A Change Is Gonna Come

Tyrants, cult leaders, sadistic dictators, and megalomaniacs have all had at least one thing in common…………they rewrite or erase history. A big part of Chairman Mao’s communist “revolution” was the attempted removal of anything indicative of China’s long and rich history. Art, books, ancient texts and artifacts, even the teachers who possessed knowledge of China’s past were purged.  For years this has also been the mission of ISIS and other Islamic groups across what was once referred to as “the cradle of civilization”. They are systematically razing….I mean destroying all trace of…..any and all ancient ruins and artifacts that they come across, forever removing known, and unknown, pieces of humanity’s hidden past. These are the actions of tyrannical ideologies, and their adherents, all in service to their crazed desire to limit knowledge and control the past, present, and future of those they hold power over. Sadly, the Cult of Social Justice – America’s new religion – has begun it’s purge.

Starting today, New Orleans has begun its newest project in service to the god of Identity Politics…….they’re removing the Civil War statues of historical figures like Robert E. Lee and others. You can even see pictures of the typical white beta-male SJW standing in front of one of these monuments holding the unintentionally-ironically-racist  “black lives matter” sign in support. This kind of thinking should have no place in America, a country founded by followers of The Enlightenment, where knowledge of history and human behavior is supposed to inform and educate the public. Instead, the same morons who think there is such a thing as “intersectional gender identity” now think that remembrance of actual history is too offensive and “problematic” to remain in our midst.

Like the muslims who dream of toppling the great cathedrals of Europe, the American Left dreams of redacting any trace of people and events that they deem offensive. Let me be clear, the Confederacy was representative of the awful realities of the South’s slave economy, and that includes all the bad stuff you’re thinking……..but that does not change the fact that this nation went to war with itself, almost destroyed itself, and then put itself back together – with over a million people dead or maimed as a result. It happened. There were famous, notable figures on both sides. Statues and monuments were raised all over the country because of the scale and scope of the war – and most importantly, because a history forgotten is a history repeated.

Like the three famous monkeys that are used to portray the age-old “hear no, speak no, see no evil”, the Progressive Left wishes to remove unpleasant references to our unpleasant past.  But just like gender, the true effect of multiculturalism, immigration, and entitlement spending…….simply lying, imposing twisted logic, and covering up the truth doesn’t make something real and actual disappear. Logic and reason do not cease to exist just because you replace it with childish emotion…….and the facts of history do not cease to exist just because you tear them down. Things like racism and tyranny are born from ignorance, and blotting out history breeds it.

Several months ago, while doing research for another column, I joked that a visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia would be a good idea……..because it wouldn’t be long before a giant black curtain is installed over the famed carved monument located there. Now that joke has become a prophecy. What part of our history is next to be removed and demolished in the name of childish sensitivity? Who decides what will be redacted, and for whose benefit? The supposed evolved-among-us can once again celebrate their success……….less knowledge, less freedom, less Socratic critical thinking, less free speech, less reminders of the unfortunate facts of human existence, less tolerance, and lesser intelligence…………all in accordance and unity with the greatest monsters that ever existed. Bravo, SJW morons………sharing the same philosophies as all of your favorite boogeymen. Will there be someone as dumb as you are in a hundred years to erase your stupidity from history? Let’s hope not……..because your ignorance is truly………..historic.


  “I cannot trust a man to control others whom cannot control himself……..”

“I think it better to do right, even if we suffer in so doing, than to incur the reproach of our consciences and posterity…..”

Robert E. Lee




1 thought on “A Change Is Gonna Come

  1. Not quite on the mark. The SJWs don’t want to erase history. They have no problem with remembering the Civil War, the Confederacy, etc…they just want to make sure that every single vestige or reference to it is from the angle of “you are guilty, you are white; your ancestors committed terrible crimes and your whole society and culture stands indicted and condemned because of them; you should be ashamed to be born with white skin, to belong to ‘American/European culture’; you are evil and can only mitigate your forefathers and your own sin by doing as we tell you”. They would be fine with monuments meant to remind people of how whites victimized black, fine with monuments to the heroic Persons Of Color who were the True Heroes. Nothing that tends to make European-derived culture, let alone actual, evil Southern Culture look heroic, admirable or even human can be allowed. Although they certainly aren’t above REWRITING history, as we can see from the so-called “1619 Project”. Trying to find the things that were admirable and good about the men and women who fought for the Confederacy is certainly unacceptable: they were pure evil, no conditions or caveats. The people of the North were only very slightly better, when they were forced into doing the right thing against their own wills, which only goes about as far as slightly mitigating their own horrible guilt that they accrued on themselves in their own generation by not acting sooner and by not automatically thinking in the same terms as we say people are supposed to think now. The 400,000 Union dead didn’t pay anything toward the debt from the past or the future, and they can hardly be given credit for anything they did, since they were all racisists too. As for anyone from the South, especially anyone who fought for them, they are basically war criminals with inexpiable guilt and dishonor on their names, and we really ought to smash all their gravestones and desecrate their graves. CERTAINLY should never pay them any respect or anything like that! Especially the leaders!

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