Two Minutes To Midnight

Are you sick of it yet? That’s the goal, you know… wear you down and batter you into submission.  For over two years, people who only have the best interests of their country and community have been mercilessly demonized.  At work, at school, even at home – the assault continues.

Do you like lower taxes? Are you looking forward to the doubling of the standard deduction the next time you file your return? Are national borders and sovereignty important to you? Does the restoration of deterrence when it comes to America’s enemies entice you?

If those things don’t grab you by the whatever, is salvaging our national culture and identity important? How about just returning sanity to the national discourse?

The progressive left has consumed the political establishment – completely taking over the democrats and also infecting the republicans.  The lunacy of the university campus has been bleeding into every aspect of life…..ridiculous and unsustainable ideas like “intersectionality”, “gender studies”, and “trans rights” are becoming mainstream problems.  At school you’re told that something called “white privilege” has given people some sort of advantage over others.  At work you’re trained and lectured about your “unconscious bias”, and your political opinion – if it differs from the Cult of The Progressive – can get you fired and blacklisted. And finally, when you return home to seek a reprieve from the attack, the entertainment you attempt to consume brow-beats you even more.

It’s not going to stop. I’m not saying that holding back the left in the midterms will cancel the madness. In fact, if the progs lose they may go even crazier…but they will be denied real power. And perhaps they will begin to be exposed as nut cases that are completely enveloped in racist and bigoted identity politics. However, if they are victorious, the result will be economic collapse, stagnation, and the mainstreaming of campus insanity. In other words a ramped-up return to the deleterious and disastrous reign of Obama.

So go vote. Don’t vote because you’re black or white. Don’t vote because of what does or doesn’t dangle between your legs. Don’t vote for your fake tribe. Don’t vote because of “the patriarchy”.  Vote for the sane and successful future of your country, culture, and kids.

“If you are going through hell…….keep going.” – Winston Churchill


1 thought on “Two Minutes To Midnight

  1. Good. I agree. I too am tired of being constantly bombarded with messages telling me how awful I must be inside for not thinking the way that I’m supposed to think, tired of the games and the dead-end road that I see opening up before us. I also don’t have much hope for the future or will to live.

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