Saturday Thoughts

Oh… where to begin? How about the beginning?

I was struck by listening to the Leader of the Free World over the last few days. Our illustrious Emperor states what so many evidently believe. Comparing the conflict between Israel and the palestinians to the relationship between the US and Canada….wow.
I now grasp the Truth of this statement. Before you have a siezure, what I mean is I now understand the mindset of my opposition. “The world can be a better place – we can all coexist and respect each other and no one will want for anything because we’ll all share and, so on and so forth, on to infinitum”.
Here’s the problem, folks. Never happen. Ever. Ever-ever. Forever never? Yep…Never. Period.

I’m no scholar, but let’s take a short tour of the reality of our existence on this big blue spaceship.
We, for whatever reason you prefer, ie; God,Big Space Bang, Aliens, whatever.. are the most intelligent and dominant species on the planet.We are ALL different. Even so we find others we agree with, so to speak, and then become a culture. Cultures join to form Nations. Nations of different cultures compete.
The dirty part is that we don’t agree. Never will. So somebody, or some Nation, picks up clubs and rocks, swords and sheilds, rifles and bombs, tanks and nukes, and takes over another. For resources, for territory, for sometimes just an idea. What becomes of that, is what we know as History.
We live in a nation made by conquer and war. Every nation and people on the planet are where they are for the same reason.
Would you undo this? USA back to the indians? Israel back to the arabs? So on..? Where would you stop your undoing? Back to Ancient times? Before?
Truly these people have not thought out the consequences. For good or evil, everything we know is based on the actions of human beings, residing in the full scope of what human beings can, and will, do.
We will never change the nature of Man…. to disagree, often violently, to conquer one another, to suffer, to do harm. But also to do incredible things, wonderful things. Everything we know, and forever will know, will always follow the path that they always have.

Anyone, Leader of the Free World or no, that tells you otherwise is a fool, a liar, or wants something you have. Maybe everything.

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