bin-Laden, in a power-shift that is destroying the CIA/Bush power structure that has been the status quo for decades………some say it could be the beginning of a major war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Huh……I bet you haven’t heard much about that, have you? I wonder why that would be? It seems that people in power all over the world are now in the crosshairs, and I think it’s no coincidence.

However you want to think about it, big things are happening. Events and attitudes are leading up to something. The confluence of citizen journalism, technology, and distrust are creating an atmosphere where it is becoming impossible to maintain a strangle-hold on information. Large Government bureaucracies are finding themselves increasingly exposed, and so are their politician cronies and spokespeople.  I urge each and every one of you to take some time, if it’s important to you – and especially if you plan on speaking about it – and carefully look at what is happening around you…..from a disinterested, safe distance. There are hidden hands at work, and the evidence of their machinations can now be seen if you look closely enough. After all, it’s no accident that YouTube and other online platforms have recently been caught manipulating and censoring information, is it?

The things I have mentioned are just a fraction of the events swirling around us………you have to decide for yourself to find the truth in them……if you’re up to it, that is.


“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” – Luke 8:17



Unpleasant Fiction

The Democrats managed to grab a couple of governorships yesterday, and the coverage of their victories has been predictably propagandized by their Media attack dogs. I expected that…….I also expected the response from the supposedly “conservative” Fox news, Weekly Standard, National Review, The Blaze and other assorted NeverTrump Establishment sell-outs.

Since yesterday I have heard much about how this was a repudiation of Trump and his agenda. Let me clue you in something if you haven’t figured it out by now: The Republican party is as corrupt, Progressive, and made up of double-digit IQ morons as the Democrat party. For years I have used the word “Uniparty” to describe this collection of tyrannical boobs, and never has it been more evident than in the last 12 months. They are all in agreement over socializing every aspect of your life through the power of Government, and they have advanced nothing but that agenda for decades. What the Republicans in our Bureaucratic nightmare don’t seem willing to understand is that they are hated……..absolutely despised…………. just like their Dem cohorts.

Ed Gillespie lost his bid for Governor of Virginia, and to me the reason is clear: He is a life-long Bush family servant and apologist. He is another nepotistic, crony politician who sold his soul to the fake patriots of the Establishment. Gillespie has been on his knees for the Bush’s “New World Order” since before he could shave, and the idea that the BlueDog Dems who voted for Trump would vote for a Dubya protégé is laughable. Chris Christie’s buddy lost in New Jersey also, and it wasn’t because of a Trump “repudiation”, it was because he was tied to Christie……..closed-beach-lounging, Obama-hugging, bridge-closing, unsuccessful-gastric-bypass Chris Christie. So, two big-government, amnesty desiring, lying Republicans lost in two blue states. What the idiot Bush spokesmen aren’t saying is that, at least in Gillespie’s case, is that the loss was less dramatic than predicted……but who needs facts when you have the Globalist propaganda machine?

Here’s a prediction: if Republicans continue to obstruct Trump and his agenda, and they also continue to fail in passing ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION that they promised and previously voted for under the safety of an Obama veto, they will lose big in 2018 and beyond. And it won’t be because people have suddenly become Democrats, it will be because they will stay home. When it comes to Establishment Republicans it will be, “fool me once, shame on you…..fool me a thousand times and go to hell”.  The Swamp is tripling down on trying to teach the American public a harsh lesson: that your vote only matters when it is for them, and that anyone non-ruling class that dares run for office must be absolutely destroyed.

I really want you to think about this for a minute……….93 percent of all Media coverage, 100 percent of the Entertainment and Sports world, and every “think-tank” publication on the planet has been hostile to Trump. Every dirty cop in the FBI and every Deepstate hack and Judge appointed by Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama has spent the last year attempting to manufacture false charges and evidence against a sitting President. The level of hate and derangement is truly astonishing, and it has consequences. For instance, have you connected the dots on all of the violence that has occurred recently? Steve Scalise was shot by an angry Progressive Democrat. Riots in the streets and on college campuses perpetrated and instigated by anti-free speech Progressives. 59 patriotic country music fans murdered and hundreds more injured by an angry Trump hater ( now obviously being covered up ) with super-shady connections and pedophile family members. Rand Paul was violently attacked and injured by another angry liberal…….and finally, and sadly, 26 churchgoers – including little children – murdered by a wife and child beating, CNN-watching, Atheist/Antifa wannabe – who was a self-described Social Justice Warrior that thought people with Christian faith were “stupid”.

