The Thousand Pound Straw

Most of us have heard the phrase, ” the straw that broke the camel’s back”, right? It’s an adage that has been used for millennia to describe “a seemingly small or inconsequential issue, problem, or burden that proves to be the final catalyst in causing an overworked or overburdened person, system, organization, etc., to fail, give up, or collapse.”*. Well, if President Trump’s comments about gun confiscation come to legal fruition, then he has placed a thousand-pound straw on We The People’s backs.

It was reported in 2016 that Trump famously claimed that he could “shoot somebody…..and I wouldn’t lose votes..”. Since I am not a leftist, and therefore in possession of a sense of humor, I took that comment in stride, laughed, and moved on. I’ve done that with a lot of the more inane comments coming from the POTUS, as I think it important, and helpful, to hear directly from the Commander-in-Chief, especially in this crazy climate of irrational hate and “resistance”. I am not one of these people who talk about “comportment”, and being “statesmanlike”, as I don’t know what that means…..because those in government whom have supposedly possessed these traits have run the United States into the ground, and were private reprobates. Being aware of this fact has led me to allow Trump much leeway with his comments and behavior, because his policies have been mostly spot-on. Besides, with the incessant attacks on Trump it has been impossible to do much serious analysis about policy……instead it’s defending against irrational garbage like “white supremacy” and “fitness for office”. I usually prefer to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, as I realize it must be extremely taxing to have 90+ percent negative 24/7 press coverage, all while the establishment tries to destroy you and your entire family.

With all of that said, though…….the President’s comment that ” first we take the guns……then we do due process later…” is indicative of either a disconnect with who elected him, or of a desire to “do something” about guns when we should “do something” about our kids and the parenting strategies employed in their rearing. I get it, everyone is all in a tizzy about school shootings and AR-15’s…….because we have become a shallow, reactionary society. I’ve heard all about violent video games and music and blah, blah, blah…….when the actual root cause of our problems is failed parents, failed schools, failed curriculum, failed leaders and institutions, and sadly……failed and damaged young people for whom I do not hold out much hope for.

Western Civilization is being overrun by children. Not just by literal children, but by petulant, emotional children whom are inhabiting adult bodies. I don’t mean people, like me, who can be immature and impatient, or may make uncouth statements…….I mean people whose response to every single issue or event is governed by irrational, unthinking, emotion. Whether its “gender identity”, gun control, or railing against the supposed “patriarchy”, there aren’t many critically thinking adults involved.  All modern universities offer is the ability to dress up the ideas of idiots in fancy language. Rampant ignorance about human nature and actual history are the rules of the day. Maybe that’s why when I see a bunch of high-school kids telling me what rights I can or can’t enjoy, regardless of the traumatic events they went through ( How would we ever win WW2 today? Those were drafted “kids”, after all ) I tend to have a negative reaction.

My advice to the President is this: Stop listening to progressives and schoolchildren for your solutions to what is a societal parenting and education problem. We don’t need “gun control”, as there is less access to guns now than in the past……..we need “loser control”. If law enforcement wasn’t populated by politicians like Sheriff Israel in Parkland, FL. – and our bureaucratic systems weren’t bogged down with incompetent, unelected leftists that are impossible to fire, maybe we could trust a system that could identify nuts like the school shooter and the Republican baseball practice shooter before they act……but we don’t have that. We have a United States where half of the population is mindlessly ignorant and childlike, that demands virtue-signaling, dumb responses to tragedies, and a Justice Department dedicated to overthrowing an election and not preventing crime. Worse, we have a significant percentage of people who do not understand where our Rights come from. The Constitution tells the government what Rights we were given at birth by our Creator – whom or whatever you think that is – that cannot be taken away by that government. The Right to Bear Arms was not granted by our founding documents, just recognized by them. I would advise President Trump to keep that in mind when pontificating pandering to his enemies over defense of our Rights………as he cannot take away what God has given, and to try would be disastrous folly.

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
– Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787




1 thought on “The Thousand Pound Straw

  1. I am enjoying reading all these essays. I don’t often find someone who agrees so well with my thinking in an overall sense. Not on all points, and I’m not always sure I can identify what “my” way of thinking actually is – I don’t know what the answers are, but I can see that what we are doing is not the answer – but I don’t really DIS-agree with anything you say and much of it I totally agree with. Especially this one, about giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, etc. I voted for Trump because I wanted a disruptor, someone who wouild do things differently, for better or worse. It could hardly be worse, really. It seems like 99% of the complaints about Trump in the media are basically “it’s never been done that way” or “that’s not the way a President is supposed to act”. My response is “good. That is what I wanted to see”. I didn’t want to see yet another phony, skilled liar who was good at playing the part of “The President” while really doing God knows what when the cameras aren’t looking. I trust Trump for all his fibs more than another President because when Trump is lying it is pretty much obvious, more like tall tales. I don’t even find it insulting. The rest of the complaints revolve around how “this/that MIGHT happen”, and “it’s troubling that …..”, etc. Yet nothing ever comes of it. Why don’t we wait until an actual negative result comes from Trump “being impulsive and surrpunding himself with Yes Men” (example from earlier this evening) instead of vaporing about it: for all their moaning and crying, we haven’t yet plunged into nuclear war, the economy hasn’t collapsed, Europe hasn’t declared war on us, lynch mobs haven’t started roaming the streets attacking Jews and black people. Things are actually going pretty good but all they do is complain more an more. Today it was plugging the new book out (of course) about how the Heroic, Selfless Generals Mattis and Co worked tirelessly to “curb Trump’s impulsiveness” and “insulate the pentagon and military from Trump’s White House”. They even quoted Mattis as saying he felt it was “his job” to protect the military from Trump. Because, of course the military needs to be protected from interference from the President. What does he think he is, Commander in Chief of all the armed forces or something? Hell, the Government HIRED Mattis, he isn’t about to take some orders from some mere elected Politician! He’s a Real Professional! Of course the ignore the fact that all of these guys are basically just disgruntled employees and none of their statements can be confirmed. They were fired, and probably because Trump figured out they had sold themselves to the enemy and were working against him.
    Anyway, maybe Trump HAS surrounded himself with a bunch of “Yes Men”: maybe that means he’s found a bunch of people who, when he orders something to be done, say “yes sir, I can do that” and go and make it get done instead of arguing and debating and trying to protect their own precedence. But even if they are just a bunch of toadies and lickspittles, let’s wait until something actually goes wrong before we start bemoaning this. So far Trump is doing just fine in spite of all the media handwringing, and I don’t expect total collapse anytime soon. If any collapse comes it will be a result of intentional and unrelenting sabotage by those who hate him.
    I am also kind of curious how you identify politically, or how you label yourself rather. “Independent”? “Patriot”? “Nationalist?” National Socialist? Has No Label? I can’t figure out from what I’ve read so far, you could potentially be any one of them. I don’t judge, just curious.

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