Trick Or Treat

In celebration of Halloween this year I’m giving you some random treats to chew on. Once again it’s the time of year that used to be fun and harmless, with kids dressed up as heroes, villains, historic characters and pop-culture icons. How quickly things change, right? Now you can only dress up as a non-culturally appropriated, non-insensitive, Social Justice Warrior approved character – thanks to the same dopes who have brought us a year-long temper tantrum over the election. I guess all the parties will have lots of orange Trumps and “BB-8″s…..since that’s about all that’s acceptable, at least for all the evil holders of white privilege. Last year Halloween had overtaken Christmas as the most widely practiced American holiday, but not now. Now the Progressive Left has cannibalized even its own favorite, godless celebration……and by the end of the year they’ll have consumed even more of themselves…..right Harvey Weinstein?

Hey, my memory isn’t what it used to be, but I keep getting the nagging feeling that something big happened a few weeks ago. What was it? Let me think……..what could I be thinking of? Oh, I remember now! Somebody murdered 59 people and wounded and maimed hundreds more in Las Vegas. We should all be glad that we now know so many details about the incident… the perpetrator(s), timeline, and motive. Frankly I’m just sick of hearing facts about Stephen Paddock……like his history of working for the Defense Department, his ownership of two planes and multiple homes and properties ( one of which was “broken into” after police had begun their investigation), his shady brother, and how he is the only person EVER to make millions of dollars “gambling”……and definitely not being an arms dealer.

I’m also tired of all the interviews with witnesses and the girlfriend, Marilou Danley……I mean, her and her story are so clear-cut and well laid out, right? I’m glad we know their movements and actions leading up to, and after, the incident. At least we can be sure that there was no coordinated attack on Trump supporters or people perceived as “right wing” or Republican. I’m super confident that the same FBI that picked it’s nose while Obama ran the most corrupt government in American history, and has been chasing the Clinton-lie of Russia/Trump “collusion” for a year, will get to the bottom of this violent act, with help from MGM-owned Ellen DeGeneres, of course.

And now on to my favorite living symbol of truthfulness, fortitude, and courage…….George Dubya Bush. Do I really need to say that W was, and is, a giant fraud and DeepState pawn? For 8 years he failed to defend American culture and values as President, and then he spent 8 more years with one thumb up his ass and the other in his mouth, preventing him from criticizing history’s greatest disaster………his brutha from another mutha, Obama.  I’m so glad that Bush is now on the scene to decry the phantom wave of “white supremacy”, and he’s not going to gin up more race-hate and false narratives. Thanks, George……..for 40 million third-worlders, a collapsed housing market, never-ending Middle Eastern war, and most importantly…….Obama. If you needed proof that the entire Bush family are yesterday’s turds floating in today’s toilet, there you go.

Let’s finish our tasty bag of trick-or-treats with an uplifting and positive story that is also relevant and illustrative. In September 2016, a horrible series of events began on the  Eastern Michigan University campus. Someone painted “KKK” and “Ni**ers Leave” in red, white, and blue on a campus wall. The very next day, another N-word slur was painted in a stairwell. These attacks led the people-of-color on campus and their allies to hold several “sit-ins” and an on-field display of upraised  “black power” fists during a football game. Unfortunately the disgusting displays of racism only continued, with another message of “KKK” and “Ni**ers Leave” left on another wall. More activism followed……and led to a march on campus ending with a “demonstration” at the University president’s house demanding action. The University responded by hiring counselors to console offended students, instituting a “day of diversity and inclusion”, forming an office of “diversity and inclusion”, offering a $10,000 reward for info on the culprit, and apologizing for the obviously Trump-inspired “hatespeech”. Well……I guess money talks, because after thousands of hours of police work and thousands of dollars in spending by the University, somebody ratted out the perpetrator. It was 29-year old Eddie Curlin……..and police have concluded there was “no racial or political motive” for the series of incidents……..because Eddie Curlin is black. Weird.

“Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure…….” – Sophocles



The Land Of The Lost

When I started writing this column a few years ago, I had an earnest hope that with logic and wit I could open the eyes and minds of the most ignorant among us. The problem I have discovered is that those I have been attempting to engage have neither logic nor wit. It’s infuriating, really. Oddly, my anger and frustration at Progs that I don’t personally know is turning into a kind of pitied sadness and boredom……..while my pity and tolerance for the Progressives I DO personally know is turning into angry frustration and apathy.

Well, I’m tired of giving to Lefties what they are incapable of giving to anyone else, namely a polite benefit-of-the-doubt…….and you should be too. I think maybe it’s best, in all honesty. Why have the demonstrably stupid philosophies of the college campus, the corporate “diversity” industry, and millennial groupthink infected every aspect of our society and discourse? I’ll tell you why……….because lefty progressives are shameless and loud in their stupidity. They are not quiet, respectful, and looking to debate their ideas on level ground. They actually believe they have the “right” to be as intolerant, ignorant, racist, and violent as they can be……because of all the “injustice” they have been brainwashed into thinking exists.