It isn’t safe to say what you believe, admit who you voted for, or hold true to your values and common sense. Every day you are told that Trump is a pig, an idiot, a slob, a moron, dangerous, a threat to civil liberties, a madman with nukes, an evil genius, a soon-to-be-dictator, a fake, a fraud, a foreign spy, a bully, an illiterate, a nutcase, a racist, a white supremacist, a psychopath, an election stealer, a misogynist, a hater of gays and little children, and even a bad dresser. And don’t forget………….by extension you are too. And even though Trump was dually-elected by a majority of States, he entered office with a 30 percent approval rating that has been sinking lower ever since……..and the record-low unemployment, record consumer outlook, record market gains, the defeat of ISIS, and restored deterrence abroad is just a super-delayed result of the super-awesome policies of the super-handsome and super-genius Barry Obama and his faithful and patriotic sidekick and penniless-public-servant Hillary Clinton. Eat it, Trump!


“If thoughts corrupt language, language can also corrupt thoughts….” – George Orwell 1984 

Who Is Keyser Grope’?

As of this morning, Kevin Spacey has been accused by eight of his “House of Cards” coworkers of being a “sexual predator”, and creating a “toxic” atmosphere on set. Evidently his behavior was primarily focused on young, male assistants and set workers. My guess is that his actions were not only tolerated due to his star-power, but were also well-known among Hollywood insiders, just like Harvey Weinstein.

Being successful and prominent in LaLaLand  brings with it a special kind of power…….if you’re behind the scenes you can make or break careers, and if you’re in front of the camera you receive the worshipful adoration of countless people whom you’ve never met. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of the trappings of this kind of success are a pain, but I also have no doubt whatsoever that the perks outweigh the bad……otherwise people wouldn’t clamor for the life that the Entertainment Biz can provide. And let’s be honest……many without fame would gladly be abused in whatever way required in order to achieve it…..perhaps that’s why these kind of accusations haven’t seen the light of day before now.

I’m not surprised that people with power and fame abuse it……..because they are just people, and without a moral compass people can be very wicked and self-serving. Even folks who don’t start out that way seem to end up corrupted or burnt out. It sounds a lot like Washington, D.C., doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. In fact, if you were a fly on the wall at a big liberal fundraiser in Hollywood, you would see the Weinsteins, Clintons, and Spaceys of the world laughing it up and exchanging tales of perversion and corruption.

It’s a shame, really. Kevin Spacey is indeed a talented actor, and I have enjoyed his portrayal of President Underwood on “House of Cards”, in addition to his other roles over the years. It’s also sad that Spacey chose to use the opportunity to “hide under the rainbow” of his homosexuality as a defense of his behavior. Odd, because it does a disservice to gay people by linking them to child abuse…….he must not care much for “the community”, huh?

Hollywood must be a literal fear factory right now. The Social Justice Virus that millennials and progressives have spread throughout our country is finally doing what it was designed to do………kill the host. Progressivism is thoroughly infected with a sickness of its own creation, and the hilarious irony is that it is now suffering from the symptoms. No one can be politically correct enough, non-misogynistic enough, anti-American enough, anti-patriarchy enough, sexual-identity-spectrum approving enough, non-cultural-appropriating enough, and so on and so forth into infinity. No one can be safe due to their “privilege”. Those that thought their actions and predilections would remain hidden and tolerated because of their position and power are waking up on silk sheets in cold sweats. To get biblical about it…….”they have sown the wind, and will reap the whirlwind”.


