I Been Benghazi’d!

In honor of the most recent person to enter the coming presidential circus, I am re-posting this…..enjoy, as there will be more to follow.

“Pssst… Have you heard about Benghazi?”

And here’s America’s collective answer……. “YAWN”.

Okay, let’s start by laying it out in layman’s terms. Once there was an American consulate in a newly “liberated” Libya. And in this paradise there were four Americans……. Yada, yada, yada…. oh well, what difference does it make?

After all, that’s the oh-so-dramatic-I-promise-I’m-being-sincere-and-oh-yeah-I-sure-do-care Secretary of , what is it again, Social Justice? Something like that. You see, the Smartest Woman in The World doesn’t really seem so to me right now. In fact, though I have no sheepskin from a prestigious “Yooooonivahhhsiteee”, I can smell what comes out of the southbound end of a northbound cow. And holy ummm….you know, I smell alot of that right now. I’ve been ‘shroomin before too, so I’m familiar with the smell.

Let’s try a little bit of story time. Let’s say, horror of horrors, that your -insert loved one’s name and title here- is kidnapped, assaulted, beaten and murdered. (I know, I usually keep it light hearted, but this is unfortunately necessary for my purposes) and you- upon hearing this startling revelation- are sitting in the police station with the Chief of Detectives. With a straight face, and with pre-rehearsed indignant fist pounding, the Chief proceeds to look you and your remaining un-murdered loved ones in the eye and say……. wait for it…… “It could been a serial killer, it coulda been a guy on the street, it coulda been anything. But c’mon…. what difference does it make? At this point they’re dead, and that’s that”.

Or if you are blindly partisan, or like the puzzle at Cracker Barrel says, just-plain-igno-ray-moose, let’s put it into a historical perspective. Picture in your mind Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the great progressive experimentalist, rising to the floor of the senate and bellowing, ” Today, December 7th, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy….because some guys out for a walk, or some guys upset with a movie,or maybe some guys with a plane, or you know, whatever…. hey, what difference does it make at this point? They’re already dead, right? Who cares?”

See, I don’t care if the last bunch of guys running things were corrupt or stupid or whatever, agree or disagree. Fact is, there’s a bunch of folks running things now….. and I KNOW that they’re corrupt and stupid or whatever. And I hope that’s what it is, because the alternative is worse. The alternative is what a too-great percentage of Americans and voting Illegal Aliens are doing at this very moment….. A great big , contagious, ‘Yawwwn”. At least until Entertainment Tonight comes on, that is.

Because, loyal reader, It makes a difference why some things happen. It makes a difference who commits a crime. It makes a difference who you’re at war with. And if you don’t think so, you’ve been Benghazi’d.


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