Living With Ghosts: Part One

I see dead people. 



I live with the ghosts of the better men and women that made the only, and brief, experiment in human freedom possible. What they built is collapsing, and their sad spirits roam the ruins of what was the Shining City. 

 While we’re obsessing about the souless youth and their mass hysteria over the rejection of God and Nature, the world teeters on the precipice of oblivion. Sexual deviants, child sexualization, and the forced approval of and inclusion in other’s fetishes is just a symptom of our dying civilization…it’s not the cause. It’s like a terminal cancer patient complaining about bed sores. 

Not that it doesn’t matter. When you are made to believe absurdities, you can be made to commit atrocities. Oh, and absurdity abounds. Here’s what we’re doing to our young girls.

How quickly we have descended. How regressive we have become. Gird your loins though, reader…it’s going to get much worse. The “dollar” as you know it is about to get a comeuppance, and not for our benefit. The Uniparty has printed much currency without backing, except for that’s what the rest of the world trades in. Oops! Not anymore. Now it’s going to be the Yaun. You know, the currency of the guys that make all the stuff in your house, and all the stuff at the hospital. Suddenly, the pictures in school that I saw of Germans in the 30s rolling wheelbarrows full of cash to get bread don’t seem so crazy anymore.

Hey, did you see how Bud endorses and promotes a freak? It sure takes my mind off of how the bought-and-paid-for Biden regime let a Chinese target-mapping device cross the entire North American continent. It’s also funny how we leave out the freak that targeted and killed Christian kids and their teachers. “Look at the silly one!”, they say. I say don’t bet on seeing the Nashville tranifesto until the FBI gets done rewriting it. 

Anyway, have you seen the Ukraine war? I have, and I see the ghosts of hundreds of thousands of dead so the Uniparty elites can loot the American treasury. So, have you seen it? Well that’s weird. Leaks just showed we’ve got boots on the ground along with the UK and France. Think about it, where is your glorious war footage? Where are the images of the success that the 100 billion dollars and depletion of our war stockpile has purchased? I’ve seen stuff on sites like Bitchute where you can get a glimpse, but it’s definitely not what you’re being sold.

I see Eisenhower’s ghost warning of the Military Industrial Complex. My,  how that warning was ignored. Whom is it exactly that is running things? Do you know? Are you “represented” in government? Does your voice matter?


I also feel the non corporeal presence of Martin Luther King, Jr., and all of the other brave souls that fought for equal rights, not equity rights. 

Are racial relations better or worse than 10 years ago? Is there state-sanctioned racism? Are global corporations sponsoring racism? I’d say yes, but not in the way or direction you are told to believe. Just who is “the other” these days? Whom is it acceptable to make racist statements about, and discriminate against? 


To be continued…


(C) WesWhitten 2023