But I Repeat Myself

“The Trump administration is worse than the Obama administration……  the current Attorney General is no better than….Loretta Lynch” – Jason Chaffetz

“American leadership in the world…….was better under Obama”- John McCain

” conservatism has been hijacked by scowling primitives and vulgarians….for Trump” – George Will

What do all of the people making these statements have in common? They’re Establishment Republicans. Each of these comments were made just in the last week, by members of the party that supposedly has control of 2 of the 3 branches of government, about their own. What many don’t understand is just how monumental the election of Trump was in terms of shocking the Uniparty Establishment, and they have collectively decided that the destruction of the Republic is preferential to the will of the Silent Majority. America, and the World, are on fire…….but who cares when there are “investigations” to undertake? Next I hear Lindsey Graham is bringing in a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump’s ties to the Sasquatch.

The United Kingdom is now a cowed, Sharia-loving suburb of the Middle East. In my opinion, the recent ineffective “attack” outside the most notorious mosque in London was probably a False Flag. Now the government of the U.K. has decided not to combat islam, but “islamophobia”……how utterly convenient. France evidently can’t go a week without a peaceful refugee stabbing or running over someone. North Korea tortured an American Citizen effectively to death for taking a poster off of a wall. Seven sailors are dead after a very strange, and unsatisfyingly explained collision in the waters of Japan. Russia has given notice that our jets are now considered targets, after we shot down a Syrian jet, and they have “locked on” to our fighters in response.

Regardless of the complete, purposeful incompetence of Congress and the embedded Establishment Deepstate, the Stock Market is in record territory almost every day……on the hopes that Trump’s agenda will be carried out. Illegal crossings of our border are down between 50 and 70 percent in the last few months, out of fear that Trump’s agenda will be carried out. No matter……..the idiots we have elected to “serve” (themselves) in Congress are dead-set on not just stalling Trump, but destroying him personally and professionally in all aspects and arenas. Just what has Trump done to inspire this hatred? Are gays being rounded up? Are trannies being dragged out of San Francisco bars? Every time I ask someone just why they despise Trump I am met with angry, blank stares –  and repetitions of HuffPo/Washington Post/NY Times/Hollywood inane talking points about ” white supremacy” or “Russia” or some other ridiculous, unfounded argument.

People who want lower taxes, restored international deterrence, and common sense have to whisper and remain silent……worried that someone will spill the beans on them and they will lose their job, be branded a Nazi on social media, or their kids will suffer for it at their failing, third-world Gubm’t school. If you don’t recognize that we are living in a lead-up to actual Civil War, then my guess is you’re spending most of your time staring into the screen of America’s Opiate…..a smartphone. Without this powerful sedative I believe we would already be engaged in organized fighting amongst ourselves. What is the remedy? How can we avoid this course?

If you think the answer is getting rid of Trump, I have bad news for you. Contrary to what the Establishment and Deepstate think, that will be the “shot heard round the world”, and would only usher in a scenario many of you believe unthinkable. My only answer, at this time, is the following: destroy the Uniparty. I will be compiling a list of all of our elected representatives, regardless of party, that have engaged in the multiple fallacious investigations of Trump. I will then detail extensively their corruption ( like John McCain being funded by, and friends with, George Soros ) and ties to lobbyists and donors whose wishes are contrary to the American Public. I will also highlight and give voice to any person who decides to run against any incumbent that is part of this ongoing obstruction.  In next year’s mid-term elections, there is one last chance to continue the fight…..we must destroy the careers of these charlatans and send them home….to never work in, around, or for government ever again. The stakes are real, and the situation is dire………get ready.


 “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”- Mark Twain



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