America The Flaccid

I read a column, and I use that definition loosely, by Yahoo News Editor Matt Bai this morning, and at first I thought it was a joke. Then I realized, nope, this boob is a reflection of the disease that now totally and completely infects the United States…….and it has left us limp, flaccid, unserious, and feminized.

In the wake of yet another Muslim creep deciding to mount up and take out Americans, we have ( at least in the eyes of the Uniparty and their media lackeys ) decided that maybe we haven’t rolled over enough. Maybe if the followers of The Death Cult Known as Islam could just see a little bit more of our soft, spayed and neutered belly, maybe they’ll understand how limp and impotent we are and leave us alone. Maybe if we pay them, and millions of 3rd worlders from south of the border, billions of redistributed tax dollars in the form of social programs, school including three meals a day, hospital and medical care, section 8 style housing, ninety-plus million jobs………and top off the payment by discarding our culture, beliefs, and dignity, then they’ll see how soft and cuddly we are and stop destroying our country.

I , on the other hand, thought that this recent slaughter, in addition to citizens beaten at Trump rallies by mexican-flag waving, neck tattooed illegals and their anchor baby offspring, would possibly wake up the apathetic public and return to them a sense of logic and civic duty. Funny in hindsight, I know. In fact, the media reaction to this latest muslim murder spree is quite hilarious and depressing. It’s Donald Trump’s fault. It’s your fault. It’s my fault. All those skinny jean-wearing, molly-swallowing club goers at “Pulse” are turning the other….. umm,…… cheek, so to speak, and talking all about “love and tolerance”, and are unifying to make sure the real culprit is held responsible………….guns. I guess they don’t realize that a couple of butch guys with a sidearm would have completely prevented or quickly stopped the attack.

So here we are…….tens of millions have voted for Trump, not because he is a great statesmen, but because he has articulated the most common sense, non politician, approach to suspending our rapidly increasing downfall. I support Trump for what he isn’t, not what he is.  Are we irredeemable? Probably. I get so absolutely frustrated with what’s happening to the Nation I once loved that I recently have had to step back and limit my exposure to the weak, elitist, globalist spin-doctors that have infiltrated every part of media, entertainment, and government. Just the idea that millions in this country would support a criminal thug and career liar like Hillary Clinton, whose only “success” is being in charge of the murder of 4 Americans ( including our Ambassador ) in the streets of Benghazi, makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

Back to the esteemed Matt Bai, who along with other ego-mad “journalists”, appeared as himself in “House of Cards”, who in his eternal, Obamaesque, wisdom writes, ” We may kindly remember a John Kasich or a Jeb Bush — guys who had the sense of self-worth to stand up and say they wanted no part of this particular crusade.”  Can I start laughing now? We are infiltrated by Muslim terrorists. We are collapsing under the weight of a decade-long Hispanic invasion, we are buckling under massive entitlement debt……..and worse, We are not allowed to see it and say so. Kasich and Bush are the epitome of the problem. They are supposed to be the opposition to the globalist, rights-stealing, socialist left…….and this election cycle has exposed them and their noodle-spined cohorts as the flipside of the coin.  If you support Jeb Bush or mealy-mouthed Kasich, you are part of the problem. There would be absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between a Clinton, Bush, Kasich, or even Cruz presidency. They are all career lawyers, bankers, and insider elitists that would, and will, pay lip service to the fall of our Empire while enriching themselves even further, all while spouting the same politically correct garbage that has us in this mess.

In closing, an idea came to me yesterday, and it’s not very original….but it is telling. If Pearl Harbor happened this morning, our leaders and president would say something like this: ” We are in the midst of a great tragedy…….we are in communication with the Japanese government to try and understand this horrible accident. It is important that we all acknowledge our inherit national racism, the things we did to cause this……..and most importantly not blame the peaceful Shinto religion or the peaceful people of Japan. Let us remember this Day That Will Live in Infamy…….as a day to self reflect and offer special compensation and understanding to those offended by our awfulness.”  That sounds about right. As a counter to that I have this message for our Uniparty and the media…….

“A slave’s life is all you understand, you know nothing of freedom. For if you did, you would have encouraged us to fight on, not only with our spear, but with everything we have”…….

