If Loving Trump is Wrong…..I Don’t Wanna be Right.

Sometimes it feels like I am writing the same column over and over. The reason isn’t because I actually am writing the same column over and over, but because the Oligarchs that rule us without our consent are repeating the same bullsqueeze over and over again.

I’m going to be honest here, I love the Trump Campaign. I have not, and will not, give money to them….and frankly the first time I get a whiff of the Herman Cain Syndrome (ie: I want to sell books and get a talk show out of this – no offense Herman, much love, but if you had any balls you’d be prez -) I will turn on Trump like Mitch McConnell turned on his own constituency and Ted Cruze. But unless and until that happens, I am cheering The Donald like a fan at a Def Leppard Concert with their lighter held high during “Pour some sugar on me”.

Why? Because, Holy Crap, we are being herded and run off of a cliff by the same tired old buffoons that told us to vote  for McCain or Romney because they were the “lesser of two evils”. Well, fool me once, shame on you…..fool me a thousand times……..then I’m an idiot…….and I’m tired of being the GOP’s idiot. I have never been an idiot for the left, only because I am able to think for myself and that’s an absolute disqualifier for the party of Alinsky, Stalin, and Mao. The lies, ridiculous antics ,straw men, and weak arguments presented by the Washington Crowd against us have become tiresome.

It’s like watching that tiny lil’ stooge George Stephanopoulos defend Hillary Clinton week after week, day after day…….pretending in front of the whole world that he’s a “journalist”, when he spent years working for the Clintons……even being a part of their White House staff. Do any of the coffee-clatch boobs that watch ABC news every day know that? Probably not. Do the smug, arrogant, jackasses that run ABC know he’s a BLATANT POLITICAL HACK  hiding in Mickey Mouse’s body? Yes…….yes they do. Do they think you’re so absolutely stupid that you won’t notice or care? Yes……yes they do.

So……when both political parties treat you like a leper and an idiot, what is for you to do? Well……until recently, nothing. That’s why Trump is so exciting. I mean, dang………it’s incredibly refreshing to see someone, anyone, taking it directly to the demons in human skin that are our (s)elected leaders. My only reservation is that I am not yet convinced that The Donald is going to see this through to the end. I admit that I have cheered every comment, no matter how crass, that he makes. You know what McCain?……you DO suck. Spending all that time in a POW prison ( namely because America no longer fought wars to win them ) sucks big-time. But really John? Everything you have done since being elected looks like submission and collusion….I’m not saying that you weren’t heroic in the context of your situation, but you are certainly no hero now.

Trump says some dumb things. But at least those dumb things aren’t being read off of a teleprompter. Trump has some liberal/democrat tendencies……and so did Reagan. He famously said, “I didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left me”.  In fact, what’s missing from our political debates and machinations is some honesty. I mean even dumb-ass honesty. I say all kinds of things sometimes that are offensive and stupid……….but at least I’m speaking from the heart and from a place of truth.  We are desperate…….left and right, for someone that will recognize, and put into words, THE TRUTH. And further……….that will speak it and be unafraid of the consequences.

For example, and please hear me out…., I am against abortion. Yet, I believe that in reasonable circumstances, without it being the 3rd trimester, that there is a choice to be made by the person and their family.  According to the pro-life people that makes me a monster. According to the insane, any-abortion-at-any-time-for-any-reason-without-consent people, I am also a monster…….they would say an eighth-month, healthy pregnancy is ok for abortion ( Maybe just to sell the parts ). Is there no room for sanity and common sense in this debate?  I think that America would say, for the most part…..yes there is.

This is just like illegal immigration. With 90 to a hundred million people unemployed ( oh, and if you believe Obama’s unemployment numbers, wow……you’re a lost cause) can America agree we shouldn’t have millions of illiterate, uneducated foreigners sucking up our jobs and tax dollars all while chain-migrating their entire family? Yes, I think so.

We have jihadis shooting up American servicemen and blowing up marathons here at home, while a head-chopping, gay killing, child sex slave having, caliphate sweeps the middle east. Can America agree that we are indeed at war with Islam, or that they are at war with us? Except for the guy in the White House with his “no god but allah” ring……yes, I think we can agree.

