Hail Caesar

Well, Joseph Biden, lifelong crook and dementia sufferer, has been “inaugurated”. Allegedly the most popular president in history, Biden is already the recipient of mainstream media fluffing. The corrupt aristocracy of America, the Clintons, the Bushes, the multi-decade “public servants”, have all made the trip to D.C., soon to be the 51st state, to felate the incoming “elected” president.

Biden took the opportunity, of course, to once again drag the corpse of his dead son Beau onto the podium. His other son, not so tearfully mentioned. Not to worry Joe…from what I’ve seen, Hunter has Beau’s offspring in good hands.

The lead up to the crowd-less crowning of America’s first Emperor has been very telling. Democrat representatives have been on the trusted media outlets telling us that ” 80% of the national guard are white men” and therefore cannot be trusted. So, like all Emperors, Biden commanded his new Praetorian Guard be vetted of those whom exposed dangerous thoughts. “MAGA” supporters and those who’ve posted support of the soon-to-be-erased-from-history previous president, must be excised from the duty of guarding our new slurring Emperor.

More troops occupy the US capitol than occupy Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In fact, more troops guard the capitol now than in 1812, the revenge invasion of the British, or during the Civil War, when Lee’s troops were encamped across the Potomac. Nevermind though, the endless empty mall and 200,000 flags have replaced the people, and Washington looks like China during the Olympics. Tanks, machine gun nests, and armed soldiers protect their Emperor from the masses that Burned, Looted, and Murdered their way through America’s cities during the Summer of Love. To think otherwise identifies you as a bigot.

Nevertheless , patriotic citizens are now asked to snitch on their family, friends and neighbors for their support of Orange Man, and the Useful Idiots among us drool at the prospect. Respect the flag? The constitution? Want equal opportunity and a colorblind society? You are a domestic terrorist, and the duty of those around you is to report you to the New Praetorian.

Like Christians in 1st and 2nd century Rome, those that put their values ahead of the dictates of the Emperor will, and must be, punished. Like jews in 1939 Germany, those whom have been blamed and targeted must be expunged. Or in the words of the new Secretary of Defense, “we must purge these people from our ranks”.

We have heard much during the last 4 years of “fascism” and “dictatorship”, yet as always the ignorant hordes and their masters project onto others their own desires. Those whom have decried fascism have ushered it into our midst, yet they are incapable of understanding what they have done. Their righteous hate and indignation are superior to rational thought, and there is no history that can inform them.

Our aristocracy wrongfully assumes this is all due to their boogeyman, Donald Trump, but in fact he was the symptom and attempted remedy to their malfeasance. With him gone, they assume those who still hold to American beliefs are soon to be gone as well. Are they correct? That may very well be.

So, since the Praetorian listens…Hail Caesar.


4 thoughts on “Hail Caesar

  1. Wes,
    So sorry to see you “go.” I’ve enjoyed reading your work, and will miss it. Too bad you can’t find a new home to host you, but I understand.
    So, think they’re monitoring these comments? Probably, so FU whoever you are, or pretend to be!

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