Who Is Keyser Grope’?

As of this morning, Kevin Spacey has been accused by eight of his “House of Cards” coworkers of being a “sexual predator”, and creating a “toxic” atmosphere on set. Evidently his behavior was primarily focused on young, male assistants and set workers. My guess is that his actions were not only tolerated due to his star-power, but were also well-known among Hollywood insiders, just like Harvey Weinstein.

Being successful and prominent in LaLaLand  brings with it a special kind of power…….if you’re behind the scenes you can make or break careers, and if you’re in front of the camera you receive the worshipful adoration of countless people whom you’ve never met. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of the trappings of this kind of success are a pain, but I also have no doubt whatsoever that the perks outweigh the bad……otherwise people wouldn’t clamor for the life that the Entertainment Biz can provide. And let’s be honest……many without fame would gladly be abused in whatever way required in order to achieve it…..perhaps that’s why these kind of accusations haven’t seen the light of day before now.

I’m not surprised that people with power and fame abuse it……..because they are just people, and without a moral compass people can be very wicked and self-serving. Even folks who don’t start out that way seem to end up corrupted or burnt out. It sounds a lot like Washington, D.C., doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is. In fact, if you were a fly on the wall at a big liberal fundraiser in Hollywood, you would see the Weinsteins, Clintons, and Spaceys of the world laughing it up and exchanging tales of perversion and corruption.

It’s a shame, really. Kevin Spacey is indeed a talented actor, and I have enjoyed his portrayal of President Underwood on “House of Cards”, in addition to his other roles over the years. It’s also sad that Spacey chose to use the opportunity to “hide under the rainbow” of his homosexuality as a defense of his behavior. Odd, because it does a disservice to gay people by linking them to child abuse…….he must not care much for “the community”, huh?

Hollywood must be a literal fear factory right now. The Social Justice Virus that millennials and progressives have spread throughout our country is finally doing what it was designed to do………kill the host. Progressivism is thoroughly infected with a sickness of its own creation, and the hilarious irony is that it is now suffering from the symptoms. No one can be politically correct enough, non-misogynistic enough, anti-American enough, anti-patriarchy enough, sexual-identity-spectrum approving enough, non-cultural-appropriating enough, and so on and so forth into infinity. No one can be safe due to their “privilege”. Those that thought their actions and predilections would remain hidden and tolerated because of their position and power are waking up on silk sheets in cold sweats. To get biblical about it…….”they have sown the wind, and will reap the whirlwind”.


“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist….” – The Usual Suspects





It seems that the NFL has a common problem. It’s full of people whom have sacrificed nothing, pissing on those that have sacrificed all.

It’s an interesting argument that the thugs and their super-rich, geriatric, white, “owners”  ( umm, irony? ) are presenting in defense of “taking a knee”. Freedom of Speech. How novel. The very people engaged in Orwellian Groupthink in a united affront to real Free Speech are now defending it…..as it applies to privileged felons – on the clock for an employer –  who are making millions playing a game. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…..there is no such thing as free speech at work – it’s why you’re afraid to tell your coworkers and your boss what you think of their stupid Social Justice and Diversity obsession.

It’s not just the NFL, either. They seem to have the same problem that Hollywood, politicians, corporate media, Silicon Valley, and the world of education have – they’re posers. Literally and figuratively……. big, fake, insincere posers. What is rapidly developing as a result of their posing is horrible, and it leads nowhere good. See, the audience for these posers are morons, and they don’t know that the folks they listen to and idolize don’t really believe in, nor care about – really – any of the things they do or say.

The owners of NFL teams don’t care about “solidarity” with their players and whatever they’re supposedly upset about……they care about being called a racist, white supremacist who loves Trump by those players, their League Union, and their fans. In turn, the players themselves are full of shite, and have no experience with the alleged racism that led to them being able to make millions, beat their girlfriends, murder people outside nightclubs, collect Bentleys……you know, all that stuff that Whitey made them do.  In a sport where over 70 percent of the players are black and worth millions I find this fake “protest” more than stupid. Besides, getting lectured by racist, illiterate boobs about “rights” is incredibly insulting.

