I’m not going to engage in any defense of any of the idiots that descended on Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend. By any name, fascist and racist political groups deserve no quarter in the arena of public debate. What strikes me as ironic is the reaction of mainstream media over this madness……..the same folks who have ignored racial political violence in the past few years have finally become enraged over Charlottesville.

Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists are pieces of dogshite. People who engage in violence to further their political goals are dogshite. People who make shields and clubs in their parent’s basements to take to political events are sad, human garbage. People who put values and belief in the most horrendous and murderous movements in history, like Hitler’s Socialism and Stalin or Mao’s Communism, are sad and pathetic creatures. When America’s system of education has churned out people who reject Capitalism and Individualism in favor of Socialism and Communism, and who identify as a member of a victim group or grievance class, it has failed.

For several years now I have written extensively on the danger and folly of Identity Politics. What we are now witnessing is the only outcome that a victimhood mentality can generate. Everyone engaged in this violence has something in common……namely that Identity and Political bent are based on your race, class, and group of grievance. When we sanction special treatment or special punishment based on Identity, we are allowing and encouraging this type of chaos and violence.

There is only one solution to the mounting problems of Identity and Racial Politics, and that is the same solution proposed by our Founders: That all are created equally in the eyes of our Creator, and that the rights of the Individual are greater than that of the Collective. Only when every American sees themselves and others as Individuals – deserving of respect and value – equal in opportunity and not outcome – can the events that occurred in Virginia be avoided.  Instead of falling for the controlled demolition of our Union by forces intent on dividing us, ask yourself: Who benefits from this? If you are reading this and you are a believer in Identity Politics, ask yourself: If my current philosophy is played through to its end, where will it lead?

If you cannot judge someone by the content of their individual character instead of the color of their skin, no matter what that color may be…… are the problem, period.


“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King Jr. 

The True Blues

People on the left are completely missing the point about what has happened in Baltimore. Police are not on a crusade to treat inner-city black people with disrespect and randomly  gun them down. I have a strong suspicion that all the riots and gnashing of teeth are just a convenient excuse to grab a few handfuls of looted merchandise and a big screen television. Agree? Well……

People on the right are completely missing the point about what has happened in Baltimore. Police are not on a crusade to treat people with respect and sometimes they randomly gun them down. I have a strong suspicion that anyone who thinks that the guy injured in the police van did it to himself is delirious.

You see… everyone in the debate on radio and television is propping up the straw man they have an investment in. I see the guy who lives in the White House trying to foment the racial divide in this country in order to create two things. First, a permanent victim class dependent on government and perpetually disgruntled. Second, a permanent victimizer class that is afraid to speak or act yet funds the victim class. Both groups are forgetting that, whatever the reason, anytime someone in government opens their mouth with a solution that “benefits all of us”, what they are really saying is, ” Hey idiots, I’m about to use something to inflame you and then manipulate you so I can have more of your money and even more power.”.

This is why I despise both the republican and democrat parties. Out of those two I prefer republican only because they at least occasionally pretend to believe in our founding documents and ideals. But the truth is that NO ONE in government, local, state or federal, has your best interests at heart, only their own. It’s why I laugh at the hippies who want a communist/socialist type system where everyone get’s “what’s fair”.  Who decides what that is, exactly? The Clinton’s would say that five hundred thousand dollars for a 30 minute “talk” in Backyakistan is fair.

Where police are concerned, in every city, state, and town, no matter the size and racial make up, there is a “color” issue. That color is Blue…….and it’s Blue against everyone else. See, they don’t look at you as black, white, yellow or brown. You are simply one of “them”. You and I are seen as little petulant, disobedient, children who neither give or deserve any respect above what the bare minimum requires. Only those who have had the luck of never running afoul of a policeman blindly support modern law enforcement in America. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. But when dealing with individuals who, at their discretion, can take your liberty, livelihood, and reputation, a much higher overall standard must be met and maintained.

Another issue with police in this country is this: Why do we have fully armed revenue agents sitting on roads and highways collecting fines and issuing tickets? I really don’t want the stormtrooper who has been trained in the use of deadly force sitting around trying to catch me at 80 in a 65. And in turn, I don’t want the out of shape ticket-writer showing up to get me out of a hostage situation. So yes, there needs to be some reworking of the way the police work, but I very strongly suggest that centralizing control to the federal government is an extremely bad idea. My challenge still stands to anyone who can name just one thing the federal government does well, if at all. It certainly doesn’t win wars, protect the border, and insure my rights…. and frankly that’s the only three things it should do.

The thing I find most troubling is the ease in which our elites shift our focus. Because while we are talking about Baltimore, and the role of police nationwide, we are not talking about what I think are bigger issues. Don’t be fooled, that is exactly the goal. Our leaders are NOT talking about the problems we are facing globally that will affect all of us in the very near future. Iran’s nuke, the growing Caliphate, Europe under Islamic siege, illegal immigration, disintegration of national culture, and let’s not forget the enormous growing debt that weighs like a millstone around our collective necks.

So yes, let’s talk about what needs to change concerning police in America. Whether it’s body cameras, or a shift in policy and attitude, changes are needed. My point is that they must come from the local level. Turning police into a national subsidized federal force is exactly what our leadership wants, and exactly what our founders feared. Let’s not allow Washington to “fix” another problem for us. Like they did immigration, debt, corruption, and healthcare.