The Ties That Bind?

Sure, it’s a clichéd question….but it’s still applicable: What are the ties that bind us? To be honest, when it come to culture, sometimes I feel like a man-out-of-time. The things I value and the seemingly simple truths that guide my philosophy are now, in my opinion prematurely, out of fashion. Maybe that’s unavoidable since my generation – the much maligned Generation X – is extraordinary for a very special reason……..we are the last  generation of the 20th Century. In many respects it is also the last American Generation…raised on Rock music and Capitalism, taught to ignore race and respect our country for its strengths – while acknowledging its failings.

It was expected that our lives would be more prosperous than our parents and grandparents, and that some personal responsibility was required to achieve that goal. We grew up without computers and cellphones, played outside, and were expected to be home for dinner regardless of the day’s events. I, for one, went to church every Sunday ( until I was a rebellious teenager ) and was a Scout…….and though I hated it at the time, I couldn’t be more thankful now. In turn, my parents were not my “friends”….they were my parents, and there were times when I thought they were trying to ruin my life……but now as an adult I realize they were doing their best to prepare me for the heartless and cruel world that awaited me. For that I am indeed thankful.

With all of that said, I truly feel sorry for the children raised by my selfish generation. We left it to old 60’s liberals to educate our kids…….and the results are evident. We lingered in adolescence ( and still do ) while the idiots that tried to brainwash us into tribal communism discovered that it was far easier to brainwash our offspring. The results of this indoctrination, and the lowered and pathetic standards for public education, are now completely obvious in the brain-dead philosophy of the modern Millennial. The lefties in entertainment and media are now discovering, all too late – that their Frankenstein-monster of political correctness and social justice is immune to party loyalty. They forgot to wink and exempt themselves when they said that “all accusers are to be believed” and that the “white patriarchy is evil”, and that “capitalism must be replaced with communism”………….and as such the monster is out of control and on a mission to kill its deluded creator.

Now I must come back to my original question: What binds us? Unfortunately my answer will depress you. Nothing binds us. After 8 years of a racially divisive, communist, and completely unvetted President Obama – who in his own words vowed to “transform America”……we are hopelessly divided into two groups: One group that values what we once were, warts and all, and wants a revival……..and another that hates what we were – and are – and wants it destroyed, without serious critical thought about what replaces what they tear asunder. We are reaping the rewards for the amount of chaos happening in our failing urban culture, and the true causes of it are never mentioned… fatherless families hooked on public assistance, music and popular figures that glorify stupidity and mindless violence, and a cynical and heinous political class that exploits the ignorance and groupthink of its constituents for their own pursuit of power. In truth, the ties that bind us should be respect of the Individual, respect of morality and history, a shared experience of culture and iconography, national pride, and a shared identity as American citizens whom are beneficiaries of our extraordinary founding.  The only question is whether we will unite in prosperity or after catastrophe………or at all…..and I think I know the answer…….what about you?


  “A house divided…..cannot stand….” – Abraham Lincoln


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