A Nation of Cowards

After absorbing all that has happened in the last couple of weeks one thing has become evident. We, as a nation, have seen our best days behind us. There will be no grand awakening and reconnection to our founding roots. The reason I take such a pessimistic view is obvious to anyone with any critical thinking skills and an awareness of what is happening around us.  Let’s run through the latest, most current problem we are not willing to tackle.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. Are you offended by that? If so, you are an idiot and an intellectual liar. I don’t want to hear about any of the non-Islamic incidents over the years, as I am well aware of Timothy McVeigh. Let’s be honest in what we are discussing, at least. Most of the horrible, awful, disgusting, attacks carried out on the innocent all over the world are committed by followers of Islam.  Are there any Christian armies marching through the Middle East raping children and cutting off the heads of unbelievers? Is there a Jewish caliphate in Syria and Iraq throwing homosexuals off of roofs? No, there isn’t. In fact, even according to our extremely Islama-friendly president (“I will stand with the Muslims”) we have to go back a thousand years to talk about the Inquisition and the crusades to even come close to making any type of comparison.  To me it is absolutely ridiculous…….especially since post-reformation Christianity is by definition incapable of confronting Islam. When a major tenet of your religion is, “turn the other cheek”, it’s a bit difficult to go toe-to-toe with a religion that wants to “smite the necks” of the unbeliever.

In fact, this is my issue with defenders of Islam: in my opinion Islam is not just a religion, it’s a system of government. By definition it requires adherents to wholly submit themselves to the teachings of the prophet, which includes laws on everything from diet to marriage, even criminal and civil disputes. How is that congruent to assimilating into a democratic republic? If your salvation depends on ignoring the law of the land you live in favor of the law of your faith, you are not going to suddenly decide to throw off what you believe. Combine this with the dangerous climate of liberal political correctness and we have a recipe for ultimate disaster.

So into this discussion comes Trump, who suggests we should cease immigration from Islamic countries until we have the mechanisms in place to ensure that we are not importing our own destruction. Why is this unreasonable? Why is ceasing all immigration unreasonable? Why do the rights of someone in another country outweigh my rights, or the rights of my neighbors? I hate to break it to you, but they don’t. Contrary to the what the modern day Nero we have in the White House thinks, America was never built by, nor founded on, unfettered illegal immigration and handouts to the poor. In fact, for most of our history we severely limited immigration of all kinds. We also did not give preference to immigrants of countries hostile to us.

I have been frustrated by the media and the elites in this country referencing camps for the Japanese during World War II as an example of how wrong I am. It must be nice to look back in hind site and say, “hey…we really shouldn’t have done that….”, when we can never actually know if it did prevent domestic acts of war. In fact, we popularly demonized the Japanese and the Germans during WW2……everywhere.  Another fact…….we have not won a war since then either. We were willing to bring death and destruction on the “innocent” population of both Japan and Germany during the war in order to defeat them. We burned thousands upon thousands of women and children to death in incendiary attacks – more than were killed in the dropping of two atomic bombs. Was the position of our two Democrat presidents during the war to chastise the American public and American servicemen for their actions? Were there lectures given from the presidential podium about “Japaphobia”? How about “Germaniphobia”? Did we open America’s borders to anyone with a backpack? No, I don’t think so.

Let me get back to my original point…….we will never see a rise of American Greatness again, at least in my lifetime, because there are just too many people coddled by too many decades of progressive thought and ideology. There aren’t many left who know what self-sacrifice is, far too few who like me believe that Nationalism is a good thing, that borders and beliefs mean something. We are up against an enemy from without that truly thinks, based on what we export around the world, that we are satanic and must be subverted, confronted and destroyed. We are also up against the enemy within, who thinks that everything is equivocal, that words mean nothing, and that we are ignorant children in need of a beneficent ruler.

I am waiting for someone to explain how not selling guns to people on a “no-fly” list will save us, as Farook and his beautiful wife were not on one….neither were the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Bombers, the Underwear Bomber, you get the idea.  I am also waiting for the explanation of how we defeat an enemy we are afraid to name and afraid to confront. I am waiting for someone to tell me how electing any establishment politician, who is bought and paid for by ultra-rich and powerful freaks, will look out for my family’s interests.  Until a significant number rises up to say, “no more”, and decides to try and preserve this great experiment in individual freedom, the rapid, suicidal, ignorant, spiraling downward  will continue……….and ex Attorney General Eric Holder will have been correct, just not in the way that he thought. We will be in fact, a  “Nation of Cowards”.

” we have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” – Obama Administration Appointee to Attorney General, Eric Holder

 “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Barack Obama – The Audacity of Hope – page 261





War Is The Answer

In the past days I have been seriously thinking about which direction to go in the pursuit of my next column. The problem is, there are so many horrible things going on at once that it is difficult to pick just one or two to address. Should I talk to you about the sham that is the selection process for our next president? How about the collusion of both parties to continue abusing and soiling our Senate and so-called House of Representatives?  Or maybe about the huge racial and cultural divide currently splitting the legal population? Oh, or better yet, the absolute abject failure of our co-opted “Press” in giving any unbiased, no-agenda, reporting on any of the issues I just mentioned, or anything else for that matter?

Then it came to me. War is the answer. If you logically go through every single major issue facing the United States…….and what the hell let’s throw in the rest of the globe…..the answer to any question is war. Not just in the middle east, not just on your t.v., but on scale on par with nothing we have seen before. Don’t get me wrong, this is the absolute last thing I would want to happen, and it would be awful in more ways than I can imagine. The big problem is that as soon as you look outside these porous borders of ours, every issue and argument seems to be leading to an unfortunate yet inevitable conclusion. Let’s pick a few points and follow the bouncing betty.

