Our Leaders are Tools…..and They’re Screwing Us


I hope you aren’t in the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy this year…..or the parent, sibling, or of any relation to anyone graduating. My reason for these condolences? I have spent the last two days listening to radio clips, some fawning – some critical, of our Supreme Leader giving the commencement speech to the Coast Guard class of 2015. And……..all partisan political speech aside, what a tool. I can’t imagine being one of these admirable people who voluntarily chose to join, believe it or not, one of the most restrictive and arduous branches of military service.

First of all….. on the surface, it would be a great honor, douchebag Prez or not, to hear that the Commander in Chief him/herself would be speaking at my graduation. Then it happens…….and OMG. I give much respect to all in attendance, regardless of politics, for not standing up and booing…..or saying out loud, ” What the hell does global warming have to do with being in the Coast Guard ?”.  Let me answer that for you in case you’re confused…….Nada. Nuttin’. Zero. Goose egg.

So, for the current narcissist-ego-freak currently sitting in our White House to spend the better part of an hour talking about Climate Change being the foremost threat to National Security is awful.  It’s just another example of the ludicrous, despicable, zero-intelligence attitude that our entire Federal Oligarchy constantly assaults ” We The People” with. Add to this John “Ketchup Billionaire” Kerry’s speech to the developing nations ( bwahahahaha ) in Africa about how bad it is to own and drive a car, use electricity, and heat and cool your home to a reasonable degree. Think about that…. a bunch of folks who desperately want the lifestyle we have built for ourselves, in order to lift themselves out of poverty and filth, being told by a multi-millionaire white guy from America to essentially just shut up and go back to living like it’s the 5th century because it’s  “good for the environment”.

I’m going to tell you all the truth about so-called “man-made climate change”. If it exists at all, we as the human race are powerless to do anything about it. I’m actually old enough to remember how bad environmental  stuff used to be in this country.  Not only is our air and water cleaner than when I was a child, it continues to get cleaner every year, with or without the environmental movement. Don’t believe me? Then stop getting your information from Bill Nye ” the Propaganda Guy”, and Al Gore…..who by the way is a ka-zillionaire off of the climate change hustle, and uses more energy in a week than your family does in a lifetime.  The climate has been changing since T-Rex walked the earth……since there was nothing but one giant continent. It has been changing since before ( the little ice age ) the Industrial Revolution. And do you know why? Because we’re circling the black hole at the center of our universe while being bombarded by a giant, unpredictable, nuclear reactor at the center of our solar system.

If anything, we are ants on an anthill……looking around the back yard we inhabit thinking it’s the whole universe. Gnashing our teeth about how hot and dry it is, or how cold and wet it is, all without realizing in our arrogance how foolish we are. Instead of living our ant-lives to fullest, we are talking incessantly about how to stop the mower from knocking it all down. It’s all very admirable to be good stewards of the environment, and I strongly believe that we should be, but also think critically about WHO is delivering this message, and WHY. Because when those in charge of us also claim control over the land, sea, and air in the name of protecting you….then they have claimed control over every aspect of our lives. And let me ask you this…..why are they better at deciding just how to be a good steward? The very people responsible for polluting, corrupting, and destroying our world are now telling you what you can drive, eat, buy, and use with your tiny little pile of money – all while they live like kings and queens with no thought to the effect on our Earth.

So please, next time an elitist with a private jet, millions of dollars, multiple homes, and 20 plus vacations a year tells you about the dangers of climate change……ask yourself why. Then ask yourself who is the bigger tool, you…..or them. Because while you are tilting at windmills and spitting into the wind, your money is becoming worthless, your children are being saddled with more debt than they can ever repay, and our culture is becoming ignorant and without class or critical thought. And for ME to say that…….wow.



  *” Since 1998 more than 31,000 American scientists from diverse climate-related disciplines, including more than 9,000 phd’s signed a petition announcing ” there is no scientific evidence that climate change will be a catastrophe, nor that human CO2 or greenhouse gas emmisions is causing, or will cause, a deleterious effect on Earth’s climate”…..”(Forbes Magazine)*

   *Al Gore net worth : 300 Million . (celebritynetworth.com)*

*Coast to coast ( one way ) private jet average carbon footprint, 21 tons – Average American yearly carbon footprint, 19 tons. (www.quora.com)



5 thoughts on “Our Leaders are Tools…..and They’re Screwing Us

  1. I couldn’t go to my graduations. Had to work. Don’t really care who was speaking, or what about. Most politicians are tools, so I’ll take your word on it.

    I’m not fond of elitists either, but I work in health care with the kind of scientists who pay mortgages. There’s a lot more respiratory disease than there used to be. There’s a huge increase in skin cancers. There’s more toxicity in the global environment. I had never seen cases of mercury and lead poisoning in non-industrial clinics before the 2000s. Now, it’s a thing we have to rule out.

    While we have improved the quality of our airspace, we have no way to separate our air from the rest of the atmosphere around Earth, and many other countries have gotten worse. We have increased the destabilization rates of weather by industrial activity. Sure, there have always been climate change cycles. But we made it change faster, so now it’s harder to predict or prepare for tornadoes, hurricanes, flood and drought. Those things appear out of their ordinary patterns compared to before.

    My wife and I had robust careers in Los Angeles county, but those old climatology and bio-social issues course electives I took back in the late 70s came in handy. We decided (educated guess) it was about to get a lot worse, and moved to the western peninsula of Washington state, the most likely temperate zone. We completely bypassed the water crises, the wind events, and the wide temperature swings of the past five years. I think my little 1500 sq. ft. house is going to appreciate a great deal in value, as this gradually becomes one of the places people migrate toward to avoid climate-based hardships.

    I suppose you could call us “weather preppers”. Good luck, wherever else you are living!

    • First, thanks for taking the time to compose such a long comment…..Second, without realizing it you have helped me make my point. The world is more than the U.S., and as long as the rest of the world wants to own a car, heat and cool their homes, and enjoy a modern existence, the effects of Industrial activities will continue. My supposition is that human activities are not to blame……you imply yourself that the sun is a huge factor. Did you know the polar ice caps on Mars are shrinking at the same, or greater, rate than those on the Earth? Do they have SUV’s and cow farts? Diseases and other growing maladies are, IMHO, the result of 3rd world unchecked immigration combined with man’s tinkering with the environment “for our own good”. HAARP, cloud seeding, and GMO food products, added to psycho chems in our water supply do more to damage the environment than our exhales (CO2). Google George Carlin’s take on environmentalism for a laugh if you like. Oh, and try to remember that 90 percent of the life that ever existed on this planet has gone extinct, without our assistance. No offense to your studies, but great minds would be better served curing cancer, developing safe alternative power, and improving the overall human experience……other than being a cog in the ridiculous man-made global warming machine. Pardon the pun, but we may as well be pissing in the wind.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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