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist….” – The Usual Suspects



Stranger Things

With All Hallows Eve upon us, and in the spirit of the season, let’s sample some of the stranger things going on. Whether you’re a ghost, ghoulie, or Nasty Woman……there’s plenty of sweet corruption to rot your brain, raise your blood pressure, and make your teeth hurt.

With the fevered coverage from the Mainstream Media regarding the Paul Manafort indictment you would think that Trump was in big trouble. In order to believe that you would have to be incapable of understanding the law or reading an indictment, or heavily invested in a highly questionable false narrative. In perusing some of the Media coverage I found the same old suspects doing the same old thing – mainly projecting their own sins onto their enemies. What was missing from the breathy and orgasmic reporting was the fact that Manafort and his buddies were indicted for things that occurred between 2006 and 2015 – when he was working with Clinton confidantes Tony and John Podesta as a lobbyist. After a year of devoting the entire, creaky, leaky, and rotten FBI into unearthing Trump’s supposed lifetime of crimes – this is what they come up with? Word is that Mueller is now attempting to go back as far as 1986, regarding Trump’s personal finances, in order to “get him”. Could you withstand that kind of witch hunt?

My question is this: If we are going to start putting the cuffs on folks in Washington, D.C. for taking money and shilling influence for foreign countries, shouldn’t we call out the National Guard to perp-walk the entire Congress and their staff? Also, if this Papadopolous guy is supposed to be the Big Bad for not disclosing his Russian contacts, isn’t it odd that he showed up to volunteer for the Trump campaign? The same kind of odd as all of the leaks and plants placed in the Trump White House by the Establishment.

Another question would be how and why the FBI is pursuing ghosts in supposed service of Trump when there are bodies everywhere around the Clintons, the DNC, and the Washington Establishment? Or how is it legal, acceptable, or ethical for Robert Mueller – who was Director of the FBI during the massive, obvious criminality of the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s State Department – to investigate his own party, friends, coworkers, and even himself? What we are seeing is the equivalent of having Adolph Hitler in charge of the Nuremberg trials, or O.J. Simpson being the judge at his own sentencing. Or it would be like ignoring a sitting Secretary of State lobbying for, and receiving, 140+ million dollars into their personal “foundation” in exchange for 20 percent of America’s weaponized uranium – you know, the stuff nukes are made of – from Russia……..while the whole thing is signed off on by the most criminal president of the United States, Barry Obama.

Do you get it yet? I don’t care if you like Trump, or disagree with his policies, or think he doesn’t comport himself correctly, or find him irritating……..he is the only person truly outside of politics to win the presidency. For the past two presidential administrations our Government has been transformed into a massive, unelected bureaucracy that is hell-bent on maintaining the power it has accumulated. Throw into the mix the 2 parties in Congress that have been putting on their puppet show for decades, while they let the country be run by their aides, lobbyists, and donors (like billionaire Tom Steyer)……and you’ve got “the swamp”. We are being lied to in ways and on a scale that you can’t imagine and wouldn’t believe………and if you think you’re cheering for the right team by ignoring the corruption of Congress, the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Government in favor of trashing Trump……’re nothing but a tool for your Progressive Masters. If you’re not afraid of the misuse and abuse of power by Mueller and his DNC friends then you’re not paying attention…….because these people don’t need a crime to come after you, just an excuse.

Just like Hollywood is eating itself over its own ingrained and ignored sins, Washington will do the same. I think there are still too many people who aren’t blind and indoctrinated twenty-somethings, or angry and bitter old lefties, out there for the State to continue to get away with this. This has been a desperate attempt to overturn a national election by people who thought they had the whole gig bought and paid for……..and are truly terrified of their crimes and corruption coming to light. The FBI has been shown to be completely incompetent and corrupt ( Vegas/Clinton/Russia ) under Comey and Mueller.  The entire web of lies and influence that is spread over the Mainstream Media and the Uniparty Government is in danger of being exposed…….all because they are in such a tizzy to burn down Trump without thinking of how the fire could get out of their control and turn on them. Well I say burn, baby, burn.