And lastly, we are 18 trillion in debt and growing. And that’s just the principle. With interest it’s enough dollars to build a stairway to Pluto. For perspective, we were at half that number six and a half years ago. Can America agree that paying illegals welfare, increasing so called entitlement spending, not developing our own natural resources, incessantly being goaded into juvenile playground race baiting, chopping up babies for spare parts, and being led by a horde of crusty old career politicians in it for the power, is a one way ticket to being a third world country? Yes…..I think we can agree.

So go for it Trump. I don’t think one man can solve our problems…..but I think one man can, at the very least, speak honestly about what our problems are. And as we all know, you can’t fix a problem if you’re not even willing to speak it aloud. So say it with me America, loud and proud…….. ” Our problem is Washington, D.C. and those who are in it.” I for one am ready to pop the giant tick that is our political class……they’ve had enough of our blood.

  ” I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye towards the bottom line. Perhaps it’s time America was run like a business…”   Donald Trump



1 thought on “If Loving Trump is Wrong…..I Don’t Wanna be Right.

  1. I’m glad I stumbled across this site (I think you semi-spammed a link on AG, and I’m glad I followed it, which I would generally never think of doing). I am glad to find someone who thinks so much like me, and I wish there were more out there of a like opinion. I feel like I surrounded by nuts and idiots on both sides, and the country is doomed between the machinations of the devious leftists holding power and the compliant and corrupt “Conservatives” taking advantage of the better tendencies of the rural voters. I didn’t pay the slightest attention to the 2016 election campaign, I assumed it was just more the the same, vote for Crook or Corrupt, no real difference. I thought it was amusing when I heard Donald Trump was running for President, but that was about it. I didn’t hear any more of the debating than I could help, but I knew that I DIDN’T like Hillary, and I knew that I was annoyed over everyone’s unsurprising vaporing about Trump’s “misogynistic” tapes, etc. OMG…you mean he talked like a male once? How awful! He must be barred from the White House! No normal human need apply!
    In the end I went and voted for Trump because my father asked me too (not that it made any difference, our state voting heavily leftist ever since the Democrats all moved in and swarmed the natives aside and stole their state). That made me feel like I had a personal stake in the thing somehow, and when I saw from day one the totally biased and unfair way in which the entire media and establishment assaulted him, it made me instinctively stick up for him even more. And I found that I would have voted for him on my own if I had actually paid any attention. You are totally correct, Trump is a real person, complete with flaws. I am so sick of these practiced, professional liars that we elect on the strength of how well the pretend to be what we all KNOW they are not, so sick of people who try to take the middle ground and never say anything that might offend people, constantly calculating how many votes any given comment might cost him/her. I always said I wanted an honest, straightforward politician….no, NOT a politician….in charge, and Trump’s the closest I’ve seen yet, for all his flaws. Is he “honest”? Compared to the usual professional liars, yes! When he lies it is generally in minor matters, and easy to detect for anyone with a pair of eyes. It’s more like he is telling tall tails than really lying. “Bullsqueezing”, if you like. Going through the motions. Sure, there will be some hardcore and not-too-bright people who will take him seriously and beleive whatever he said, but that’s in SPITE of him, not because of him. Anyway, I like Trump better all the time. Partly because I sympathize with the underdog, and Trump is braving the wrath of the whole establishment and much of the public (who don’t like their sacred cows disturbed), which is braver than most thing’s I’ve ever seen. He is literally facing personal and/or financial destruction. He has angered the most powerful people all over the earth. And I like him because he is who he is, and doesn’t let the press shrew him into submission. He sticks with his theme, through all foul weather. I may not AGREE with everything he says, or like it, and most of it is what I wouldn’t say myself…but he says what no one else dares say. And I admire him for that. I would like him to say more, but I can’t expect him to say what I wouldn’t dare say myself!
    Anyway, my original point was that I am enjoying reading all these old entries, and seeing so much that echoes my own thoughts. I rarely find that in any writing to the same extent I see here. I could have almost written it myself in many ways.

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