Over the past 7 years the United States has either ignored or abandoned every commitment made to our strategic allies all over the world. Whether I agree with what those commitments were and if they were wise decisions matters not, as it sets a very dangerous example. We have failed to honor our commitments to defend free satellite states of the Old Soviet Empire, as Putin gobbles up former chunks of the once dead USSR. We have reduced our military in number and technical development. What once was a formidable fighting force is now a social experiment for transgendered, homosexual, and female soldiers. Our Navy has been reduced by half, with more cuts in the pipeline. In fact, our Prez now demands any increase in military spending be matched with more welfare and entitlement dollars. We have drawn “red lines” all over the middle east, each nothing more than an empty political tool for domestic gain with no thought to the lives that teeter on such proclamations. In my opinion, the U.S. has no business interfering in other nations affairs……but when the Chief Executive makes a threat, it should not be as empty as the suit he wears.

We have built ISIS. Do you hear that leftist weirdos? To those that claimed we created Al Qaeda during the Bush years and yakked on and on about Haliburton, etc., etc.. Well here’s your new crusade ready made for you. By leaving Iraq ( and we can discuss whether we should have ever been there or not later ) with an announced timeline and regardless of the state of affairs, we opened the door to islamists to run wild. In fact, once again in my opinion, we systematically used the “arab spring” to topple leaders like Mubarak in Egypt and Qadhafi in Libya, and have been trying to do the same to Syria’s Assad. Have you asked yourself why? After seeing the obvious mistake of removing Saddam as a barrier to Iran and a hammer to the islamists, why would we continue to follow the same disastrous course all over the middle east? It’s pretty clear that the 7th century headchoppers populating that part of the world were scared to death of the brutal dictators that held an iron grip on them. Well guess what? We traded a handful of distasteful, power mad, dictators for thousands of them that cannot be reasoned with or diplomatically handled.

We have slapped our ally Israel in the face at every turn. Calm down, Jew-haters, I know there is a bunch of people who think that the “Eveeel Jooooooose” are responsible for all the world’s ills, but if you’re one of these folks you need to read a book or two and realize what kind of company you’re in ( and it ain’t good ). Israel is the only democratic nation in the region, and our on-paper ally, yet we have acted as much as their enemy as anyone else……..denying fly over access to their jets for a preemptive Iran strike, denying ammunition and arms, and refusing to honor our promises of joint defense. And speaking of Iran……hey America! do you realize who our new best buddy is? It’s Iran! You know……the folks who have been killing and maiming American soldiers all over the world for decades! The folks who chant “death to America” and mean it…….you know, the freakin’ bad guys! Now we are giving them a nuke!  Not only that but in the super-secret agreement our Caesar made for us behind closed doors, we actually have an obligation to defend their so-called “peaceful” nuclear enrichment sites. Does that sound like a path to peace to you?

As a result of all of this U.S. foreign policy failure, Europe is being flooded with muslim “refugees”. As an example, there is a small town in Germany with a population of 120 that is bracing for an influx of over 700 non-german speaking “refugees” that just so happen to be 70+ percent male.** The U.K., France, Germany, and Italy are all on the receiving end of huge masses of peaceful Islamists who can’t speak the language, are dependent on social welfare/services, and are brimming with the desire to implement Sharia law on the communities they are infesting. Shoot, Obama is shipping thousands of them here for good measure, which sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Now in addition to hordes of illiterates from south of the border, we can throw in some terrorists too!

America is in huge debt, or as Trump would say…Yuge Debt. Our 8 trillion dollar debt at the start of our Dear Leader’s tenure has been more than doubled to over 18 trillion *.  We can never repay this debt, even as with unfunded liabilities every single person in America currently owes over a quarter of a million dollars…..even your little kids and babies. Are you good for that? See why the democrats’ promises of free college and free this or that are absolutely ridiculous at best and terrifyingly evil at worst? At the same time our education system is a failure, churning out generations of idiots who think “climate change” is the most serious problem we face. I mean WTF is with that, and how are so many people so damned stupid? To think of all the huge problems we need to confront….. and yet a giant percentage of the population wants to cut our own throats in global competition so we can pee into the wind?   The weather? For real? You people think we can change the mechanics of the very universe? Wow.

Add to all of this the weight of the  global population. China is packed with a billion plus people who are mostly male and mostly deprived of any opportunity to do anything with their lives. India is brimming with young, aimless men also.  Do you think that’s an odd thing for me to mention? It’s not. Want to know why? Because countries with population crisis like that need something to do with all of those bodies, not to mention finding the resources to feed them. Historically the answer is war. When you combine poor economies with poor leadership, bad things happen. Kind of like putting American soldiers on the battlefield right next to Russian soldiers. Can someone tell me why our president is dead set on arming and funding the Islamic state, using our troops to defend them, and doing this in direct opposition to Russia – who is engaged in active combat with them? How long before an incident that leads to disaster happens?

And there you have it. All of the things I have mentioned lead to a very troubling conclusion. How does the U.S. rise out of deepening recession? How does China manage it’s population and failing economy? How does Iran use it’s newfound and America-given hegemony in the Middle East? How does Europe contain the Islamic crisis it has helped create and is so far powerless to stop? It seems that no matter what the question is, sadly and predictably,  a World War is The Answer.  We won the last one, but I fear that a nation of climate changin’, gender reassignin’, celebrity worshippin’, Bernie Sanders lovin’, Benghazi lyin’, spray tannin’, Ferguson burnin’, and selfie takin’ whiners is ill equipped to win, or even survive, the next one.


“War, what is good for……….?”  – Norman Whitfield/Barry Strong


 “Counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums………..go back to sleep…” – Maynard Keenan – A Perfect Circle




*US Debt Clock