“Hell is empty and all the Devils are here………” – William Shakespeare


Trick Or Treat

In celebration of Halloween this year I’m giving you some random treats to chew on. Once again it’s the time of year that used to be fun and harmless, with kids dressed up as heroes, villains, historic characters and pop-culture icons. How quickly things change, right? Now you can only dress up as a non-culturally appropriated, non-insensitive, Social Justice Warrior approved character – thanks to the same dopes who have brought us a year-long temper tantrum over the election. I guess all the parties will have lots of orange Trumps and “BB-8″s…..since that’s about all that’s acceptable, at least for all the evil holders of white privilege. Last year Halloween had overtaken Christmas as the most widely practiced American holiday, but not now. Now the Progressive Left has cannibalized even its own favorite, godless celebration……and by the end of the year they’ll have consumed even more of themselves…..right Harvey Weinstein?

Hey, my memory isn’t what it used to be, but I keep getting the nagging feeling that something big happened a few weeks ago. What was it? Let me think……..what could I be thinking of? Oh, I remember now! Somebody murdered 59 people and wounded and maimed hundreds more in Las Vegas. We should all be glad that we now know so many details about the incident… the perpetrator(s), timeline, and motive. Frankly I’m just sick of hearing facts about Stephen Paddock……like his history of working for the Defense Department, his ownership of two planes and multiple homes and properties ( one of which was “broken into” after police had begun their investigation), his shady brother, and how he is the only person EVER to make millions of dollars “gambling”……and definitely not being an arms dealer.

I’m also tired of all the interviews with witnesses and the girlfriend, Marilou Danley……I mean, her and her story are so clear-cut and well laid out, right? I’m glad we know their movements and actions leading up to, and after, the incident. At least we can be sure that there was no coordinated attack on Trump supporters or people perceived as “right wing” or Republican. I’m super confident that the same FBI that picked it’s nose while Obama ran the most corrupt government in American history, and has been chasing the Clinton-lie of Russia/Trump “collusion” for a year, will get to the bottom of this violent act, with help from MGM-owned Ellen DeGeneres, of course.

And now on to my favorite living symbol of truthfulness, fortitude, and courage…….George Dubya Bush. Do I really need to say that W was, and is, a giant fraud and DeepState pawn? For 8 years he failed to defend American culture and values as President, and then he spent 8 more years with one thumb up his ass and the other in his mouth, preventing him from criticizing history’s greatest disaster………his brutha from another mutha, Obama.  I’m so glad that Bush is now on the scene to decry the phantom wave of “white supremacy”, and he’s not going to gin up more race-hate and false narratives. Thanks, George……..for 40 million third-worlders, a collapsed housing market, never-ending Middle Eastern war, and most importantly…….Obama. If you needed proof that the entire Bush family are yesterday’s turds floating in today’s toilet, there you go.

Let’s finish our tasty bag of trick-or-treats with an uplifting and positive story that is also relevant and illustrative. In September 2016, a horrible series of events began on the  Eastern Michigan University campus. Someone painted “KKK” and “Ni**ers Leave” in red, white, and blue on a campus wall. The very next day, another N-word slur was painted in a stairwell. These attacks led the people-of-color on campus and their allies to hold several “sit-ins” and an on-field display of upraised  “black power” fists during a football game. Unfortunately the disgusting displays of racism only continued, with another message of “KKK” and “Ni**ers Leave” left on another wall. More activism followed……and led to a march on campus ending with a “demonstration” at the University president’s house demanding action. The University responded by hiring counselors to console offended students, instituting a “day of diversity and inclusion”, forming an office of “diversity and inclusion”, offering a $10,000 reward for info on the culprit, and apologizing for the obviously Trump-inspired “hatespeech”. Well……I guess money talks, because after thousands of hours of police work and thousands of dollars in spending by the University, somebody ratted out the perpetrator. It was 29-year old Eddie Curlin……..and police have concluded there was “no racial or political motive” for the series of incidents……..because Eddie Curlin is black. Weird.

“Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure…….” – Sophocles