Presidential Trump

Watching last night’s address to a joint session of congress, I couldn’t help but cheer. Not because it was full of partisan hackery, but because, perhaps, it was a speech of monumental importance. If the United States wasn’t mired in the Establishment’s war against common interests and sense, last night’s address would have been the most non-partisan, pro-American, and heartfelt platform of an elected president in my lifetime.

  There was much to agree with if you are a republican or libertarian……..and really, much to agree with if you are a democrat, also. Lowering taxes, eliminating burdensome regulations, a non-suicidal immigration policy, making education local, a goal of 4 percent GDP-after 8 years of 1.8 percent GDP* on average (* from Obama. And yes, that rate places Obama’s economic performance at 4th from the bottom of all presidents – even though we’ve been told how awesome Barry was at everything, right?

  If you identify as a fiscal conservative you may have some trepidation about infrastructure spending, yet you must acknowledge that our roads, bridges, energy systems, and water projects haven’t been upgraded or maintained since our grandfathers built them. California’s Oroville Dam almost failing recently is a prime example of how we have wasted money on welfare for non-citizens and stupid global warming initiatives instead of infrastructure. Call me naive, but with Trump in charge I actually think we will do the things we need to do domestically without filling lobbyists’ pockets with more tax cash, but we’ll see.

  All things considered, it is going to become harder and harder for members of both Establishment parties to demonize president Trump while sitting on their hands. It is already obvious that the republican congress is responsible for slow-walking Trump’s agenda, and that whatever initiative stalls will be directly tied to them. At the same time, no matter what the media tells you, the democrat party is on it’s deathbed…….and if it caters to the 25 percent of the population that echoes CNN and Hollywood’s sentiments, it’s life support will fail. The American public will grow angry, instead of just tired, of the black-hooded, safe-space, social-justice-warrior goons demanding an end to free speech.

  The only real opposition to what the president laid out last night is, and will continue to be, the “NeverTrump” republicans and neocon has-beens.  Do not be fooled…….the same people who fought Trump’s nomination and then his election are still fighting him now…..and we know them well. They are the John McCain republicans, the Bushes and anyone tied to them…..they are the advocates of amnesty, NAFTA and the TPP, and are still as convinced as ever that Globalism and importing the world’s poor are the keys to success. They are bought and paid for by the same interests that have bought and paid for the democrat party, and if Trump’s agenda fails, it will be because of their quiet sedition – not the loud, treasonous braying of the left.

  The more that Trump delivers like he did last night, the more people will start to ask themselves why they have been against his ideas…..and then, hopefully, the next question becomes,  “what are the motives of those that have been trying to convince me to reject policies that benefit us all?”.  Well……I won’t hold my breath on that one, but it never hurts to be optimistic. Smart opponents to Trump became very fearful last night…….as painting him as an insane, self-serving dictator just became that much harder, and that much sillier. In summation, last night was what Americans needed………and what Trump needed as well.

“He became president of the United States in that moment, period………..that was one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics. Period. He did something extraordinary…….For people who have been hoping that he would become unifying, hoping that he might find some way to become presidential, they should be happy with that moment. For people who have been hoping that maybe he would remain…divisive…. they should begin to become a little bit worried tonight.” – Van Jones


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