In the same vein, politicians calling Trump a monster and a racist and a Nazi and (insert Progressive boogeyman dog whistle here), don’t mean it or believe it. In fact, I would put it forth to you that they care about nothing at all…….except the accumulation and maintenance of power and wealth, that is. Politicians outrage at Trump is about as real as Cryin’ Chuck Schumer’s tears.  Again, the problem is that the historically uninformed electorate they speak to are taking them seriously…….and then they proceed to beat folks in the street for wearing a Make America Great Again hat or for the sin of disagreeing with them.  Who cares if you burn down the greatest experiment in personal freedom and liberty……..when there’s money and power to steal from the rubes you rile up?

None of this would be complete without Hollywood weighing in. Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman, and the rest of the predictable crowd are now actually lobbying government to “investigate Russia”. Freeman goes so far to say……oh, I mean read someone else’s words ( because that’s what these overpaid liars do ) that say…..” We have been attacked…….we are at war” with Russia. Do Reiner and Freeman know what war is? No, they don’t. Because they’re posing. They’re fake. They lost an election, and like children who don’t get their way, they are pounding their wee little fists in a massive tantrum……all while posing for each other and touting words like “fascism” and “racism”- when they are unable to define them. Comedians and TV shows are now humorless, preaching bores…….nobody can take a joke or speak plain facts in the face of hysteria.

It’s all coming to a head. For the past decade, honor-less, opportunist politicians from the White House on down have shamelessly race-baited and divided the American Public……..literally politicizing everything. We are experiencing the tyranny of a dangerous groupthink. We are witnessing the exchanging of diversity of opinion and thought for the evil theory of Identity Politics, and that only serves up more division.  Well, in case you didn’t know, after divide…..comes conquer. I actually think we’re headed for civil conflict if this doesn’t stop……….but at this point I would just be happy if ball-players actually played ball. That, as well as everything else aforementioned, is pretty hard to do when you’re busy posing and virtue-signaling “with passionate intensity”. These people ruin everything.


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

– W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming


Strange Things

I really enjoyed “Stranger Things”.  The moment I saw the retro look of the promotional materials, I knew I had to check it out, and I did. I ended up binge-watching the entire show, and after it was done, I got in touch with friends and family and urged them to watch it. Most of them enjoyed it for the same reason I did. That reason was this: It was a time capsule. The show actually did a great job of recreating the 80’s that I grew up in, and it paid obvious homage to the unappreciated greats of that decade.

I also enjoyed the performance of David Harbour as Sheriff Hopper, and even made comment on how he had been underrated in many previous roles. Well……call me shocked……David Harbour showed his ass at the SAG awards, along with many other idiots, in a display of conformity and groupthink that I have come to find extremely depressing. How is it that so many entertainers, college kids, and upper-class elitists think they are being “edgy” and “activist” and “speaking truth to power” when they all say and think the exact same thing? It’s weird.

How is it courageous to stand up in a room of folks who are exactly like you, think exactly like you, have the same politics as you, and are all in a protected class like you…….and then yell about how rebellious and virtuous you are…….all to  thunderous applause from your clone-like audience?

I have yet to find any examples of American citizens losing any of their rights in the last two weeks, and no one has been able to provide me with any, either. Maybe it’s because many of these Hollywood and media types don’t seem to grasp the simple fact that it is American citizens who are afforded the protections of our Constitution, not every person on the face of the earth who can cross our border. They must not know that if you make citizenship meaningless, then the protections you are afforded as one are meaningless also.

Every person on the stage at the pat-ourselves-on-the-back SAG awards has a right to their opinion, and the freedom to express it, so don’t misunderstand me. I have been a singer-songwriter much longer than I’ve been writing this column, and I have much experience with the entertainment community. I can proudly say that not one person who I have performed for was subjected to my political opinion, and I’d bet that those same people who have enjoyed my music don’t even know my politics. I have always understood that when you are entertaining people, or trying to convey the emotion of your art to them, there is no place for sermonizing on your politics.

