It’s A SADS, SADS Situation

You want to hear something weird? There’s a new affliction in town, and regardless of what you are being told, no one’s really heard of it before.  Well, before now, that is.

Evidently, now you can expire prematurely from “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”. Healthy people are dropping dead, and the medical sciences community’s answer is, “Nothing to see here”. 

 So what if young people are getting messed up? I, for one, have seen people my age and younger get facial paralysis and die from heart attacks routinely… not. Justin Bieber is now “Two-Face” from the Batman comics and his wife has had a brain hemorrhage. Totally normal for all these well-known young people to exhibit what was once a very rare condition for their age and health status. You know, like myocarditis. 

 Sure, they’re dropping dead on the field during High School practice, or your 40-something coworker that was fit and healthy “died unexpectedly”, but that happens, right? Well, not really.  At least not in my almost half a century of experience.  

Shingles? Yeah, you’ve heard of it. Older people without a childhood case of  Chicken Pox get it. Or got it. Before now, that is. Now it’s an epidemic. And why is it that AIDS and HIV medication ads are now everywhere? I get it if I look up refrigerators and that’s all the ads I see for a month, but AIDS meds? What do the marketing people know that we don’t? 


Something stinks. People who keep getting poked over and over again keep getting Covid, over and over again. Others are dealing with health issues they shouldn’t be.

 What have we unleashed on the world? Is it intentional? The Pfizer CEO is on record wanting to cut world population by half…

Oh, my bad…that’s “misinformation”. It was totally out of context. Actually,  the original video and link are scrubbed. Oddly, many of the links to these stories are memory-holed quickly. Why would that be? Thankfully there are fact-checkers out there to keep me straight. 

Think of it…this is just one aspect of what befalls us. Economy, energy, inflation, war, crime, revolution…on every issue you are being asked to believe the absurd and ignore your lying eyes. Are you? Maybe you have Guillain-Barre syndrome or something…I hear it’s going around. 

“It’s sad, so sad. It’s a sad, sad situation, and it’s getting more and more absurd.” – Bernie Taupin 


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