An Unserious West in a Serious World

We are all waking up this morning to the aftermath of a murderous attack on civilians in France by the Peaceful Death Cult. Oh wait……..someone in the gas station bathroom across the street made a poop-swastika on the stall door, stop the world! Attention community organizers and grad students…….it’s between the “for a good time call XXX-XXX-XXXX” and the local gang tag. Now that I’ve alerted America’s spoiled college populace to this horrible tragedy I can get back to the Paris attacks.

Who would’ve guessed that shipping hundreds of thousands of “refugees” from the caliphate into Europe, and the United States by the way, giving them EBT cards and providing all the necessities of life would end in disaster? Well don’t panic……..this is just another speed bump on the road to solving the world’s biggest problem, The Weather ( aka global warming, uh I mean cooling, oops I meant climate change). Yes, as the West ponders the importance of having spray tans and day-glo teeth, the islamists ponder spraying bullets and choppin’ heads.

In my opinion the only reason this has yet to happen here in America is that despite the intense ongoing efforts of the left, we are an armed populace. There is still enough spine left in some of the citizenry to shoot back instead of waiting to die…….but hey, the White House, Congress, and the media are still working on it.

Not all of the details are out yet, and even less video. In the age of smartphones I find it odd that gory images are not literally everywhere you look…..but it’s early, so I’m sure that will change. The issue is what this will lead to. France now considers entering the war in Syria, and I’m sure the drones in our government will also amp up the charge to more war. Do you want to know why that is a bad idea? Because the West can no longer win wars, and the reason is simple: political correctness. How can you identify, much less fight, an enemy you are unwilling to name and even more unwilling to profile? How silly we must truly look to the fighters of the caliphate…… banning sodas, incessantly taking pictures of ourselves, taking gender signs off of bathroom doors, honoring a cross-dressing freak of a man as “Woman of the Year”, opening our borders to those performing “an act of love”, making Granny take her bra off at the airport, you know….all those super important things that like super important matter.

I do not want any more American soldiers to die or be maimed in an aimless war in the middle east led by hacks with no strategy and no will for victory, so what now? Firstly, separate those who we have little or no information about from the middle east who have been shipped here as part of Obama’s “refugee” program. Secondly, let NO ONE ELSE IN. You open-borders idiots out there must surely at least understand this………oh who am I kidding? Thirdly, let Russia, and whoever else wants to, bring the hammer down on these fools. I mean, I feel bad saying that, since we are in large part responsible for this garbage, but let ’em have at it.  I have yet to see a reason to stop Putin from crushing the black-hooded inbreds every time they pop their heads out of their Toyota pick-ups.  In fact, has anyone asked “The One” why we are denying Israel weapons and ammunition while dropping supplies to the “freedom fighters” in Syria? Especially since it seems that those same fighters end up shooting at us and our allies.

But hey, let’s let all the facts roll in and then determine what we’re not going to do. Until then I’m going to sit back and watch last night’s ABC World News……..where Diane Sawyer “spends the day with Jennifer Lawrence”, because in Bizzaro-Merica that’s exactly what we need – wisdom of the world from a pampered young know-nothing who’s naughty pictures were leaked online. Where’s my bag of rainbow flag Dorito’s?

“The state, the school, the magazine, think they are liberal and free! It is the freedom of a prison-yard.”
― Henry David Thoreau





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