House of Cards

Just a quick note to my readers…….listening to the subtle manipulations of Rush Limbaugh today, who now has to mask that he is owned by the establishment due to last month’s ratings going into the toilet, I realize the phony dissection of Trump’s support.

I know this is going to offend those who think Ted Cruz is an outsider who is going to be the resurrection of Reagan,  but so be it.  With just 45 minutes of research I discovered that Cruz is funded, and his political career started by, the same open borders, globalist ne’er do wells as Jeb! and his establishment cohorts.

I am compiling the information for a much more in depth profile of these people behind Cruz’s entire political career,  as I do not want to be wrong on even one detail….such is the fervent nature of his supporters.  I can tell you that his wife Heidi literally wrote the book on establishing a North American Union, in addition to being a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Goldman Sachs executive.

There seems to be a great deal of folks who don’t understand this one point……I don’t love Donald Trump,  I just really hate the professional political class.

My prediction: watch as this week the Establishment comes out in support of Ted Cruz. …feigning dissatisfaction with having to do so, all under the cover of “stopping Trump”.

Every professional politician in this race is beholden to globalist billionaires who want to continue the enslavement of the American taxpayer. The sheer terror in the words and actions of those that would continue our descent into irreparable debt are very telling. To be honest,  there aren’t any good choices available to us in this the age of American Decline, but there is no doubt in my mind that continuing the status quo with yet another ambitious,  career politician is folly.

” or take the red pill……and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes……

The Matrix


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