Why Donald Trump is Rambo

  Firstly, I apologize to any of my readers who may have stopped by my site in the last month. My little Scottish Terrier named Fish (it’s a long story), who was an eight year blessing of daily joy and distraction, became unexpectedly and extremely ill. After a few weeks of chasing every possible cause and remedy, she sadly passed away exactly a month ago today as my wife and I were carrying her into another vet appointment. I cannot accurately put into words the profound sadness this event created in both of us, and I was unable to focus on current events with enough vigor to write about them, especially since she was my little writing companion. But alas, this horrid world continues to spiral downward with no deference for my suffering so I must “get back on the horse” as they say……so here goes.

  In my last column I addressed some of the reasons that Donald Trump was rising in the polls and garnering so much of the Republican electorate. It is not my place to endorse, condone, or cheer for any of the umpteen candidates the republican party has chosen for you and I to peruse from, but short of that I DO support Donald Trump. My prediction from last week ( and dammit I knew I should have posted it ) was that Fox News and it’s ilk were strangely quiet about The Donald in the week leading up to Labor Day, and I thought to myself, “self…is Fox and it’s cronies performing the proverbial “calm before the storm” and preparing to unleash it’s MKUltra-esque public-manipulation-hurricane of how we view this candidate?”  Well self…….you were once again correct.

  Let me rehash some stuff so everyone is clear. I, like many people disenfranchised by our two party system, consider myself a National Constitutionalist. I don’t know if that’s a party, but it should be. I’ll explain…… I believe in the Constitution, as written, as intended, as a solution to EVERYONE’S problems. I believe there is a remedy for every person and their position, no matter how crazy,  in our constitution…….and it doesn’t require five idiots in black robes  (ie: Supreme Court) to say “O’tay!”.

  With all that said, we have turned into a mutant monster with two heads that breathes mediocrity instead of fire. Are you a democrat (sob) who is displeased with being told that Hillary “my husband’s not a rapist and I’m not a liar” Clinton is your selected candidate? Are you a republican who is displeased with being told that Jeb “I swear I’m not a candidate for E.D. therapy” Bush/Kasich/Christie is also your selected candidate? Well……join the club.

  I , personally, have decided that any fool that has been actually serving in government in any capacity is disqualified. I think many of you agree. Do you hear us Establishment? We say NO! I would actually understand Bernie “registered socialist” Sanders’ appeal to Dems if he hadn’t served decades in government creating the problems we now face. Okay, he’s a feeb whacko with ridiculous opinions that only appeal to those raised in the last two decades by public schools, but still, I get it. He’s the only moron on the list if you’re a Dem other than Hillary, so  I get it. You can see the desperation in the Democrat party by the urging of pundits and hollywood tools           ( Stephen Colbert ) to see Joe “Dumbest Old Fart in American Politics” Biden run for the presidency. His shaky, blurred fingerprints are all over the destruction of our Nation, but hey his plugs look great and he smiles alot.

  Back to Trump’s rise……the republican party just recently took over the congress by promising to stop Obama and the out-of-control government he is in charge of, and guess what? Mitch McConnell and John Boehner lied their boozy asses off to get elected and then proceeded to give every single person that supported them the finger.  Fox news, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Jonah Goldberg, Karl Rove ( Puking sounds ), and Chris Wallace all told us how they would repeal Obamacare, stop illegal immigration, and slow the giant government troll that is ruling our lives…….and yet, they lied. Congress has not stopped or had opposition to a single initiative led by Obama or the democrat press. Not a single one.

  That’s why Trump is leading the polls. I am now watching that same press try to convince me that I am an idiot.  Well, I don’t care that Trump doesn’t know the name of the leader of Iran and ISIS, or the head of the Federal Reserve. Wanna know why? Because all of the chumps that have made a mess of things DO KNOW THIER NAMES and they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

  Plus, at the risk of making peeps mad, I don’t like Ben Carson’s apparent lack of energy and I also don’t like Carly Fiorina’s haughty schoolmarm face…….and I, like Trump, hit back hard when I’m hit first…..because that’s an American Trait. Just like the attitude that won World War 2………the ” I didn’t start this fight, but I sure as hell am going to finish it” persona that used to dominate our National Identity. I do want to “make America great again”, and barring some incredible controversy, I want that swaggering, American attitude to come back again. The last seven years have taught me that the world will hate America either because we are too strong (Ronald Reagan) or too weak and apologetic (Barry Obama). I choose strength. Even though I don’t agree with all, or even a majority, of Donald’s positions…….they drew first blood.


   “They Drew First Blood, sir……They Drew First Blood.” John J. Rambo




1 thought on “Why Donald Trump is Rambo

  1. I suppose it’s a long shot but seeing your dog’s name “Fish” makes me wonder idly if you know or know of a woman called Leslie Fish from Arizona. She used to be an anarchist (I gather) and “filk” music musician back in the 1980s (I think it was), but she is now a Trump supporter and anti-illegal immigration activist of sorts. I’m not sure what else she is involved in but I know she does a lot on Quora under her own name. I like her style a lot, and I stumbled across her on Quora after I randomly discovered some of her music on Youtube a few months before, which is kind of odd since she wasn’t very well known even back in the days when the albums were made. I saw the name of your dog and I thought “well, maybe….”
    BTW, my dog died a couple months ago. She was 14 years old, and it was generally expected, even though the actual end came suddenly. It’s tough to loose a dog.

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