The defense of these under-developed and damaged people is that words and ideas they don’t agree with, or find offensive, are equal to violence and intolerance, and violence and intolerance require actions of elevated violence and intolerance as a response. See how that works? Kind of like saying, “punch a Nazi”, and then labeling everyone you don’t agree with as a “Nazi” and proceeding to punch them. Voila! Social Justice in action! If they say something that is offensive, rude, stupid, and not backed up by history and logic…….it’s ok because they (in their depression-med/ADHD-med shriveled brains) hold the moral high ground. Yet if you happen to mildly offend one of these creatures, a public apology and prostrate position are required.

  Even asking a question of one of these folks, or asking for details on one of their ridiculous positions sends them into a rage of stuttering, flop-sweated retorts of “racist!”, “bully!”, or the worst thing they can think of to say……”privileged white man!”. The problem is that I do have questions for the Progressives and I can’t get them answered. Questions like:

 If you hate corporations and find them to be the root of all evil, why are you in total, mindless support of the three biggest, monopolistic corporate entities on the planet…………namely Apple, Facebook, and the United States Bureaucratic Government? All three of these evil corporations are the epitome of control-without-competition and greed……..yet what is in your pocket, what is your homepage, and who is it you are wanting to control every aspect of your – and in turn everyone else’s – life?

If you are against racism, whether individual or systematic, how can you possibly embrace concepts like “affirmative-action”, “white privilege”, “black lives matter”, “diversity”, and “unconscious bias”? Have you heard of the concept of “two wrongs don’t make a right”?  Are you aware of the hypocrisy of lumping all white people into a group that all thinks the same, votes the same, wants the same, and all have been a wrongful beneficiary of an unconscious racism whether they know it or not? How do you justify attempting to enforce your racism and prejudice by claiming it is a response to existing racism and prejudice?

  If you are horrified and moved to action to remove the right to keep and bear arms because of horrible things like the Vegas Massacre……….where is your outrage at inner-city violence and murder committed by criminals with guns – illegal guns – on a daily/weekly/monthly basis in places like Chicago? Can you explain how removing the weapons from law-abiding citizens would stop these awful events? Can you see the danger in only allowing the Government to possess weapons? Are you aware that when you cite countries like Australia for gun control, they have a population of 22 million people – not almost 400 million like the United States? Do you know that giving me “gun violence statistics” from places like Australia without adjusting for population is ignorant? Do you know that out of the around 32,000 gun deaths in the U.S. every year, roughly 22,000 are suicides – about 1000 more are accidental – and the leftovers are the real number?

I honestly think the dissolution of our society is real, rapid, and perhaps not reversible. I know that it is if those that don’t agree with the Progressive Lunacy remain quiet and tolerant. Sane people are losing the cultural war, big time. The reason is simple……the left is united in its suicidal quest to tear down everything “America” because they hate it……and they hate it because they have been taught to by mindless morons in public education.  Instead of knowing that this country is the greatest experiment in human liberty and freedom, some are intent on an all-or-nothing focus on it’s imperfections…….when nothing and no one can survive that kind of viewpoint. I truly wish that more people would understand their own history, heritage, and culture instead of burning it down in the name of their perceived grievance. I also wish that the lefties I know, whom are either wealthy and connected  (though all the wealthy people I know like to delude themselves that they are “middle class”) or brainwashed and lower-income – would ask themselves whose pawns they are and why…….and just what it is they plan on replacing our society with after they have destroyed it. Enforced Government equality – at the point of a gun by the way, or did you not know that’s where Government power comes from? –  of thought, results, gender, sex, perception, ideas, possessions, wealth, and status………or else. A nightmare Land of The Lost.


” The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation, will be the philosophy of the Government in the next.” – Abraham Lincoln

” All morons hate it when you call them a moron….” – J.D. Salinger


Tuesday Thoughts

In the wake of the awful events that unfolded over the weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, I have seen and heard much pontificating, and read many statements and news briefs decrying not the actions of a madman, but the tools of his insane act.

I have seen and heard the inappropriate comments of those on the left in Media and Government calling for a knee-jerk response……that if implemented would not stop an attack like this in the future, as each and every act committed by Stephen Paddock was already against the law, illegal, and thus not preventable by legislative action.

With that said I have come to this conclusion:

Removing an instrument of evil……………… does not remove the evil itself.

Instead of cashing in on the emotional after effect of something like the Vegas Massacre and using it for cheap political gain, as in the case of Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel……. is there anyone who can articulate a contrary response or thought to my aforementioned statement?

Is there anyone out there who can logically and seriously contradict my conclusion? I really want to know, and I am open to any and all serious arguments and points. What are your thoughts?

I truly feel for the victims and families of those lost in the horror that occurred last weekend……….let’s honor them with serious and thoughtful discussion instead of theatrics and insults.