Suspicious Minds

In this video clip, John Roberts, Senior White House Correspondent for Fox News, can be heard telling his colleagues, “we can all take off the masks”. Why? Because the information they now have shows that the Wuhan Virus, ( and yes, it is from China and that’s not a race by the way ), has been nothing but a giant scam, and has a fatality rate of “0.1 to 0.3” based on recent data and findings.

But then comes the biggest shock of all in the “hot mic” moment…the reporter that Roberts is speaking with then says, “we’ve all been vaccinated anyway.”.

Well, what the hell does that mean? We’ve all known something about all of this stinks to high heaven. We’ve been cowering in fear from an invisible bogeyman, a supposed Grim Reaper…waiting for the moment someone sneezes or coughs to run screaming to our homes, where we piss our collective pants in terror.

As I have feared, it seems the Chinese Coronavirus and the American response to it reeks of deceit and dishonesty. In fact, though the virus is real, it may be that it’s lethality is insignificant while it’s value as a weapon against the rights of American citizens is unlimited.

It’s been weeks since The United States began starving itself to death, like a convict on a hunger strike, over this much-feared Chinese virus. California, New Jersey, Michigan, and Virginia…all “blue” states with progressive democrat governors, have been shut down for weeks. Other states have followed suit, at least in some measure, to prevent the widespread death and mayhem that this “pandemic” was supposed to create.

The Federal government rolled out it’s all-knowing advisors, Doctors Fauci and Birx, both well respected experts in infectious disease. The President, depending on the advice of these experts, moved federal programs and money to combat what he was being told was the apocalypse. He even signed into law the largest redistribution and, frankly, printing of, money in history. And for what?

Nothing. Millions of unemployed citizens. Thousands upon thousands of businesses closed, perhaps for good. Doctors Fauci and Birx claim there will be no more shaking of hands, no more parties or concerts, no kids in school until a vaccine is created. When will that be? A year? A year and a half? For which strain? Long enough to use public panic to force through a “vote-by-mail” scheme that would effectively destroy the Republic and reduce us to a Banana Republic forever controlled by establishmentarian leftists? Regardless of political persuasion, can we all agree that unverified voting by mail would be a disaster, rife with fraud and abuse?

Time to rise, folks, ’cause you’ve been played. Time to leave your house and go to work, school, and social events like you’re John Roberts strolling through the White House press briefing.

“We’re caught in a trap, I can’t walk out…” – Elvis Presley

 “Is it really? That’s reassuring, everybody here has been vaccinated anyway” – Unknown White House Reporter



Ahmed Mohamed and His Magical Money Making Muslim Mystery Hoax

I don’t know what’s worse, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg rending an immediate knee-jerk reaction to what now has been exposed as an obvious premeditated hoax, or the legions of liberal pundits and PC Warriors that continue to defend Ahmed Mohamed. In researching my column I came across many idiotic stories claiming to be “news” from all the typical main stream media/fecal material providers. The worst part is how as the days march on – like the Ayatollah’s Army – the usual suspects are actually doubling down on the ridiculous notion that there is somehow a tidal wave of anti-muslim racism on display all across the nation. It’s bad enough that every single fictional show, ie: Law and Order ( every incarnation ), CSI, ad nauseam, seems to find a never-ending supply of evil white neo-nazis perpetrating hate crimes upon defenseless muslims. I guess in addition to being irrelevant, our media has also now become complete fiction.

Let me recap the events in Irving, TX. Three days after the anniversary of 9/11 a teenage muslim boy named Ahmed Mohamed brought a disassembled 1980’s era digital clock to school, re-packaged in a metal case, then packaged in a briefcase. The very same bureaucracy that throws kids out of school for wearing American flag shirts on cinco de mayo, making their hands into gun shapes, and chewing pop tarts into deadly weapons  (after young Ahmed showed the device to every teacher in every period trying to illicit a response) called The Fuzz to intervene. Our Young Muslim Victim then decided not to cooperate with authorities and was questioned by police.

Enter our quick-to-interfere-and-interject-in-tribal-issues president to save the day! A statement issued about what a “cool clock” it was, and how we need more “kids like you”. Now add a host of typical outlets pretty much saying, ” Yeah! You get ’em, Prez! What a display of Typical American Racism! “. Well…….oops.  From the Gateway Pundit – “Two investigators who have studied…..Mohamed’s device provided by Irving, TX police have concluded that Mohamed did  not make the clock. Both concluded that Mohamed disassembled a manufactured clock and installed it in a large pencil box without its casing. Both say it was done to provoke suspicion or to resemble a bomb.” Now, I actually looked at multiple images of this thing and…… it looks like something you would see in the last few minutes of an episode of 24 .

Add to all of this the facts regarding lil’ Ahmed’s dad, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed. He owns several businesses in the United States (good thing muslims don’t have to pay interest on loans – don’t believe me? Look it up)  as well as a solar energy company in Sudan. He also ran for President of Sudan twice from his Texas home. Throw in there that he is a known muslim activist, advocating the acceptance of sharia law, involved in a dispute with the city and mayor of Irving. If this isn’t sounding like an obvious set up to you at this point then I have some beachfront property in Iraq to sell you.

In my humble opinion, Ahmed Mohamed and his father Mohamed Mohamed ( running theme? just sayin’ ), planned a hoax event in order to advance an agenda, correctly judging the stupidity and silliness of the American Left to promote themselves and their cause. They truly must think themselves genius at this point……with the President of The United States inviting them and their hoax device to the White House. Toss in thousands of dollars from internet funding, thousands more in free Microsoft stuff, and the fawning adulation of The Idiot Masses, and  now the Mohamed family are enormous benefactors of their great “injustice”.

If we can’t even see through silly, juvenile, obvious ploys like this one we must truly be doomed. Imagine how easy the Japanese would have had it in World War 2 if America then had been ruled by this politically correct madness. Have we lost our minds this completely? Maybe so. And if you’re someone who disagrees with my opinion? Ask yourself this: Would you be allowed to take “Mohamed’s clock” on an airplane? Would you sit next to someone on a plane with this device? If your child, or yourself, took this same device to school or work would you get an invitation to the White House and the defense of the press? Try it and find out….. if you would  like to be familiarized with a cavity search and a jail cell.

Enough is enough. This is nothing more than what some Native Americans used to call “Counting Coup”, where the objective was ” to get close enough to touch or strike him with the hand, a weapon, or a “coupstick.”- Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, with the intent to show the amount of dominance they had over their enemy, while at the same time humiliating them. So let’s all line up to get smacked in the face……and then apologize for it.


“People at the school thought it might be a bomb……… because it looks exactly like a f*cking bomb,”- Bill Maher