Herodotus ( Sparta speaking to the Persian Empire in “Histories” )






A Nation of Cowards

After absorbing all that has happened in the last couple of weeks one thing has become evident. We, as a nation, have seen our best days behind us. There will be no grand awakening and reconnection to our founding roots. The reason I take such a pessimistic view is obvious to anyone with any critical thinking skills and an awareness of what is happening around us.  Let’s run through the latest, most current problem we are not willing to tackle.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. Are you offended by that? If so, you are an idiot and an intellectual liar. I don’t want to hear about any of the non-Islamic incidents over the years, as I am well aware of Timothy McVeigh. Let’s be honest in what we are discussing, at least. Most of the horrible, awful, disgusting, attacks carried out on the innocent all over the world are committed by followers of Islam.  Are there any Christian armies marching through the Middle East raping children and cutting off the heads of unbelievers? Is there a Jewish caliphate in Syria and Iraq throwing homosexuals off of roofs? No, there isn’t. In fact, even according to our extremely Islama-friendly president (“I will stand with the Muslims”) we have to go back a thousand years to talk about the Inquisition and the crusades to even come close to making any type of comparison.  To me it is absolutely ridiculous…….especially since post-reformation Christianity is by definition incapable of confronting Islam. When a major tenet of your religion is, “turn the other cheek”, it’s a bit difficult to go toe-to-toe with a religion that wants to “smite the necks” of the unbeliever.

In fact, this is my issue with defenders of Islam: in my opinion Islam is not just a religion, it’s a system of government. By definition it requires adherents to wholly submit themselves to the teachings of the prophet, which includes laws on everything from diet to marriage, even criminal and civil disputes. How is that congruent to assimilating into a democratic republic? If your salvation depends on ignoring the law of the land you live in favor of the law of your faith, you are not going to suddenly decide to throw off what you believe. Combine this with the dangerous climate of liberal political correctness and we have a recipe for ultimate disaster.

So into this discussion comes Trump, who suggests we should cease immigration from Islamic countries until we have the mechanisms in place to ensure that we are not importing our own destruction. Why is this unreasonable? Why is ceasing all immigration unreasonable? Why do the rights of someone in another country outweigh my rights, or the rights of my neighbors? I hate to break it to you, but they don’t. Contrary to the what the modern day Nero we have in the White House thinks, America was never built by, nor founded on, unfettered illegal immigration and handouts to the poor. In fact, for most of our history we severely limited immigration of all kinds. We also did not give preference to immigrants of countries hostile to us.

I have been frustrated by the media and the elites in this country referencing camps for the Japanese during World War II as an example of how wrong I am. It must be nice to look back in hind site and say, “hey…we really shouldn’t have done that….”, when we can never actually know if it did prevent domestic acts of war. In fact, we popularly demonized the Japanese and the Germans during WW2……everywhere.  Another fact…….we have not won a war since then either. We were willing to bring death and destruction on the “innocent” population of both Japan and Germany during the war in order to defeat them. We burned thousands upon thousands of women and children to death in incendiary attacks – more than were killed in the dropping of two atomic bombs. Was the position of our two Democrat presidents during the war to chastise the American public and American servicemen for their actions? Were there lectures given from the presidential podium about “Japaphobia”? How about “Germaniphobia”? Did we open America’s borders to anyone with a backpack? No, I don’t think so.

Let me get back to my original point…….we will never see a rise of American Greatness again, at least in my lifetime, because there are just too many people coddled by too many decades of progressive thought and ideology. There aren’t many left who know what self-sacrifice is, far too few who like me believe that Nationalism is a good thing, that borders and beliefs mean something. We are up against an enemy from without that truly thinks, based on what we export around the world, that we are satanic and must be subverted, confronted and destroyed. We are also up against the enemy within, who thinks that everything is equivocal, that words mean nothing, and that we are ignorant children in need of a beneficent ruler.

I am waiting for someone to explain how not selling guns to people on a “no-fly” list will save us, as Farook and his beautiful wife were not on one….neither were the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Bombers, the Underwear Bomber, you get the idea.  I am also waiting for the explanation of how we defeat an enemy we are afraid to name and afraid to confront. I am waiting for someone to tell me how electing any establishment politician, who is bought and paid for by ultra-rich and powerful freaks, will look out for my family’s interests.  Until a significant number rises up to say, “no more”, and decides to try and preserve this great experiment in individual freedom, the rapid, suicidal, ignorant, spiraling downward  will continue……….and ex Attorney General Eric Holder will have been correct, just not in the way that he thought. We will be in fact, a  “Nation of Cowards”.

” we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” – Obama Administration Appointee to Attorney General, Eric Holder

 “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Obama – The Audacity of Hope – page 261