Land of Confusion

What is the Establishment’s, Democrat and Republican both, obsession with Russia? I really don’t understand the dangerous game of interventionism and proxy war that our Uniparty has been playing. Since Reagan outspent the Soviets into extinction at the end of the eighties, what reason do we have for continuing to poke The Russian Bear? Most people probably don’t realize that the war Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama started in Syria is yet another surrogate confrontation with Putin’s Russia.

I can’t fathom why the United States has any business attempting to topple Bashir Assad in Syria. Most liberals support Obama and Hillary…. yet don’t even make a connection between what is happening in Syria and the administration’s failed “red line” policies and actions.  Do they know we armed the “rebels” fighting in Syria, only to have them become ISIS fighters armed with U.S. weapons and training? I thought libs hated war and foreign intervention, yet when their guys do it they seem to have no problem with it. Obama took Dubya’s disaster in the middle east and turned it into an even bigger nightmare, all while Hillary Clinton was his Secretary of State.  Where are the charges of “warmonger”?  Where are the cries of “no blood for oil”?

In fact, Social Justice and Climate Change Warriors, where are your immature and University nurtured rants? My guess is that they are so ignorant they don’t realize that every cry for an end to domestic oil and gas production is a cry for more foreign intervention, more environmental destruction ( Saudi Arabia doesn’t give a damn about the environment or “climate change” ), and more war. Oil is the lifeblood of modern living and society, and as long as we insist on foreign transfusions of this vital fluid in the name of “clean energy”, we will be involved with, and dependent on, some of the biggest scumbags on the planet.

Do Hillary and her supporters think we can win a conflict with Russia? I don’t. We have turned our military into an unserious social experiment, replete with transgendered soldiers, taxpayer funded sex changes, female combatants, and ridiculous people like the current Secretary of the Navy…..who just named some of our new warships after Harvey Milk, Gabby Giffords, and Caesar Chavez.

Our corrupt leaders want to demonize Putin, right or wrong, yet we owe Xi Jinping’s China trillions and say nothing about the many abuses they foist upon their people. No one in our government seems to care about China’s expansion of it’s military footprint by building islands out of nothing in the South China Sea, around which it now claims ownership of previously free-trade international waters. How do you think South Korea and a defenseless Japan feel about that? Does anyone think that we would actually honor our commitment to defend Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea? We still stomp around the world stage like the big kid on the playground…..but we’ve already blinked when facing the bullies and willingly given them our lunch money.

Hillary Clinton says Putin is “like Hitler” and “doesn’t have a soul”, while John McCain says Putin is “a thug and butcher” and his secret lover Lindsey Graham echoes him with, “He’s a thug and a dictator”. Doesn’t seem to be much disagreement among the Uniparty in ratcheting up tension between us and Russia, does there?

Let’s hope that if Bobblehead Hillary gets the White House that she doesn’t stroke out and get us into a war that no one will be the winner of…….because frankly I’m tired of sacrificing the youth of America into the gristmill of neverending war. It’s time to get our own house in order, and stop creating boogeymen as an excuse for the enrichment and entertainment of our Political Class……the stakes are too high and the cost too much.


” I must have dreamed a thousand dreams, been haunted by a million screams, I can hear the marching feet, they’re moving into the street” – Genesis



The Empress Has No Clothes

If Hillary Clinton has pneumonia then I’m an underwear model with a 28 inch waist. It really is starting to look like a 1940’s satire of old world dictatorship within the Clinton campaign. I’m starting to think that by the time election night comes along, Hillary Clinton will be the modern political equivalent of “Weekend at Bernie’s”……. replete with all the jokes and sight gags, but with very real, very unfunny results for the rest of us.

It is an exercise in irony that the sole focus of the Democrat platform is Trump’s inability to be president due to his “temperament”, when it is now obvious that Hillary has all the vim and stamina of a sack of moldy potatoes.

For those who buy the pneumonia excuse, how trusting you are. I guess it’s been the world’s longest continuous case of the respiratory condition……..since there has not been a Clinton news conference in over 9 months, nor a speech lasting longer than half an hour, and now we know why: because every time her puppet masters and staff push her on stage they hope that she doesn’t fall over or start bobbling like a dashboard Hula Girl on a paint mixer.

The behind-the-scenes conversations taking place must be tense indeed. Now it’s a crap-shoot every time she goes in front of a camera, because her condition is unmanageable and unpredictable. What’s more troubling is the media lock-step in covering for her past misdeeds and failures, and now her obvious poor health.  Let’s be honest……she went to Chelsea’s apartment because an emergency room visit would mean eyes and mouths out of Clinton’s control possibly blabbing about her health. Don’t forget it took several hours after the “incident” to come up with the pneumonia cover, which makes zero sense when you look at the pictures of her rubbing all over her grandchildren after “recovering”……. who would expose their loved ones to a serious contagious illness like that?

The real story is that Hillary Clinton is an incompetent, corrupt, lifelong pathological liar bent on becoming the 1st female president…….and exposed corruption, leaked documents, failing health, falling polls, and a pathetic record as Secretary of State will not stop this megalomaniac from pursuing this ambition.

I can only imagine the worried and anxious enemies of America……..rubbing their hands together in the hopes that the woman they have paid off will be able to make good on their millions. The problem is that now it has become virtually impossible to hide the many problems Clinton has, even though the media has already decided to toss out even the appearance of unbiased reporting. Now they are quite literally propping up Hillary Clinton, but that should come as no surprise……the left has been covering up the health problems of their candidates going all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt and before.

But, this is all wacko conspiracy theory…… I’ll just get back to my 8-Big Mac-a-day-diet…….it’s how I keep that 28 inch waist and my underwear modeling contract.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln