In The Mouth Of Madness

By any measure, we are truly living in a mad world. The rapidity of the spiral into madness has been shocking when you take a step back and view it from a distance.  The nineteen-eighties that I grew up in might as well be the Stone Age considering the plethora of insanity we are daily assaulted with. Most of us stay buried in our busy lives, preferring to ignore and shrug instead of confront the lunacy afoot. One problem with this quite natural response is that while we have slept, the mentally ill amongst us have turned the world into their own private nuthouse. Another problem is that it is much more difficult to restore one’s sanity than it is to lose it in the first place.

The Progressive Media, in this nation and abroad, have decided that instead of giving you all of “the news”, they are deciding what facts and accounts to NOT tell you. We are to have respect and unquestioning adherence to the biased Media…..simply because they have deemed it so, and their academic counterparts have issued degrees to certify it. Take “man-made climate change” for instance. Politicians, celebrities, and whatever Bill Nye claims to be – have all quoted researcher John Cook’s 2013 study that claims that among climate scientists there is “97 percent consensus” in favor of man-made climate change…….so let’s actually look at what the numbers are : John Cook analyzed the abstracts of 11,944 peer-reviewed papers on global warming published between 1991 and 2011 to see what position they took on man-made climate change – and of those papers, just over 66 percent, or 7,930, took no position on man-made climate change. Only 32.6 percent, or 3,896, of peer-reviewed papers, endorsed the “consensus” that humans contribute to climate change. What that means is that roughly 97 percent of the scientists who “took a position” on the subject agree that climate change is man-made. Does that sound like a “97 percent consensus among climate scientists”? So…….because I can read, I am a “climate denier”. Never mind that I do think the Earth is warming due to things like its magnetic field strength, pole positions, and the intensity of the sun…….evidently I’m an idiot because I know that the same people who can’t run the Postal Service can’t “fix” the climate either. Besides, what have the billions and billions of dollars spent actually accomplished? Nada, that’s what.

  The same geniuses that assured us of the existence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction now swear that the sitting President of The United States is a Russian agent. The same faceless, unelected jerks who are logging every keystroke, text, call, and website you undertake……in order to build a destructive dossier on you…….are now to be trusted and revered – even if they are hollowing out the “We the People…” part of our Republic. Like the masked goons of “Antifas”, they hide in the shadows, yet we are told of their courage. Right. The Media tells us all about the leaks they have obtained to destroy Trump, yet the thousands of documents released by WikiLeaks about the criminality of our bureaucratic deep state, the Clinton’s, and the Democratic Party’s rigged election are harder to find than a virginal goat in The Caliphate.

  Words that were never combined in our vocabulary before, like “transgender-bathrooms”, “trillions in debt”, and “hate speech”, are now tossed about daily like little people in a dwarf-tossing contest. We see stories about parents convincing their 5 year old boys that they are girls, or vice-versa, and instead of jailing the parent for child abuse…….we act like it’s no big deal, and then applaud them. While we’re at it let’s pretend that there are no differences mentally and physically between male and female. There are now over 100 ( you read that right ) different “gender identities” acknowledged by Universities and their students.  What goes on at school these days, anyway? If you are spending, saving, or borrowing thousands of dollars to attend college, I would seriously rethink it. You’ll get more of a lesson in critical thinking from reading the classics in literature and learning to play a musical instrument than you will at the modern University.

   In a sense, Donald Trump – whether you like him or not – has stood up and taken the hits that the rest of us are terrified of……….and he won. I want you to think about that and fully understand what it means. Someone pointed out the obvious truths that many of us know, yet refuse to articulate out of fear…….that a nation cannot survive without borders and a unified culture, that the rights of the citizen should be elevated, that the accrual of debt is disaster, that apologizing for our strengths and embracing weakness is folly, that different people want different things……..and that cowing to nations and cultures that do not respect or value our own is national suicide. It is not yet too late to push back against the forces of Global Progressivism……a bolt of lightning will not strike you down, and if you arm yourself with facts and common sense, you will win the argument – but if we don’t engage, the same people who made the insane normalized will trample you, and your Individual Liberty, under their ever-marching feet.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” – Nikola Tesla



2 thoughts on “In The Mouth Of Madness

  1. Once again, you nailed it. I think there is an awakening taking place – just may not be fast enough to pull us back from the brink…keep up the good fight!

    • I think it will take people with sense to stand up…….Those who are not on the left need to understand – that the perfect is the enemy of the good, and to remain divided is folly. If only we were all as united as the left, right? Thanks for your readership, and your comment!

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