War Machine

Well, that didn’t take long. I awoke this morning to discover that a Bush/Clinton might have been elected president after all.  Overnight, Trump spent over 60 million dollars…oops, I meant launched 59 cruise missiles – at another sovereign nation. Don’t worry, though…..it was “for the children” that were victims of a supposed gas attack perpetrated by Bashir Assad…….because the “intelligence community” said so. You know, the same “intelligence community” that claims the president is a Russian agent that likes golden showers in ex-Obama hotel rooms, said Benghazi wasn’t a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11, told us Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction yet couldn’t find them, assassinated Ghaddafi and replaced him with tools the Caliphate, and couldn’t find evidence of any Clinton criminality. Sounds totally kosher to me!

Okay…….Assad, Syria’s secularist dictator, is close to winning his country’s civil war against ISIS…oops, I mean “freedom fighters”…..(you know, like the Afghans in the 80’s and that turned out well)…..with the aid of their ally, Russia. Then, out of nowhere – and with suicidal vigor – Assad and Russia decide to “gas” some women and children…….virtually the only offense that could unite the lazy West to attack them. I don’t buy it.  Not only do I not buy it, I’m pretty angry about it. See, I voted for Trump because I wanted a secure border, illegals deported, taxes lowered, Obamacare done away with, and a pull back of U.S. military assets from the myriad of conflicts in which we have no interest.

Well here we are, a couple of months in, and lo and behold, the only thing we have successfully managed to do is lob cruise missiles at Syria. Where is the wall? Where are my lower taxes? Where are the deportations? The Republican party has had 8 years to get bills ready to go for a Republican president’s desk and yet………..their agenda has up and vanished like a fart in the wind. The party of Noble Losers has struck again, and is so busy losing, recusing itself, and stepping down, that it just can’t quite get the job done. What a surprise. I guess the only thing our two parties can agree upon is useless, never-ending, war. If you’re cheering this, ask yourself: If lobbing cruise missiles was wrong when Clinton or Obama did it……..it’s still wrong now, isn’t it?

Listen, I like to “rah-rah” for the United States. I like when our military wins and doesn’t take casualties. All I can say is thank God that during our own Civil War there was no United States on the other side of the Atlantic…….yes, thank God we fought out our conflict without a “world policeman” stepping in, choosing a side, and then using it’s military might to crush one side or the other in the name of it’s “morality”. Is there a mountain of gold in Syria that belongs to us? Is there an oil pipeline that belongs to us that needs defending? Are there American citizens being tortured and killed by Russia and Assad in Syria? As far as I can tell, the answer to all those questions is NO, so why are we involved? If it is on behalf of people whom are suffering, then I’ve got bad news for you……….there are women and children dying horrible, cruel deaths all over the world, right this second. Is it the job of The United States to intervene in every conflict on the face of the Earth in order to “save people”? Because that’s a job that is never finished………and a very convenient excuse to not take care of our own business.

“Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds”

– Black Sabbath


1 thought on “War Machine

  1. Yep. I didn’t buy this either. First of all they didn’t spend NEARLY enough time to actually be SURE who launched the attack or if it even happened, and you are correct, it is the LAST this that Assad would have done. It stood to gain him basically nothing and risked loosing everything. He isn’t an idiot, and he knows that if one thing would fool Trump into actually jumping in and stomping him (but loosing the longer war, no doubt) it would be to use poison gas. He is already winning, he doesn’t need to stoop to desperation tactics. At the very most it was some nutjob in the military acting without orders, and whose head rolled afterwards. I don’t remember a single media source even giving or asking Assads side of the story, for that matter.
    We go on and on saying we need to “intervene to protect the people suffering because of the war”. Okay, the fastest way we can do that is to either GTFO or even side with Assad and help him finish crushing this illegitimate insurrection. All we’ve been doing is propping up the loosing side, extending the war by months or years, both because we give them just enough aide to keep fighting, and also because Assad doesn’t dare take the gloves off and go in an win while their is a risk of the US intervening. He can’t beat us, he knows that. We know it would be stupid of us to step in in the long run, although if we really wanted to help end suffering and won’t get out of Assad’s way, the next best thing is to stop dicking around and go in and beat him. Surely we would regret that for the next 20+ years like Iraq, but it would end the war. I am sure that the vast majority of people in Syria would rather just see the war STOP, even if it means Assad wins and not the “freedom fighters”. As usual the media acts as if the rebels represented “the people of Syria”, but all it shows is that the rebels have enough support to get thousands of people to fight for them….and they don’t mind “conscripting” to get fighters. It’s just like when the media sees a protest in some shithole with thousands of people protesting a ruler, and they say “see, The People don’t like this regime…” We have protests with thousands of people protesting every President we have, but not everyone is dumb enough to think they proves that “the People” are opposed to the President. Just because you can find 10,000 angry people doesn’t mean their aren’t 10,000,000 watching the protests on TV and cursing the protestors. How do we know that most people in Syria besides some malcontents were satisfied with Assad? Or at least not willing to suffer through endless civil war to get rid of him.
    If we cared about “the people” we’d do the easiest and most effective thing to end the war as quickly as possible: endorse Assad and wash our hands of the business. All we’ve done for the last three years is prolong the suffering….and I’m sure it’s because the Elite find it a useful tool to attack Trump with for not doing anything, and a useful trap to attack Trump with if he DOES do something and starts another war, while meanwhile using the floods of “refugees” to inflame the migration issue and racial tensions and white guilt, and make Trump look like a callous, racist meanie for not opening the gates to every Syrian who wants to come in (the Euro Elite are happy to use it for the same reasons; you should hear all the guilt-mongering over how awful the refugee camps are. Apparently the European taxpayers aren’t being generous enough with the food, shelter, entertainment, medicine, transport, employment/living wages that are “owed” the the “refugees”.

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