The New World Order According to Geraldo

I have to take a moment here to comment on the fiasco that is Geraldo Rivera’s world view. This morning, as I flip from one corporate news shill channel to the next, I came across The Geraldo.
I don’t know what was more offensive, his ridiculous mustache, or his opinion. To be honest, I have been a bit stymied over the last few weeks….. what at first I thought was manna from heaven – mainly the neverending scandal and illegality from the executive branch – has turned out to be like ordering 10 pounds of your favorite ice cream. Sure, it tastes good and all, but after a pound or two you never want to see it again.

You see, I have started several posts but been unable to finish them. They start out ok, but like a story from your Grandpa they peter out, branch off, and end up nowhere near where they should. Between the IRS ( just typing those 3 letters fills me with fear similar to that of a child afraid of the boogeyman ), the James Rosen incident, the A.P. scandal, the promotion of Susan Rice, the eavesdropping on millions of americans, and not to mention being Benghazi’d, I haven’t been able to focus in with my normal laser like precision. Perhaps that’s the strategy after all. Like the primates at the zoo, throw so much poop at the lookey-loo’s that they quit looking, or avoid the exhibit all together.

But back to the handlebar-faced champion of the Illegal Immigrant community (Si Si Puede!). I was actually interested to hear the opinion of The Geraldo when asked about the snooping of the NSA (wow, 3 more fear-inducing letters) on millions of us, and trust me, what we know is likely the tip o’ the turd. With a sincere face and truly intellectual expression, The Geraldo proceeded to inform me that, I’m paraphrasing here, ” Hey, a judge signed the order to do all this stuff, so there must have been probable cause somewhere to justify it”. I want you to take that in. The Geraldo couldn’t find the irony in that statement if it had been hidden in Al Capone’s Vault ( look it up if you don’t get the joke ).

The only reason I stopped chugging my joe to listen, was that The Geraldo may be many things, but he’s no dummy. Some things just make sense…. like hiring Michael Douglas to lick all your wedding invitations. There should be some things that we all agree on. One is that our government, regardless of which wing of the Illuminati are in charge of it, should not prosecute and ruin you for your associations. Another is that they shouldn’t be listening to your calls, tracking your dumb facebook comments, and reading your emails.

What struck me the most, was that I have heard about the abuses of evil government from the likes of The Geraldo my whole life. The McCarthy era – the House Un-American Activities inquisitions – Watergate – Iran/Contra – the first Iraq war – the second Irag war – 9/11 – can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Everything that these folks wanted to accuse the last guys in charge of doing in secret, these guys are doing in the open. In your face. You don’t like it? Here’s your audit. We have your name, we have your number. I guess now The Geraldo thinks that there must have been some WMD’s in Iraq after all, right?

We have reached a dangerous tipping point in this once great nation. Everything we have ALL been afraid of… is coming to pass, and the silence is deafening. So, I will hold out hope, against all odds, that the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the Hollywood Elite start to wake from thier Ambien/Prozac stupor and scream against the tyranny of our giant federal government. Unless they all want to ring in the New World Order according to Geraldo.


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