A League of Their Own

I’m going to point something out that everyone seems to be missing in the ridiculous debate about what spoiled-brat-turned-overrated-quarterback Colin Kaepernick is doing. If you live under a rock, Colin is the idiot from the San Francisco 49’ers that has decided to not stand for the National Anthem in protest of evil Whitey and in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.  I’ll type this slowly so everyone can understand……. He has no right to protest.

Now that you are aghast at my statement, and fuming at my insensitivity, let me clarify before you are “triggered” into running to a “Safe Space”. I assure you I am a supreme believer in the Bill of Rights, so I’ll explain.  You see, young Colin is what I like to call, “on the clock”, just like when you go to work. Now……let me ask you something…….do you have freedom of speech at work? Do you have freedom of expression? If your answer is “yes” then you are as stupid as the street bullies and thugs that populate the NFL nowadays.

I challenge all those reading this to perform their own exercise in NFL-style freedom. March into your Boss’s office, have a seat, and then proceed to tell him or her that you think they suck, are stupid, and that the company employing you is a joke. Then go back to your desk, or whatever, and count the minutes before you are escorted out of the workplace. Welcome to unemployment, and good luck collecting your O-Benefits with what your former employer puts on your pinkslip.

Guess why that happens? Because when you agree to work for someone you are signing away that part of your life to your employer……they, for all intents and purposes, own you……and you have agreed to act in accordance with their wishes and policies. So by all means enjoy your freedom……just know that it has consequences.

The absurdity of men who play a game for millions of dollars a year, more than most fans make in a lifetime, protesting the very Nation that affords them the lavish pay and lifestyles they enjoy, should be ridiculed at every opportunity. Add to that the inability of people to understand the hypocrisy of the positions of some of these intellectual giants due to their politically correct brainwashing, and you have a truly laughable situation.

The Grievance Class in this country, equal parts spoiled, rich celebrities/athletes and Social Justice Warriors, has become truly unhinged and disconnected from reality. So please, NFL crybabies……..keep “taking a knee”……just don’t be surprised when afterwards the people who pay you and buy your jerseys tell you to “take a hike”.


  “Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without it being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.” – Winston Churchill


5 thoughts on “A League of Their Own

  1. Couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’m going to use my freedom of speech and power of protest/boycott and refuse to watch ANY nfl games

    Keep up the good work

    “”Now that you are aghast at my statement, and fuming at my insensitivity, let me clarify before you are “triggered” into running to a “Safe Space”.””

    Brilliantly funny

  2. You do actually have freedom of speech at work. Your boss can fire you, but he can’t put you in prison or have you killed for saying he is an idiot. That is what free speech is. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you are free from all consequences from the people who disagree with you. The bill of rights doesn’t disappear the instant you clock into work. If that were true, then every company would be its own sovereign nation free to decide what the rights of the citizens/employees are.

    The NFL can fire Colin, but they can’t force him to stand under threat of death or imprisonment. They could exercise their freedom of speech and reprimand him, but they can’t stop him from protesting. That is what freedom of speech is. Why is it that so often the people who extol the virtues of the BIll of Rights and the Constitution so rarely understand what they actually mean?

    • In times past, when one worked for someone else, he represented the boss, company, corporation that employed him. He had an unwritten agreement with his employer to adhere to company policy and that included not doing or saying anything that disparaged the boss, company, corporation for whom he worked. It used to be called “good manners, and anyone who did not conduct themselves according to standards of moral integrity, was fired because he did not represent the ones whose money he accepted. Nowadays, it seems that people are paid for their wild-haired brainless fits.

      • Agreed. In most cases the employee’s contract contained a “morals clause”, as they do even now. The real problem is that due to rampant political correctness, the very idea of delineating and clearly marking what constitutes a moral breach is antithetical to most organizations. So blurred has the line between acceptable “moral behavior” and ridiculousness become. “Wild haired brainless fits” have become profitable indeed.

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