Ashton Kutcher told me he didn’t want folks stuck in an airport for a couple of hours while we find out who the hell they are………while literally pounding his chest for “my America”. Well…….in MY America, we find out who is coming here and why before we open the door and start giving them welfare checks. In MY America we should stop borrowing money from the communist slave-state of China in order to heal, house, feed, and educate any fool who can get themselves here. In MY America music, art, and entertainment are where we can all come together to forget the real world for a few minutes or a few hours.

Maybe it’s not a good idea to threaten to “punch in the face” the very people who’s  patronage you are dependent on. Playing make-believe doesn’t mean you’re a smart guy, in fact it most likely means you are personally vacuous enough to take on a personality that someone else has written for you.  The problem is that when the audience can’t see your character because all they see is your ignorant politics, then you will cease to have one. For a crowd that self-celebrates it’s inclusivity and diversity, there doesn’t seem to be much of either…………but maybe Ashton Kutcher, David Harbour, and their pals are smarter than I am.


“The number of lines in your forehead tells how many lives you’ve lived.”- Ashton Kutcher


Oops They Did It Again……

One of the most helpful tools I have in assessing the crumbling of our National Culture, and the decline of journalism in America, is the Yahoo homepage that pops up on my monitor every morning. I find that it’s an excellent gauge of how low standards have become, and also a great example of the massive disinformation taking place on a global scale. In other words, whatever Yahoo promotes is a distraction, and whatever they hide and obfuscate is the real news.

My morning chuckle came from seeing the main story……..Surprise! it’s an in depth article on the 8 million dollar mansion that upstanding world citizen and voice for the globe’s poor/downtrodden/living-in-squalor, Angelina Jolie, has acquired for her and her international brood. Nevermind that Jolie is a fraud, and in my opinion a supreme weirdo, that is on camera making out with her brother, wearing Billy Bob’s blood around her neck, and collecting colors and ethnicities of children like shoes. As I understand from the story, she desperately needed a place to hide from mean-old-stoner Brad Pitt. To each their own, as they say.

The real news was buried several frivolous articles in……and that was that the Cascade Mall shooter, in Burlington Washington, was apprehended, and guess what? He’s a Turkish born, likely Islamic, resident alien. Huh…..who woulda thunk it? What’s really odd is that just a few days ago, Ahmad Rahami, another islamist, blew up some stuff in New York, after being on the Fed’s radar and his own father trying to turn him in.

I see a common denominator here, just like in most mass shootings that occur lately…….do you? Well Yahoo News sure doesn’t, and neither do the writers and producers of television news and entertainment. In fact, according to most fictional TV shows, an example being Law & Order SVU, most murderers, rapists, and crooks are blond haired, blue eyed, middle aged white guys. If terrorism is addressed by Hollywood it’s more likely to be a hidden army of Scandinavian Vikings, or a horde of neo-Nazi skinheads that roam the streets looking for poor, hardworking Muslim cabbies to terrorize out of nativist fear.

Could it be a coincidence that the mainstream media is watering down, and downright ignoring, news that weakens Hillary Clinton’s case for the presidency and strengthens Trump’s? Uh….no.

My only hope is that enough people are sick and tired of the ridiculous hypocrisy and lies that dominate our computer, television, and movie screens. We’ll see. I would like to believe that there are folks who see the Clinton ad where Hillary says, “Is this the president we want for our daughters?” and laugh. Why? Because all I can picture in my mind during that ad is Bill Clinton groping underage girls on the “Lolita Express”, sexually assaulting several women, sticking a cigar where it doesn’t belong while in the Oval Office, and Hillary Clinton attempting to cover it up and then publicly destroy all of his victims. Is that the president you want for your daughter, indeed.

The aftereffects from tomorrow night’s debates may be our only indicator of how many are still willing to swallow the left’s, and Clinton’s, lies. I have no doubt that our entertainment and news media will…….and that if Hillary (literally or figuratively) chokes on stage Monday, Tuesday morning’s Yahoo front page will be an expose of Angelina Jolie’s selflessness and one of the Kardashian’s cleavage and it’s contributions to the art world.

“The news isn’t there to tell you what happened. It’s there to tell you what it wants you to hear or what it thinks you want to hear.” – Joss Whedon